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That’s MY Pipe!


Just remember, kids, if your sworn enemy gets ahold of your weapon… it’s now their weapon!

Marvel Legends Red Hulk Premium Figure (2020)

IMG_1919 (2)

Well, this figure caused quite the stir, didn’t it?  Announced at Toy Fair as a Target exclusive people expected this impressive figure to hit the stores sometime in March or April.  To everyone’s surprise collectors began to post pictures immediately after Toy Fair, the last week of February, saying that these pieces are allocated to just one per store.

IMG_1921 (2)

This caused a frenzy that showed the morals of some collectors while exposing the desperation of others.  Certain people, posting to Facebook and other social media, boasted about driving to multiple stores and snagging the only pieces in their area.  They then offered the extras at an extremely high secondary price.  The price tags soared to triple digits.

IMG_1920 (2)

With the hype surrounding the figure reaching a ridiculous high I had decided not to feed into it.  I would check my local Targets but I would not go out of my way to try to snag myself one – nor would I ever pay the inflated prices on the auctions sites.  Now, while I had decided not to go too crazy in my search that didn’t stop my friend from checking the Pop Finder site and noting the inventory of our local Targets.  He surprised me in early March saying he found it.  I was beyond excited because this figure is truly impressive!  If you were one of the lucky people to get one when they hit retail, congratulations!  If you didn’t get a chance to get one – there is a silver lining!  Target announced a second wave are hitting the stores, no more of this “one per store” bologna, instead the stores should be stocking 4 or more at a time!  Be patient my friends, you should be able to grab one soon enough without having to rely on paying the ridiculous secondary prices!


Grade: A+

Truth Bomb!


Nothing against the new Red Hulk figure – the thing is bad ass – but grey Hulk speaks total truth!

So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…

Amazingly, we are getting a BAF Abomination based off of the Gamerverse design.  While this is not my favorite choice – I still like it enough to seek it out.  In this same line we also get a classic looking Sam Sterns that I am totally here for!


While not up to the standards of the Leader from the Face-Off line it still looks pretty fantastic!  Also, we seem to be getting a Target Exclusive premium Red Hulk figure.  He may not be my favorite character but this figure looks fantastic!



A Shot of ALL the Chromes!

IMG_1787 (2)

Here is a great shot of all the chromes together that I have featured this entire month!  Looking forward to a new year!  Hope everyone stays really Hulky!

Merry Funko Christmas!

IMG_1797 (2)

There is at least a great reason to pull out your green and red chrome Hulks!  Look how festive!  Merry Christmas!

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)

IMG_1794 (2)

Yes, I saved the Red chrome Hulk until the last one on purpose.  I’m not sure if anyone is aware but there really IS a Red Hulk!  Well, maybe.  Is there?  Is there still a Red Hulk in the Marvel U?  Who knows and who cares.  The red stone is the Reality Stone.  And, if it means anything – this and the blue chrome, to me are the best looking chromes.

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $14

IMG_1795 (2)