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Funny Hulk pics from around the web

Ummm… Part 47


Oh bother…

Ummm… Part 46

What is I told you there was a website with images of the Hulk riding a bike… all done with the paint application.  Don’t believe me?  Click the image above.

Ummm… Part 45

Sometimes, I feel like certain artists are basically striving for this anatomy

Ummm… #44


I guess one part of Banner didn’t revert back…

Ummm… Part 43

THIS is why the Hulk doesn’t rip out of his pants in his transformations.  Can you imagine if Banner had to spend a panel or two every time he switched in trying to find new pants?  Ugh…

Ummm… Part 42

Ummm… Part 41

Can you believe it’s been over a year since I’ve added a post to this series?  Only for it to be… a sneak peek at the Hulk’s late night internet searching.  Gross.