Skaar: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 18

This year we will be delving deep into Hulk history to re-discover all the first appearances that the Hulk issues have given us over the years!  With 1st appearances being such a hot trend these days it only makes sense to highlight some of the best Hulk issues to invest in this year!  This week:Continue reading “Skaar: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 18”

Something Special for a Monday

A lot the best reasons for keeping this blog going is the friends that I have been able to “meet” over the years.  Hulk fanatics like myself who not only like to collect but converse with like-minded fellows who share an affinity for the green goliath.  All stemming from the people who come here toContinue reading “Something Special for a Monday”

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Battlers (2014)

This cartoon (helmed by Loeb) was a disaster from the start (not a shock).  But let’s be really honest – this cartoon was certainly not made for us adult collectors.  This was not Avengers… or the many superior DC animated films that come out.  Of course a weekly series is not the same as anContinue reading “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Battlers (2014)”

Marvel Universe Skaar (2011)

The Good: Here is a surprise – not in the sense that this was coming out – but that it looks this good!  I still think the price point is off on these figures – but I do like the details they seem to fit into the smaller bodies.  This sculpt is leaps and boundsContinue reading “Marvel Universe Skaar (2011)”

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review

THE POSITIVE: There’s a whole lot of humor in the first issue.  That makes comics so much more fun to read.  There’s also a bunch of pretty great action – you have to love people beating up Dinosaurs!  Also, there are a bunch of intersecting storylines with Ka-Zar trying to connect the Savage Land and the rest ofContinue reading “Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review”

Hulk – Dark Reign: The List #1 – The Review (2009)

I told you I’d get these posted by today!  I’m so proud of myself!  And look at this:  Two Pak books in one week?!?  I was giddy!  Too bad that there’s still no Hulk to speak of.  The only let down – of course that’s a huge let down.  But this issue does give usContinue reading “Hulk – Dark Reign: The List #1 – The Review (2009)”

The Incredible Hulk #602 (2009) – The Review

So on we go with Bruce training Skaar to take on the Hulk… when the Hulk eventually returns.  So, in preparation Bruce has the Juggernaut show up.  Skaar shows no interest in fighting Juggy at first.  Juggy turns his attention to Bruce and starts to pound on him – with only Bruce’s electronic shields toContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #602 (2009) – The Review”

Red Hulk & Skaar MiniMates (2009)

These are just on the shelves now – I guess it’s good to put the new kids on the block in a pack – I’m not really sure why I picked these up… I kind of felt like I had to buy them.  I’m not really sure if I’m even going to display them.  I’llContinue reading “Red Hulk & Skaar MiniMates (2009)”

Skaar: Son of Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review

I know this post is really late going up – but I left my computer at work last night and didn’t get it again until this morning – but here it is! Let’s take a break from the MCP reviews with something a little more current!  I forgot to review #11 – although I willContinue reading “Skaar: Son of Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review”

Planet Skaar Prologue (2009) – The Review

Skaar is coming.  I have to admit I was losing interest in this series – but it certainly picked up in the last few issues.  As soon as the Surfer came back it was a hard book to put down.  Let’s just say, Galactus put the “all powerful” Skaar in his place (boy, Galactus hasContinue reading “Planet Skaar Prologue (2009) – The Review”

Hulk Family – Green Genes (2008) – The Review

Who picked this up yesterday?  Pretty darn good issue.  It’s nice to have some good old fashion Hulk stories after the crap they have been shoveling at us this year.  The first story, titled Your Lucky Day, takes place right after the events in The Incredible Hulk #344 – Ground Zero – my favorite HulkContinue reading “Hulk Family – Green Genes (2008) – The Review”

Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)

There are people who have expressed their distaste for the Superhero Squad.  There are people who have said that they are ugly – and here’s the good news – you’re right.  But let’s remember the other things that are terribly ugly yet still popular.  Who remembers Furby?  Or even better – Garbage Pail Kids?  Remember those? Continue reading “Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)”

Marvel Legends Son of Hulk (2008)

He has 3 comics out (2 when this figure was released) and already gets a figure.  Man, Marvel’s really invested in this idea, huh?  I guess that’s good though – and the figure isn’t too bad either!  I think the sculpt is done well – but the figure really doesn’t look like the comic character –Continue reading “Marvel Legends Son of Hulk (2008)”