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The Incredible Hulk #11 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #11 – Stay Angry Part 4 (Aaron has done a fantastic job at keeping the readers angry with his shitty writing)

I am still trying to enjoy Aaron’s Hulk… really I am – but it’s just not in the cards!  First, he gave us a heroin needle shooting gun – and now, in this issue, we get a bear trap bazooka.  I mean, comeon!  A freakin’ bear trap bazooka?  Kraven the Hunter belongs in a Hulk book the same way the Back Street Boys belongs in the Rock N Roll hall of fame.  It just doesn’t gel.

Kraven is there to help Banner so that Banner can help him – he wants Banner to have the Spider kill him… which makes total sense, if you think about it, because Banner and Parker have such a solid history, of course he will do anything he asks.  Make sure you have your sarcasm voice on full blast while reading that last line…

Anyways, as the rest of this storyline has gone so far, things don’t exactly go the Hulk’s way, he reverts back to Banner in the end (for a storyline called “Stay Angry” he’s not doing a great job of staying angry!) and then wakes up in a new predicament.  Shocker.  This gets a solid grade of: D-

Not at all Surprised…

This cover went up for sale a bit ago – and I think I am the only one who wasn’t surprised at all at the price it went for – it’s an amazing piece!  Click on the link to be astounded!

Avengers Hulk BobbleHead (2012)


Avengers Hulk Bobblehead

Let’s try and get things back on track here!  I have plenty of Hulky goodness to show off – and very little time to post it!  But this is a great piece that I think 465 mentioned a while back – and I’ve had for a bit of time now!  It’s another bobblehead – and I know what you’re going to ask, “Why do you need ANOTHER bobblehead?”  Well, in truth, you don’t.  But this is a pretty damn cool one.

Great look – worth the price!

Mainly because it doesn’t look like a bobblehead when sitting on the shelf.  It doesn’t have the elongated neck that most other bobbleheads seem to suffer from.  Not to mention  – the entire sculpt is pretty bad ass!  I am not so much a fan of the Avengers base:

Avengers Base

But I can live with that.  It’s not like you buy something to look at what it’s standing on!  The rest of the sculpt is pretty top notch with a great paint application to compliment it.  It is oversized – so it is a bit larger than any previous bobblehead – in fact, if they had made the head smaller this would have been a great mini-statue.

The last two bobbleheads I picked up

Finally – Some Good News!

With all the terrible news coming from Marvel concerning the Hulk we are finally given this great news!  Click on the pic above!

Sooo….. This isn’t looking any better

Ummm… from Comics alliance:

“The clip from Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. showcased how they plan  to distinguish the five ‘Hulks’ on the team. Hulk is Hulk; She-Hulk has  energy-projecting punches; A-Bomb is the team joker who can turn into a rolling  wrecking ball; Skaar has a sword; and Red Hulk has guns”

I used to get excited about new Hulk projects… *sigh*  Is there anyone out there who is actually looking forward to this?

Hulk will now be about… Red SHE-Hulk

The fact that Red was given his own title was bad enough – but now the focus will be switched to the Red She Hulk – a character that is even worse than Red himself.  Click on the link for more info.

Lego Hulk at SDCC

Can you imagine having this in your house?