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Hulk… Thing (2010)

Can someone please tell me what the hell these are called?

I have no idea what you call these things.  It’s a pen – no, it’s a weird thing with a koosh on the top – stop – you’re both right!  Actually bought back in December at the Hallmark store while picking up the Hulk / Wolvie ornament.  Since this thing is pretty much self-explanatory and with not much more to say I will simply leave you with this thought… orange is both a color AND a flavor… discuss

Hulk Coloring Books (2003-2008)

400 pages!?!?!? That's totally worth it!

You know the crazy thing?  I have so much stuff that I have shown I spend half my time looking through this website to see what I have and have not posted.  It’s almost ironic – I come to my own website and search for things that aren’t here – just to put them here!  A vicious cycle, indeed!

Hulk Coloring Book 2 - a lot thinner, not as impressive...

One of the few things I never usually post are these coloring books.  I found MOST of them at Bedrock Comics for a half dollar each – and when Lex gets old enough you can be sure I will be busting these books out and we will go to town with a couple of crayolas!  96 to be exact… with a crayon sharpener on the back of the box – because that’s how I roll!

This is my favorite cover!

I am sure I will need to buy extra green crayons.  I am sure Fern, Forest Green, Inchworm, Jungle Green, Mountain Meadow, Pine Green, Shamrock, Screaming Green, Sea Green, Tropical Rain Forest, Yellow Green – and in real desperate times – Electric Lime could substitute well enough – but people should take  some real pride in their work!

Wow, how many of these do I have?

Actually, the different greens would make sense, the Hulk has changed the shades of green a few times over – so… yeah.  How does one finish a sentence like this?  Just let it fade away?  Distraction?  I go with the latter – Oh!  Look another coloring book!

Aaaaaannnnd - that's it!

Double Shot Thursday Reviews!

The Incredible Hulks #631

First up – The Incredible Hulks #631 – Heart of the Monster Part 2

The Good: Here begins the Hulk smack down!  The entire issue has the Hulk smashing his way through the new villains that showed up when Cho “wished” for some help.  This issue is dedicated to taking out some of the biggest bruisers of the bunch – FFF gets a bit of a butt whopping – but the main event is Hulk vs Wendigo and Bi-Beast.  The fight has quite a bit of smashing – as it does humor – I swear the theme for the Three Stooges was going through my mind as I read it.  Especially the part where Hulk takes Wendigo’s tail and passes it through Bi Beast’s mouths. 

HULK! Don't splash the pot!

We also see the Hulk coming back to being a hero for the innocent people caught in the middle of his battles – and even have the President coming to thank the Hulk – I felt like the Hulk was getting another “pardon” for his past crimes.  Like the President was saying “Yes, I know you hijacked NY and sort of threatened the lives of everyone who stayed behind, not to mention causing millions of dollars of damage to the city – but the past three months you’ve really shed those bad habits and done some good stuff!  Good on you!”  Which we all know would never happen… but these are comics – so let’s move on!

Wendigo has Kool-Aid mouth!

The powers of the wishing well are interesting – I like what Pak is doing with it.  Each wish is going to be impacted by the original wisher.  Also, I have a real soft spot for the writers who can add a good balance of humor into the story – which Pak does really well here.  I found myself laughing and cheering a few times.  Then looking around to see if anyone was watching me.  Thank goodness there was not!

I so wanted the Hulk to yell out "Wakka-Wakka-Wakka" after this stunt

The Bad: Now, – again you can correct me if I am wrong here – wasn’t Bi-Beast already a HUGE monster – it wasn’t until way later that PD shrunk him down.  So, why was he normal sized to begin with – only for the Hulk to make a silly wish for a real fight and have him grow larger.  But – and this may be just me – but the fight after Bi-Beast and Wendigo became larger than life seemed WAY easier.  But hey – if that’s all I am picking on – then it must not be that bad…

Oh... There WILL be blood!

The Ugly (Truth): Pak seems to be having a real blast with his final Hulk arc.  He’s using the classic monsters that the Hulk has fought in the past and cutting them loose.  the issue ends with a great cliff hanger – the only thing I question is where Pak is going with it?  How is he going to leave things with Hulk and Betty?  Can things really go back to normal with them?  Has it ever been?  Grade: B+ 

Hulk # 35

And now – Hulk #35 – Red Planet Hulk Part 2:

Charge! And,,, get me a tissue - I am all slimy

The Good: It started off as a strong storyline – with Pags on the pencils – what could be better?  I mean, Planet Hulk was such a memorable part of the Hulk’s history, what would make more sense than try to re-live it with the Red Hulk?  One of the best recent threats the Hulk has to deal with is the Omegerex – and the recent trip into another universe was just an attempt in keeping the Red Hulk from having to face the destroyer – at least until the female Watcher could warn him.  It’s good to know that there are ramifications to Red’s ramifications of striking the Watcher.  A feat that should not have happened in the first place – but now that it is in the continuity (what?!?! Continuity in Red’s series?  Wow – that’s crazy talk!  Loeb’s head must be spinning!) it has to be dealt with.  

Boo-YA! Take that you Grimace wanna-be!

The Bad: Having to wrap up in just two issues the storyline was rushed and disappointing.  It’s also the fact that the end of it is left up to your discretion on whether it actually happened or not.  I am SO not a fan of the “dream” sequence ending.  Not only is it a cop-out but also it feels like after you’ve finished reading it… it was a waste of time.

The Girl Watcher - letting him know how it be!

And the Ugly (Truth): The fun part of this series so far is seeing how Parker makes up for Loeb’s continuity issues and his frivolous writing style – but the last thing we want is more non-sense storytelling.  I mean, I get WHY the issue ends the way it does – but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.  I would have liked to see this storyline last a little longer and maybe have the Omegerex track Red down on this planet.  Why couldn’t the Watcher-et have sent Red to the new planet, warned him of what was coming, Red still becomes king and has his new army trying to take down the Omegerex?  That would at least be more interesting than “Just kidding – it was all a dream… maybe!” Grade: C-

It did Happen... maybe... whatever - I hate that crap!

Pop Marvel Hulk Vinyl Bobble Head (2011)

Pop Marvel Hulk

Man, what is it about bobble heads?  They are the fad that refuses to go away!  And it’s not like there is a shortage of Hulk bobble heads to go around!  What makes this new line so unique is the design of the figures.  Much like the Mighty Muggs and the Marvel Plushies they have a distinct style to them that really stands out.  I would like to see a few variants – a Grey Hulk (a Mr. Fixit would be ideal) and a Merged Hulk – they’ve never done either in a bobble head and, heck, it’s time for a little change up!  I get that they need to do the A-List set of characters – but I think everyone enjoys a little diversity!

Huge head... I've heard that about the Hulk...

Hulk Gumball Machine (2003)

Hulk Gumball Machine

More goodies from the era of the original movie release – this time a gumball machine.  You better believe I will be filling it up with green gumballs only!  It’s on the smaller side – I would have liked to find one of these larger – but, really, the only thing that makes this a “Hulk” gumball machine, besides the color, is the tiny Hulk figurine that attaches to the top.  But don’t get too excited – it’s just a small little thing – and it’s not even very “Hulky” at that.  Too skinny – and not to mention the Hulk’s neck is longer than that C.H.U.D. in the apartment.

Who here gets that reference?  Please tell me I am not the only one laughing right now!  Anyways, the great thing about these classic gumball machines is that you can set it so that people DO have to pay to get something for some candy.  No lousy scroungers can just come and take free candy!

Tiny Hulk... running? I have no idea - maybe he's supposed to be running

Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

Bowen Hulk Bust

The Good: There is a great 1:1 bust done as a commission – and some of them pop up on ebay from time to time.  This sculpt is so impressive that Bowen took notice and decided – with a few tweaks – to make it into a Bowen bust.  Man, am I glad he did – the 1:1 is over a grand – where the Bowen one is a little more affordable.  Also, the way the market is right now works out perfectly because an A-list character like this that usually has run into the 1000s has a bit more of a conservative run of 800.

PH #2

The paint application is fantastic on mine – and I love the color they used for the metal.  The damage they put on the shoulder plate is a fantastic detail from the storyline.  I have heard some pieces are a bit sloppy with the paint at the base – but luckily mine is not one of them.  The detail that Bowen went to with this bust is exceptional – even adding in the veins around obedience disc.

Love the detail in this piece! Just awesome!

The expression on his face is perfect - a smug mug!

Let’s talk about the base for a moment – the cracked column is very cool – but I would have liked to see something a little more wild and distinct to the storyline – like the base for the FS.  Maybe add in a little weaponry – Hulk’s big ol’e axe or something!  But like I stated before the base is still very cool and fits nicely with the character.

There are the eyes!

The Negative: The sculpting seems a little “soft” around the mouth – there is not enough of a distinction where his lips are.  Also, there is no scar – he is the Green Scar – and both the FS and this bust are scar-less!  This helmet is pretty much the same design, although this one is colored better – but the feathers at the top are closer together on the bust – and therefore when the paint was applied it looks a bit chunky – although it does look more comic accurate.

Bust with Comic

The Conclusion:  I had very few negatives to discuss as I was extremely happy with the way the bust came out – not only that it’s pretty damn large!  It might be a bit bigger than the 2008 busts that came out – but I forgot to compare.  But ultimately this is a must have for any Hulk fan – and even more so for fans of the storyline!  Grade: A

The PH Shelf in the Hulk room

Also on the Stands…

The Hulk will also be in the next issue... I'd be more excited if it weren't Deadpool

Is there a more glorious way to die than death by Hulk?  If there is – I can’t think of one… although, I don’t read Deadpool – so someone who does might be able to help me out here.  Wade has a healing factor, right?  I mean the Hulk kills him in this issue – but not enough to make it stick… ugh, wait – another side bar here – Healing factors are one thing – but when they actually stop the character from dying it’s not a healing factor anymore – it’s invincibility.  And who doesn’t have invincibility in comics these days?  It’s really pathetic!  Alright, back to the non-sense: Doesn’t Wade have a hideously disfigured face?  How does his healing factor not cure that?  Again, I know we’re dealing with comics – but try to make them make sense at least!