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Funny Hulk pics from around the web

Ummm… Part 78


With Hulk displaying a range of emotions in the comics we have all come to understand he is a complex character.  Never in all my days did I think we’d see an action figure with an expression that says “just walked in on Mom and Dad having sex”.

Ummm… Part 77


Man, that Chelsea Handler is one funny lady.  Look just how funny she is!  She had her little host guy dress up like the Hulk.  Must be comedy!

For anyone out there who can’t tell – this post is completely sarcastic!

Ummm… Part 76


How many eyeballs can one eat?

Ummm… Part 75


Even if this DID happen the Hulk’s naughty beans might ache a bit but he wouldn’t just die!

Ummm… Part 74


I can’t even tell you how badly this monstrosity messed me up! Here is a shot of the original just so all will feel right with the world!

hulk n thing

Ummm… Part 73


If someone made me this balloon Hulk I don’t know if I would feel more sorry for him or the balloon Hulk itself…

Ummm… Part 72


This should qualify as animal abuse!  Poor little Gamma Puppy!