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TRU Vinyl Header (2018)

hulk 027 (2)

One of the last pieces to show off from the TRU days and one of the last pieces I was able to rescue from the dumpster.  I remember when these headers arrived at the store and the sheer excitement we had to put them up!  I’m just kidding – no one was happy to be given the extra work of putting headers on top of every aisle – although, everyone will admit afterwards, it did make the store look so much better!  These vinyl posters were used to hide overstock merchandise over the aisles.  Instead of seeing unsightly carboard boxes – perish the thought – we saw bright, colorful posters.

Can you name all the heroes featured?  I can tell you with all the certainty in the world that 90% of the children in the Marvel aisles could not.  They usually were stumped with at least 5 of them.  See if you can guess who!

hulk 030 (2)

In Case You Missed It – Round 12

CCI08172018 (2)

I’m a bit late in posting these but in Spider-Geddon #1 we get a punk style Spider-Hulk hybrid of sorts.  Also, Multiple Man #3 still serves up doses of Multiple Man Hulk to enjoy – so get these issues that should still be on the stands!

CCI08172018_0002 (2)

CCI08172018_0003 (2)

Hulkbuster Soft (2018)

hulk 017 (2)

Back in my childhood days I would never had imagined they would have made a plush Hulkbuster.  Or hey, a plush Iron Man at all!  Unfortunately, the helmet doesn’t open up at all – and really – there isn’t really anything to this little guy other than his cuteness and soft, squishy body.  If that’s not something you’re interested in then skip this piece.  For me, I will gladly pair this up with the Gladiator Hulk soft that this company offered.

hulk 018 (2)

New Defenders Book – With Classic Defenders!


This is going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread!  Well… hopefully.  I, much like most of you guys who read this blog, think the classic line-up was the best so any story that brings the band back together – I’m in!

Ummm.. Part 60

calvin and hulk

I love this image.  I love it even more now!

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby!


Kirby is and will always be the King!  I like to think about the silver age of Marvel and just how exciting Kirby must have been to see his creations really take form and to watch children react to all the heroes that were in his head!


Sucking Down More Beans: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 35

hulk eats 4

If you thought we were done with the Hulk beans pics – you were sorely mistaken!  We are served with another set of Hulk eating beans pictures his trademark, sucking them off the bowl, way!  We saw earlier what happened when Cracker Jack tried to offer the Hulk a fork – it’s better to let him handle his business his own way!