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In Case You Missed It #28

CCI09252019_0002 (2)

We’re still trucking on with the ever popular Immortal Hulk!  The Director’s Cut #4 was released last week and above is the cover with the back cover below:

CCI09252019_0003 (2)

One of the cooler Immortal variants was the Ryan Ottley Green Goblin cover!

And yes, the True Believers Month is still chugging along with the “Other” Hulk, the Devil Hulk and the Red Hulk!  All Hulks that weren’t Hulks:

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Funko Pop Walgreens Exclusive Red She Hulk (2017)

hulk 2019 004 (2)

When Red She Hulk appeared on the scene I had immediately become cynical stating that the character made no sense, it was a lamely written piece of garbage by a hack who has lost his touch, a cash grab of a character who is thrust upon the Hulk mythos for no good reason.  Well, I will say, 11 years later, my opinion has not changed.  I still hate this character – although I did feel compelled to buy the Pop.  It could have something to do with Jeff Parker’s fantastically written Red She Hulk series, or it could just be that I have an un-diagnosed collection addiction problem.  Either way, here we are.

hulk 2019 007 (2)

Red Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 38

The Red Hulk didn’t really appear in the first issue of the (Red) Hulk series – he actually didn’t show up until issue #2.  I still think about how great the Red Hulk series could have been and just shake my head at the carelessness that was used in writing the entire title.  In fact, the only real saving grace of the run was the amazing artwork by McGuiness.  Now the mantle of the Red Hulk has been handed off and we’re stuck with a character no one wants to read about anymore.

1st Appearance: Hulk #1 (Cover Only)





Incredible Hulk 3D LED Night Light (2018)

mike hulk 007 (2)

This is an incredible gift from my friend Mike.  The dude really brought it this time because this thing is totally awesome!  The light is brilliantly bright and the array of colors astounded my children!  There is even a setting to let it scroll through all of the colors on its own.

mike hulk 002 (2)

There is an obvious and “incredible” green

mike hulk 006 (2)

A somewhat betrayal in the red

mike hulk 005 (2)

An adorable purple

mike hulk 004 (2)

A bright yellow

mike hulk 003 (2)

And lastly, an appropriate cosmic Hulk blue.

Thank you GammaPup for this new addition as this is easily one of the coolest new additions to the Hulk collection!

Compound Hulk Dorbz (2017)

IMG_1143 (2)

I was late to the party when I realized how great the Walgreens exclusives began surfacing.  I missed out on all sorts of Pops and Dorbz that I would love to purchase.  Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man 2099 are all Pops that kick butt!  I would rather not go to eBay so instead I do without. I was thinking I’d have to do without the exclusive Compound Hulk as well because I never bothered looking when it was all over the stores.  One Wednesday in February I was on the way to my LCS when I noticed an Iron Patriot Dorbz on the shelf.  I knew that the Iron Patriot was out about the same time as the Compound Hulk so I peeked at what was on the shelf behind him and saw… the Compound Hulk!  I was so surprised and excited I might have said “You’re kidding me!” in a voice much louder than acceptable.  I then hurriedly looked around to see if anyone heard me say that out loud.  Thankfully, I was alone.  Then I felt pretty embarrassed that I was talking to myself.

Either way, I was happy to stumble across this exclusive – while I have decided to really focus on the Hulk merchandise and not supporting players – I still have wanted this guy for quite a while.

IMG_1142 (2)

Hulk Pins (2017)

IMG_0790 (2)

The above Hulk pin is the Green Hulk/Red Hulk pin from the Marvel Collector Corps Showdowns box set.  I would love to report how great that box set was but the truth is, as a Hulk fan looking for some real exciting Hulk swag, it was pretty much a dud.  The Collector Corps subscription service is, sadly, I think, doomed to fail.  As the boxes continue the amount of pieces in the boxes get smaller and more arbitrary.  For example, the Thor: Ragnarok box was the smallest set yet and, unfortunately, stuffed with fidget spinners and playing cards.

IMG_0788 (2)

The upcoming Hulk themed box should be a real game changer as far as if I’m going to keep subscribing to the service.  I’m both excited and nervous at the outcome of the set.  The pin, to its merit, is very well made.  All the pins are – they are metal, heavy and quality pieces.  The other pin, below, is a run of the mill tin pin that you can usually find for half a buck.  Still, I liked the image so it’s with the rest of the collection.

IMG_0789 (2)


Hero Mashers Red Hulk (2016)

IMG_0543 (2)

I’m just curious at this point to see if Hero Mashers continue much longer.  I always thought of them as a fad kind of toy.  Something that would go the way of Handful of Heroes or the desperately missed Mighty Muggs.  So far they’ve released larger and boxed figures but all I’ve seen on the shelves lately have been the miniatures. The Red Hulk gets his own mini-figure in Series 3 and, even cooler, comes with Thor’s appendage gripping the mighty Mjolnir!  With this line you could have anyone gripping Mjolnir, really – but only if you want to really bastardize the continuity!  And let’s be honest here – the only one who really messes with Marvel’s mythos is Marvel themselves!  Everyone else, show some respect!

IMG_0543 (3)