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Ummm… Part 49

toilet hulk

Sometimes it’s painful to find these things for you guys – and it’s all for you!  I don’t even enjoy some of the oddities I find – but I still feel as though I must share them… I’m sorry.  Click the image for the link.  Or don’t.  It’s probably better if you don’t.

Brady and Gronk POP! Figures (2016)

IMG_0479 (2)

Being a prideful New Englander I will always stand by my guys – the Pats are dynasty and in a league all their own.  I know much of the rest of the country may hate us but, let’s get real here, it’s because jealousy never sits well in anyone’s gut.  I will lay it all out for you – and I’m not looking for a debate here – fair warning – but I don’t think Brady is guilty of doing anything wrong.  Deflategate was just another delusion that haters want to cling to for a reason that we are unstoppable!

Enough gloating… actually, these figures were gifted to me by my beautiful wife after our last Superbowl win.  A win, I might add, that was not an easy grab!  The Falcons brought everything they had to the game and good for them – I just feel like they lost steam in the second half.  But man, what a win!  I was out of my seat and jumping all over the place – I seriously could not contain myself.  For all the fans of this blog you know I don’t mention the Pats often – but I’m making a exception this time… because this is our year to gloat, baby!

A List…


A list that’s not only misleading but missing essential information.  The Hulk gracing the Rolling Stone magazine – you forgot to mention TWICE!  Ugh… lists like these make me a little ill.

Clink the image for the link.

Is This Not the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

Marvel may have said that we are not getting a stand alone Planet Hulk movie – and a crossover with Thor may just have to be enough – but my goodness, look at the newly released image for the movie!  This is Planet Hulk in all its glory!  I cannot wait for November!  It cannot get here fast enough!


Hulk Tsum Tsums (2016)


I showed you a while ago that I had two of the green figures.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I found the middle green.  Luckily, my daughter loves these things and we were getting them for her as a treat and she found the middle one sometime in Jan.  I just came across the Large Red Hulk one as well – and the middle Red came from a blind package.  The background it comes with makes it easy to figure out which package it is without even opening it up!


A New Hulk Life-Sized Bust Coming?


The original Life – Sized Bust was controversial at best.  I was not a fan of the large teeth, tiny nose look of Sideshows original attempt.  The new bust (above) looks more impressive – I shudder to think what the price tag might be but its certainly a beaut!

Fake New: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 12

There might be times where we are all a bit confused – and this year we will explore the times that the Hulk has no idea what is going on. Even the times when he isn’t sure what to do or where to go… It’s a year of confusion!

I told you earlier I was going to use it – it’s the one panel shot and it sums up Hulk’s life the best.  He doesn’t understand what he has read or why things are happening – but one thing he is certain of: Everyone Dumb.