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Hulk Gumball Machine (2003)

Hulk Gumball Machine

More goodies from the era of the original movie release – this time a gumball machine.  You better believe I will be filling it up with green gumballs only!  It’s on the smaller side – I would have liked to find one of these larger – but, really, the only thing that makes this a “Hulk” gumball machine, besides the color, is the tiny Hulk figurine that attaches to the top.  But don’t get too excited – it’s just a small little thing – and it’s not even very “Hulky” at that.  Too skinny – and not to mention the Hulk’s neck is longer than that C.H.U.D. in the apartment.

Who here gets that reference?  Please tell me I am not the only one laughing right now!  Anyways, the great thing about these classic gumball machines is that you can set it so that people DO have to pay to get something for some candy.  No lousy scroungers can just come and take free candy!

Tiny Hulk... running? I have no idea - maybe he's supposed to be running