Funko Pop! Groot with Stormbreaker (2018)

This year it seems that Funko really stepped up their game with their most popular line – the Funko Pops.  This excellent representation of teenage Groot making the move to be the hero and supplying the handle to Stormbreaker.  One of the cooler moments in the latest Avengers movie which had practically every hero thatContinue reading “Funko Pop! Groot with Stormbreaker (2018)”

A Rare Triple Negative! A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 52

It’s been a year chock full of scenes with the Hulk gorging himself on everything from fruits and vegetables, to soda and junk food!  Man, I knew the Hulk had to eat to compensate for all that rage he dishes out – I just had no idea all the empty calories he was a fanContinue reading “A Rare Triple Negative! A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 52”

Hulk Pressure Pump Water Blaster (2017)

I remember when I was a kid and water guns required you to pump the trigger over and over just to get a small amount of water to shoot out lightly moisten the intended target.  When Super Soakers were first introduced they were ushering in a new age!  Of course, the first generation water gunsContinue reading “Hulk Pressure Pump Water Blaster (2017)”

Carnage Exclusive Pop! Figures (2018)

I loved the latest round of Venom Pop! figures that Funko released.  The Pop! that has Eddie Brock’s face show while the symbiote is covering him is a thing of beauty!  Same with the Cletus Cassidy figure – but the bigger excitement is the exclusives that are being offered of this character!  The Carnage Pop! coloringContinue reading “Carnage Exclusive Pop! Figures (2018)”

Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)

The second series of Marvel Legends from the Avengers: Infinity War showed us some impressive figures, silly figures and yes, even some unexpected characters.  The two biggest surprises and welcomed figures were Thor – missing an eye – and the Black Knight figure.  I liked the blonde Black Widow figure but I didn’t need anotherContinue reading “Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)”

Immortal Hulk #1: Best Defense – The Variants

This past week the Hulk’s portion of the new Defenders story was released. If you haven’t read it you totally should!  The story is amazing!  Anyways, there were 5 variants released including a brilliant Jack Kirby 1:200 cover.  See below: As you can see in addition to the regular cover we were also given anContinue reading “Immortal Hulk #1: Best Defense – The Variants”