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Let’s Hope the Hulk has his Chance!

hulk 003 - Copy

With Endgame due out this year I’m really hoping to see the Hulk have his chance in the light once again and making Thanos realize those thoughts are just.  We all know the Hulk should be able to kick Thanos’ butt so let’s see it happen Ruso Brothers!


Old School Ads 24

ad hulk 4

What’s funny is that Hulk vs the Beast was issue #161 – it was this and #145 that were the last issues I had to pick up to complete the run.

Ummm… Part 67


Did he get angry because the ride stopped or was he angry when he got on?  Too many questions…

Old School Ads 23

hulk ad wow

This reminds me of the ads they’ve been running in the current Marvel Comics.

Ummm… Part 66


That’s not how you give a compliment…

Old School Ads 22

ad hulk 5

I can only imagine what a Hulk show would look like today.  It would be amazing!  I’d like them to still use a real person and not a CGI Hulk.  It would also be awesome to see the Netflix Daredevil crossover!

Ummm… Part 65


I know this is doctored – but it’s kind of hilarious.  Also – rolling people up in concrete is absolutely a death sentence!  No way anyone lives through this!  Just for good measure – the actual image is below: