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Who Are You? A Year of Hulk Confusion: Week 28

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That time that you were looking for your greatest foe and couldn’t find them because they are you.  Reminds me of the skinnier version of me that fat Ratchet is always looking for.  He’s in there somewhere!  Show yourself more fit Ratchet!

Jokes on You!: A Year of Hulk Confusion: Week 27

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Not sure that was the best comeback – but Hulk has never been known as the smart one… unless you consider the merged Hulk.

Old School Ads 5

hulk faces

Can you name them all?  They cheat a little with initials – I could do it without the cheat sheet – but can you?  No googling!

The Weight of the World: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 26

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Sometimes being left alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The Hulk might not want others around but then you’re just left alone with your thoughts.  When you’re as monosyllabic as the Savage Hulk and things don’t make sense it can only make you confused and… as he puts it… sadder and sadder.  Maybe it’s time for the Hulk to remember it’s not about being left alone – it’s about surrounding yourself with the right people!

Silent but Deadly: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 25

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I’ve said it for years now – the most powerful person in the MU is the Invisible Woman.  With her ability to create airtight force fields there really is no Earth bound hero who could take her on.  One force field later and you have a mighty, muscle-bound super just gasping for air!  Well turns out she ain’t the only one who can make that trick work!  Songbird, of the Thunderbolts, can make her sonic scream turn into “hard sound”.  Whatever that means.  It takes the Hulk by surprise – as well as most of the readers!

Who Are You?: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 24


Meeting a foe for the very first time must be hard!  You can never take the first battle as definitive as both characters are just learning what the other can do!  What powers each one has and how they use them.  That being said, the Hulk certainly has trouble the first time he meets up with X-23.  Wolvie’s female clone has tricks up her sleeve that the jade giant has yet to deal with… but he gets a crash course when he comes looking for Xavier.  All the mutants band together to protect the telepath whose only real enemy… is a flight of stairs.

Coming to your Senses: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 23

hulk confused

Ever find yourself apologizing and thinking to yourself “Why am I apologizing?”  The Hulk is not known for him apologizing so if it were me in this situation I would have taken the “sorry” and run with it – but damnit, he keeps on yelling and lets the Hulk realizes that he’s the Hulk.