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A Shot of ALL the Chromes!

IMG_1787 (2)

Here is a great shot of all the chromes together that I have featured this entire month!  Looking forward to a new year!  Hope everyone stays really Hulky!

Merry Funko Christmas!

IMG_1797 (2)

There is at least a great reason to pull out your green and red chrome Hulks!  Look how festive!  Merry Christmas!

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)

IMG_1794 (2)

Yes, I saved the Red chrome Hulk until the last one on purpose.  I’m not sure if anyone is aware but there really IS a Red Hulk!  Well, maybe.  Is there?  Is there still a Red Hulk in the Marvel U?  Who knows and who cares.  The red stone is the Reality Stone.  And, if it means anything – this and the blue chrome, to me are the best looking chromes.

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $14

IMG_1795 (2)

In Case You Missed It #28

CCI09252019_0002 (2)

We’re still trucking on with the ever popular Immortal Hulk!  The Director’s Cut #4 was released last week and above is the cover with the back cover below:

CCI09252019_0003 (2)

One of the cooler Immortal variants was the Ryan Ottley Green Goblin cover!

And yes, the True Believers Month is still chugging along with the “Other” Hulk, the Devil Hulk and the Red Hulk!  All Hulks that weren’t Hulks:

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Funko Pop Walgreens Exclusive Red She Hulk (2017)

hulk 2019 004 (2)

When Red She Hulk appeared on the scene I had immediately become cynical stating that the character made no sense, it was a lamely written piece of garbage by a hack who has lost his touch, a cash grab of a character who is thrust upon the Hulk mythos for no good reason.  Well, I will say, 11 years later, my opinion has not changed.  I still hate this character – although I did feel compelled to buy the Pop.  It could have something to do with Jeff Parker’s fantastically written Red She Hulk series, or it could just be that I have an un-diagnosed collection addiction problem.  Either way, here we are.

hulk 2019 007 (2)

Red Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 38

The Red Hulk didn’t really appear in the first issue of the (Red) Hulk series – he actually didn’t show up until issue #2.  I still think about how great the Red Hulk series could have been and just shake my head at the carelessness that was used in writing the entire title.  In fact, the only real saving grace of the run was the amazing artwork by McGuiness.  Now the mantle of the Red Hulk has been handed off and we’re stuck with a character no one wants to read about anymore.

1st Appearance: Hulk #1 (Cover Only)





Incredible Hulk 3D LED Night Light (2018)

mike hulk 007 (2)

This is an incredible gift from my friend Mike.  The dude really brought it this time because this thing is totally awesome!  The light is brilliantly bright and the array of colors astounded my children!  There is even a setting to let it scroll through all of the colors on its own.

mike hulk 002 (2)

There is an obvious and “incredible” green

mike hulk 006 (2)

A somewhat betrayal in the red

mike hulk 005 (2)

An adorable purple

mike hulk 004 (2)

A bright yellow

mike hulk 003 (2)

And lastly, an appropriate cosmic Hulk blue.

Thank you GammaPup for this new addition as this is easily one of the coolest new additions to the Hulk collection!