Hulk Insect Repelling Superband (2015)

In one of the best “random” Hulk items ever I give you: The Hulk Insect Repelling Superband”!  The way I understand this it seems as though if you put this guy on than you will not have to worry about being bitten by any nasty mosquitos!  I am unsure if this means you don’t haveContinue reading “Hulk Insect Repelling Superband (2015)”

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man, Thanos and Dr Strange 3 Pack (2018)

I certainly wanted to snag this 3 pack for one reason.  The new Thanos head sculpt.  I have every ML Thanos that was released starting with the BAF from the original Avengers movie and I didn’t want this one to slip through my fingers.  I will say, there was one humongous hurdle to leap: theContinue reading “Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man, Thanos and Dr Strange 3 Pack (2018)”

Hulk Phone Covers (Various)

I am an iPhone supporter.  I’ve only bought 2 iPhones since they’ve been introduced – the iPhone 4 and the new one I have now, the iPhone 8 – but I do like Apple products.  Honestly, I don’t think I would be able to defend my stance to someone passionate about hating their products butContinue reading “Hulk Phone Covers (Various)”

PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)

I have been enjoying the Diamond “statues” or dioramas for what they are. More affordable and often because the paint applications or sculpts aren’t as detailed as some of their counterparts, some collectors aren’t very impressed with these pieces.  I can’t say I blame them, but for me, they are a really alternative to the supremelyContinue reading “PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)”

In Case You Missed It… Round 13

Yes, Old Man Logan has had the Maestro for the past few months – and although I disagree with the ending – don’t worry, no spoilers, It was still a fun ride.  Also the Hulk is appearing in the so-so Infinity Wars so pick up issues 4 & 5,  Also, Sleepwalker – he’s in that too. Continue reading “In Case You Missed It… Round 13”

Brain Freeze!: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 47

Road trip with the Hulk!  Doesn’t sound as good as it may at first… especially having an on the road meal of 2 dozen slurpees and chilidogs.  The night may go smoothly until all of that hits his digestive track and comes back out one way or another!  To be fair, don’t we all wish weContinue reading “Brain Freeze!: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 47”

Hulk 12″ Plush (2018)

A purchase from the Disney Store, I bring you this sort of appropriately ugly Hulk plush!  There are quite a few Hulk plushes out there and I really don’t bother picking up all of them.  They have to either be extremely unique OR be very affordable.  This is of both!  Let’s not completely ignore theContinue reading “Hulk 12″ Plush (2018)”

Tom and Jerry POP! Figures (2018)

A huge part of my childhood included these two frenemies battling it out on a daily basis.  I loved the dynamic between these two with Jerry edging out as my favorite by the slimmest of margins!  Jerry holds a piece of cheese while Tom wields a huge cleaver ready to chop Jerry into bits!  ThereContinue reading “Tom and Jerry POP! Figures (2018)”