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Now the Hulk’s Unstoppable!


He was pretty unstoppable before – but with Juggy’s powers?  The universe wouldn’t stand a chance!

Match Made in Heaven!


The Hulk doesn’t have a lot of repressed feelings – he usually let’s them all out.  But it would still be gold in the hands of the right writer!

There’s always that One Guy…


I mean, I think the guy behind him is over-reacting – but I still understand his pain.

Happy New Year! 2020!

mash hulk

I hope you start your 2020 surrounded by friends!  I hope the year brings up nothing but greatness!  And pointy spears.  Greatness and spears all the way!

Old School Ads 33

CCI05062018_0001 (2)

Something about this ad seems off – there’s the super happy, super friendly heroes on the top of the page – and then the threatening, angry Hulk on the bottom!  How am I supposed to feel Marvel?  Welcome or afraid?

The Resurgence Of Liefeld?

liefeld hulk

With Liefeld’s popularity suddenly spiking I just want to take this moment to remind people that he can’t draw!  While this Hulk might look okay it’s obvious the Liefeld doesn’t understand or even care to understand human anatomy.  The backgrounds – which are the most impressive parts of this piece – were added afterwards and not Liefeld’s at all.  I hope he enjoys the fans for now – he will ruin it once again because that’s what he’s good at.

liefeld hulk pencils


Smashing Well, My Friends!