Hulk Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (2014)

I showed off Hot Wheel’s Hulk releases lately – which are all sorts of awesome – but they aren’t the only Hulk vehicles you are going to see on the pegs.  Here is the latest Marvel Hulk car – well, actually not a car but a Jeep.  Don’t expect this jeep to just sit thereContinue reading “Hulk Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (2014)”

Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)

I know this statue is old news by now but I’ve had it since it first came out and I never blogged about it.  I never shared it on this blog – which is weird since I did blog about the variant (which is easily one of my favorite statues ever produced) and this oneContinue reading “Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)”

Thunderbolts #32 (2014) – The Review and… What Happened?

Thunderbolts #32 (Final Issue) and a look back at the series. W: Acker and Blacker A: Jacinto In 2008 things were going well for the Hulk.  He had just come off of one of the most well received and highly publicized runs in recent history that led to one of the more highly anticipated eventContinue reading “Thunderbolts #32 (2014) – The Review and… What Happened?”

NEW Hulk Christmas Ornament (2014)

What can I say – it’s a Agents of SMASH kind of week… and here is the new ornament you can get from the stores based on the Hulk from the animated series.  So you do not get confused there is a cute little H as his belt buckle to help both you and himContinue reading “NEW Hulk Christmas Ornament (2014)”

George Perez Maestro Sketch Cover

I realized I never showed this off – but last year the Boston Comic Con invited two of my favorite artists who I’ve ever met.  The first, Aaron Lopresti, will have to wait for another post – but the second has a reputation as one of the nicest men in comics.  It’s well deserved tooContinue reading “George Perez Maestro Sketch Cover”

Red Hulk Fists (2014)

Another Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. piece – this time they have just recycled the pitiful version of Hulk fists released with the Avengers movie and colored them red.  I have made it abundantly clear how disappointed I was with all of the cost cutting corners that they have made with the new HulkContinue reading “Red Hulk Fists (2014)”

Gamma Blastin’ Glove (2014)

I can’t substantiate these claims because I can’t locate every last review out there – but when Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. premiered it seemed to be universally panned.  There are a lot of problems with the cartoon and I can’t even tell you how many cringe-worthy moments that the cartoon created – but, I’ve saidContinue reading “Gamma Blastin’ Glove (2014)”