Double Shot Thursday Reviews!

First up – The Incredible Hulks #631 – Heart of the Monster Part 2 The Good: Here begins the Hulk smack down!  The entire issue has the Hulk smashing his way through the new villains that showed up when Cho “wished” for some help.  This issue is dedicated to taking out some of the biggest bruisers ofContinue reading “Double Shot Thursday Reviews!”

Pop Marvel Hulk Vinyl Bobble Head (2011)

Man, what is it about bobble heads?  They are the fad that refuses to go away!  And it’s not like there is a shortage of Hulk bobble heads to go around!  What makes this new line so unique is the design of the figures.  Much like the Mighty Muggs and the Marvel Plushies they have a distinctContinue reading “Pop Marvel Hulk Vinyl Bobble Head (2011)”

Hulk Gumball Machine (2003)

More goodies from the era of the original movie release – this time a gumball machine.  You better believe I will be filling it up with green gumballs only!  It’s on the smaller side – I would have liked to find one of these larger – but, really, the only thing that makes this a “Hulk” gumball machine, besides the color, is theContinue reading “Hulk Gumball Machine (2003)”

Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

The Good: There is a great 1:1 bust done as a commission – and some of them pop up on ebay from time to time.  This sculpt is so impressive that Bowen took notice and decided – with a few tweaks – to make it into a Bowen bust.  Man, am I glad he did –Continue reading “Planet Hulk Bust (2011)”

The Incredible Hulks #630 (2011) Heart of the Monster Part 1 – The Review

The Positive: So here it is – the final arc in Pak’s run – and the title.  You know what’s funny?  They relaunched TIH with it’s “original” numbering in December of 2009 – only to end it not even 2 years later.  I’m sorry – did I say funny?  I meant pathetic.  The major issue being thatContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #630 (2011) Heart of the Monster Part 1 – The Review”

Marvel Masterworks / Omnibus Collections

I’ve started compiling a list of the MM that the Hulk is in – and am on my way to getting most of the books.  I didn’t start collecting these books until 3 years ago – when I received the first Hulk MM from my friend Corry as a birthday present.  Since then, I have all ofContinue reading “Marvel Masterworks / Omnibus Collections”

Steven Sanchez Commissions (2011)

Steven was offering up $15 head shots – and I took part in the madness that soon followed as a lot of the SF residents took a spot on Steven’s very long list!  This artist is amazing and showed his skills as he took on almost every character imaginable!  Seriously – if you can thinkContinue reading “Steven Sanchez Commissions (2011)”

Avengers Attack Super Hero Squad (2011)

The Positive: They have released a couple of these multi-figure SHS packs.  The other HAS  a Hulk in it – but it’s the same Hulk they have now released at least 5 times.  I have made a stand and refuse to pick it up – mainly because they JUST released it in the Thor 3-PackContinue reading “Avengers Attack Super Hero Squad (2011)”

Hulk #34 (2011) – Planet Red Hulk – The Review

The Positive: Much like any sequel there is going to be a sense of deja vu.  But, with any good sequel they can make that deja vu still seem new.  As an example I ask you to look at “The Hangover” as a BAD sequel.  All they do is tell the same story in aContinue reading “Hulk #34 (2011) – Planet Red Hulk – The Review”