HULK CANDY!!!! Nom, nom, nom…

There are lots of Hulky sweets out there – deliciousness that should be able to quench ANY comic collector’s sweet tooth!  The little Hulk head is filled with a bit of yummy jelly beans – but the impressive part about it is more the sculpt of the Hulk head itself!     I know IContinue reading “HULK CANDY!!!! Nom, nom, nom…”

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)

I think of all the statue companies out there now no other company had been more inconsistent than Kotobukiya.  If you’re confused as to if that is a compliment or not – I can tell you I am confused as well.  Each release has a lot of promise – from the Ed McGuinness inspired FallContinue reading “Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)”

The Incredible Hulk Pocket Book (1980)

There are quite a few reprints out there – trades have pretty much dominated the comic space for a while now.  I know that many comic collectors have given up monthlies and switched to collected editions a while back.  For me, the monthlies are still perfect.  I have found that they are messing with theContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk Pocket Book (1980)”