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Hulk Poster Book (2008)

poster book

This came out a while ago – but I just forgot to post it.  It comes with some classic and more modern images.  I think that the best posters here are:

  • Any of the Planet Hulk Covers
  • The old McFarlane Covers
  • The Tim Sale Hulk: Grey Artwork
  • And any of the new McGuiness Artwork



Michael Turner Passes…

Rest in Peace Michael Turner.  Click on the pic for more info.  He was 37.  That’s way too young to go.

Hulk Radio Controlled Helicopter (2008)


I’ve only seen this at Toys R Us – and I’ve already mentioned mt affinity for items that are representing scenes from the movie – so here is a radio controlled helicopter.  This is no toy – it actually flies and turns and… oh, who am I kidding – this is a toy!  It’s just an awesome toy!  I can’t wait to try this out – I will definitely be posting pics when I break this bad boy out! 

Hulk Coloring Book (2008)

hulk coloring book movie

I like how this coloring book comes with 3 huge double tipped crayons!  What a treat!  Now you can cut them all in half and have 6 really short crayons!  And most of them being really similar in color!  This coloring bookis obviously from the movie and features a very kid-friendly fight through New York between Hulk and Abomination.  Not bad – and the likeness of Norton is awesome!  Bought at Toys R Us in Dartmouth. 

Ummm… Part 19

Why must we see Hulk bodies with little animal heads?  That’s just plain creepy.  And somewhat confusing.  I also have no idea why the kitty-Hulk is holding the President in his hand.  Looks like the President made the wrong person mad… well, actually, he kind of did!

Ratchet Photo #5


Kirby Hulk Shirt (Hulk Shirt 19)(2008)

Kirby Hulk shirt

I bought this at the same time as I bought the Movie Hulk shirt at Bedrock Comics in Framingham.  I love this shirt and have already worn it twice.  I wore it to a cookout last Saturday where we had a fire pit and I went home smelling of fire smoke (the best smell ever).  My shirt still smells like that smoke and I love it!  What a classic image to put on a shirt – when the Hulk was still a menacing creature that was so visually arresting you had no choice but to pay attention to him!  I love Kirby’s image of the Hulk so much that it’s almost a shame the Hulk’s look has changed so much over the years.