Someday I will figure out screenshots… But until then click on the image to see a tweet from Duggan that has me cringing


11 responses to “Ugh…

  1. that’s a nice looking figure, where do you order it from?

    • wow, found it on a site in Brazil. It costs $300 Real which is $115 USD. Too pricey! We have an office down there but no way am I going to have someone pick it up.

      • Steve – could you provide a link? I agree – it is too pricey. I just want to see more pics if they have them

  2. I mean – the seams on this guy tells me it’s not a statue or anything… why so high of a price tag?

  3. Probably because its an import. That thing is huge though! Its about 18 inches tall. Considering we pay 25 Marvel Legends ill spend $115 on that. Here is a video showing how big it is compared to a 3 yr old. And yes i want the Red Hulk also.

  4. I was able to pick one of these up on ebay earlier this year for $130.00. Shipping was a bit pricey, but nowhere near $300.00 total. It came in the original box, and it is pretty awesome. It looks just like the Hulk from the McGinnis run, is articulated at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips and is at least as big as a Bowen statue. The same dealer had the red Hulk for me, but put it on as a b-I-n, so someone else got it before me.

  5. Is he eighteen or twenty four inches? Do you have the a link to the seller you got it form and what search did you use? I have a saved search for the name of the company because there is a seller that is offering the Iron Man from that series.

    • I bought it way back in February or March and don’t have a link to the seller. I just happened to stumble across it while I was searching ebay for Hulk/Marvel stuff. He had one of each of the characters the company put out (which I believe he said were Hulk, Iron man, and Spider-Man), and that he would be getting a red Hulk soon (the one I missed out on). The figure itself is actually about 20-21 inches tall, so quite massive for an action figure.

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