Stop & Shop Hulk Display (2008)

So, the manager might’ve thought I was crazy to want this – in fact – he made a weird face and then looked back at me like he was waiting for a punch line when I asked for it.  But none-the less he gave it to me.  He told the kid stocking the shelves withContinue reading “Stop & Shop Hulk Display (2008)”

Hulk Season 5 – Out Oct. 21st!

  Take a look at the cover art to the final season of this series.  It’s due out on October 21st – as well as the COMPLETE SERIES set!  To see it click on the image and go to the site that announced it.  Now, they haven’t mentioned the Hulk movie release date yet –Continue reading “Hulk Season 5 – Out Oct. 21st!”

Mutating Abomination Figure (2008)

While the Gamma Charged Abomination has still eluded me I did find the third Abomination figure made from the movie.  It’s the 2-pack with the Emil figure.  The Emil figure fits snugly inside the Abom figure – but again, much like the Mutating Hulk figure, there has to be a sacrificein articulation.  The waist doesContinue reading “Mutating Abomination Figure (2008)”

She-Hulk & Thing SHS (2008)

  The second wave has almost been completely shown!  Here is a 2-pack that will surely have collectors going nuts!  But not really.  It’s a Hulk 2-pack without an actual Hulk figure.  I like the Thing figure – and the Thing and Hulk have had some of the best fights in Marvel history so I’mContinue reading “She-Hulk & Thing SHS (2008)”

Marvel Legends Hulk: The End (2008)

Happy Monday to all!  Hope the weekend was good – let’s start this week off with a bang!  Peter David wrote a very fitting, sad story about the last days of the Hulk.  Dlae Keown drew it – and made us all realize just how much we miss this team onthe Hulk book.  I willContinue reading “Marvel Legends Hulk: The End (2008)”

Wolverine #66: Old Man Logan (2008)

Wolverine #66 This future, almost elseworlds style, story features a very subdues Logan.  The heroes have fallen and Wolverine, although still alive, has a family and refuses to fight.  He farms on his land with his son and daughter and wife.  He owes rent, that he does not have, to the Banners.  The Hulk’s GranddaughterContinue reading “Wolverine #66: Old Man Logan (2008)”

Hulk Thermos and Soup Container (2008)

Let’s keep this lunch theme going for another day 🙂 Hulk Thermos This is a Hulk Thermos that was picked up for me at Target.  It combines the classy-ness of the silver thermos and the Awesome-ness of the Hulk!  It’s Clawesome!  When you press the button at the top the cover flips open and revealsContinue reading “Hulk Thermos and Soup Container (2008)”

Doc Samson Marvel Legends (2008)

This here is the Doc Samson figure.  It’s actually not too bad but I would rather of had Valykrie.  This is far and away the weakest figure in the new line – I mean, look at that hair!  Actually, I heard the hair is not only ugly but also restrictive to the neck articulation.  SamsonContinue reading “Doc Samson Marvel Legends (2008)”

Hulk vs. Absorbing Man SHS (2008)

How is it that Absorbing Man has landed in EVERY Hulk toy line?  I mean, he started out as a Thor villian in Journey Into Mystery #14 (Although years later Loeb would write a little story Daredevil: Yellow #1 where he put a boxer named “Crusher” Creel as the opponent to Battlin’ Jack Murdock) Imagine that! Continue reading “Hulk vs. Absorbing Man SHS (2008)”