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Funny Hulk pics from around the web

Ummm… Part 70

peek a boo!

Hulk playing peek-a-boo from behind the bushes isn’t creepy at all… not at all.


Ummm… Part 69


Mash ups are funny when they make sense.  This is borderline – but still not all that funny.

Ummm… Part 68

ass shot

Nice aim, Reed – and don’t play like this was an accident!

Ummm… Part 67


Did he get angry because the ride stopped or was he angry when he got on?  Too many questions…

Ummm… Part 64


The most disturbing thing about this whole mishmash of comic horror might just be the huge Spider-Man hands.

Ummm… Part 62


This fella sure is more incredible than any other…

Ummm… Part 61

oh no hulk

Well that explains that… awkward…