Hulk Visionaries: Peter David – Volume 8 (2011)

Yes, that’s right – volume 8!  While I applaud Marvel for continuing this series going I do have to give a strong jeers to the fact that they are charging $29.99 – and have even stopped using the glossy paper stock.  Maybe they didn’t think anyone would notice – or more like; they don’t care. Continue reading “Hulk Visionaries: Peter David – Volume 8 (2011)”

Catching up with the Red Hulk…

Parker continues to shine as the Hulk title keeps going strong!  Unlike TIHs which is striking a hic-up among some strong Hulk fans; Parker’s storyline , as it comes together, continues to be engaging and wildly entertaining!  The last we knew MODOK 2.0, and Zero/One’s assassin Black Fog both took a swipe at taking out RedContinue reading “Catching up with the Red Hulk…”

SDCC Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set (2011)

When I saw this set I was pretty excited.  We haven’t seen anything new from Mighty Muggs in the respect to Hulk for a long, long time.  The line seems pretty dead except for exclusives – haven’t heard of a wave 7.  Maybe I am wrong (it’s happened before) but I don’t think we will seeContinue reading “SDCC Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set (2011)”

A couple of Stickers and a Magnet (2011)

I picked up a few more stickers – one of which will be replacing the window cling on my car right now – and because it’s just that cool – the Hulk for Class President – ’63, it’s classic enough but it looks like the pins of yesteryear that canidates were handing out.  The otherContinue reading “A couple of Stickers and a Magnet (2011)”

Incredible Hulk Face Tattoo (2010)

I am really trying to concentrate my collecting – not picking up anymore backpacks and lunch boxes that I will not use – and instead looking more to the items I want to display – and trust me when I tell you I agonized over this purchase – only because it’s one of the mostContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Face Tattoo (2010)”

Nova (Volume 2) #3 Pgs. 14&15 – DPS! (1999)

Alright, let me just say I have not forgotten or abandoned you guys!  I have a ton of stuff to still post I just have to find the time!  So, that brings us to this – while I would like to delve into the original art with both feet – but the unfortunate part of beingContinue reading “Nova (Volume 2) #3 Pgs. 14&15 – DPS! (1999)”