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Funny Hulk pics from around the web

Ummm… Part 75


Even if this DID happen the Hulk’s naughty beans might ache a bit but he wouldn’t just die!

Ummm… Part 74


I can’t even tell you how badly this monstrosity messed me up! Here is a shot of the original just so all will feel right with the world!

hulk n thing

Ummm… Part 73


If someone made me this balloon Hulk I don’t know if I would feel more sorry for him or the balloon Hulk itself…

Ummm… Part 72


This should qualify as animal abuse!  Poor little Gamma Puppy!

Ummm… Part 71


Can you imagine a Making of the Band docu-series chronicling these guys rise to fame with their single “Save Yourself for Once”

Ummm… Part 70

peek a boo!

Hulk playing peek-a-boo from behind the bushes isn’t creepy at all… not at all.

Ummm… Part 69


Mash ups are funny when they make sense.  This is borderline – but still not all that funny.