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New Video! What? Yes, New Freakin’ Video!

The last video was from May – but I have finally gotten a bit of time to sit in the hot seat and put up another video!  Click the pic above to be brought to all of it’s gloriousness!  That’s not a word – but should be…

Hulk #7 (2014) – The Review


So, looks like I didn’t have to wait long to have my questions about what would happen to Skaar once his gamma is taken away answered.  The answer, of course, might not make all that much sense – but let’s wait to get into the review first.  Doc Green is still out to rid the world of all the other gamma weapons – and his focus is aimed at his own son.  Not that he cares – he makes it abundantly clear that he wants nothing to do with him – another clue that this incarnation of the Hulk is one of the most different, callous and angry versions we’ve ever seen.


Pak made Skaar a foe on par with the Hulk’s strength – and Duggan does a decent job displaying that – although I sort of feel as though Skaar was a little too easily beaten.  After getting injected with the cure, though, Skaar transforms into a human… mostly.  Duggan doesn’t forget to mention that Skaar could possibly still have some of the old power in him – and then Doc makes a Kill Bill reference and off he goes.  The battle, I thought, could have been greater – but either way we are down another Gamma.  Which is good.

Banner returns in the pages of the Hulk #7, although briefly, and he doesn’t seem to be able to form a coherent thought.  Or maybe he just didn’t have enough consciousness to say anything – either way we are made aware that Doc Green is keeping Banner at bay by refusing to sleep.


Rick Jones is the bookend of this issue where he lets Betty know of the Hulk’s intentions and she, much like her father, bursts into crimson and vows to bring the fight to the Hulk… or something to the effect.  Overall, another decent issue by Duggan as he cleans up the MU’s Gamma Family.  Grade: B+

I do have to add that the variants this month are top-notch!  the Bully variant is beautiful and the figure variant is one of my favorites by far!  I could have done without the BM homage to Hulk #340… but I guess they can’t all be winners.


Planet Hulk 2015…


This looks… Well, odd, actually.  This looks nothing like Planet Hulk – but it’s intruiging nonetheless. A whole slew of Hulks vs Cap and Devil Dinosaur?  I’ll bite – and probably be first in line to see what the hell this could possibly be about!  What do you guys think? I know it’s not the Planet Hulk we’ve been waiting for – but it’s something!

HULK CANDY!!!! Nom, nom, nom…

tone's first month 115

There are lots of Hulky sweets out there – deliciousness that should be able to quench ANY comic collector’s sweet tooth!  The little Hulk head is filled with a bit of yummy jelly beans – but the impressive part about it is more the sculpt of the Hulk head itself!

tone's first month 116 tone's first month 118


I know I should have taken a shot of the jelly beans to showcase but I ate them before I took the pictures.  Sorry.  Let’s move on!

hulk stuff oct 019

Another sticky Hulk treat out in the stores is a Gamma-mouthed lollipop.  It does seem that the Hulk has only one huge front tooth rather than the regular two – but I think this is a cool idea.  You can look as angry as the Hulk while enjoying a sugary treat!

hulk stuff oct 015

Speaking of Hulk Lollipops…

hulk stuff oct 002

Split this little Hulk head and you will find a strawberry flavored ball to suck on!  Did that sound bad?  It’s almost like you are eating his brain!  I wonder if people’s brains did taste this delicious if there wouldn’t be more cannibals.  Heck, maybe they do – and then everybody was trying to eat everyone and that’s why they had to outlaw eating people!  That, and the whole murdering thing…

hulk stuff oct 003  hulk stuff oct 004

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)

hulk stuff oct 011

I think of all the statue companies out there now no other company had been more inconsistent than Kotobukiya.  If you’re confused as to if that is a compliment or not – I can tell you I am confused as well.  Each release has a lot of promise – from the Ed McGuinness inspired Fall of the Hulks statue what is spot on to the art it was inspired by – but fell short when the paint application failed to coat the ripped shirt around his waist with a solid white color.  The Classic Hulk – an AMAZING sculpt was again plagued with paint issues – so much so that I didn’t even bother picking one up.  This release was an interesting, new, and beautifully handled statue.

hulk stuff oct 012

First off, the statue is more of a fully painted kit which you end up putting together.  The head and arms come completely off – you attach it yourself – to a couple of small magnetic bases.  Of course, it being Koto, there is plenty of tid-bits to pick on.  The seams on the arms are pretty obvious and terrible.  The seam on the neck is not as bad – but it’s there.  The real issue I have, and I’m not sure how apparent it is when you see the pic, but the knee joint looks square and terrible.  It doesn’t take away from the piece when you see it as a whole though.

hulk stuff oct 014

hulk stuff oct 010

The head sculpt is fantastic and beautiful – reminds me a lot of the Keown Hulk that has graced the variant covers as of late.  The unique part of this piece is that it is a single unit of a six piece “diorama”.  The other characters, that are sold separately (which I did not purchase), are Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Hawkeye.  Anyone who has bothered to purchase the whole set should send me some picks and a review of what you think – I will post it here.  All I can tell you is that if you want an inexpensive, great looking Hulk piece you can’t go wrong with this one! Grade: B-

hulk stuff oct 013

The Incredible Hulk Pocket Book (1980)


There are quite a few reprints out there – trades have pretty much dominated the comic space for a while now.  I know that many comic collectors have given up monthlies and switched to collected editions a while back.  For me, the monthlies are still perfect.  I have found that they are messing with the trade formula way too much – originally you could get about a dozen issues for $15/$20.  Then the Marvel standard was a 6 issue collection for $20-$25 (Hardcover could run $35) and it’s only getting worse.  I’ve seen trades that have only collected 4 to 5 issues but the asking price is still the same.

Let’s not get into that though – this re-print is from 1980 and collects the first two issues of The Incredible Hulk.  This Pocket Book is a bit too large to fit into a pocket though – it is thin but it’s about the size of a DVD case.  It also reprints the issues in black and white on newsprint – which I am still a fan of – but I really do miss the color when it’s on the printed page.  The re-colored cover is changed from the dark and brooding original to bright and colorful.  The original Hulk has been changed from grey to the more recognizable green – most likely to capitalize on the Hulk television show.  Of course, looking at the cover price it is apparent that this was released over the pond – 15 Pence – which, I am not currently up on my money conversion rates – but it seemed like a good price to me.