The Incredible Hulk #399 Pg. 18 (1992)

I just may have something for pg 18 of comic pages – because out of all my acqisitions – 3 of them are page #18.  This one has to be the one page I own that has the most characters on it!  Not being a huge fan of Jan Duursema’s short run – but you haveContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #399 Pg. 18 (1992)”

“Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review

This storyline starts off with a bang… almost literally.  The army comes looking for the Hulk and finds Betty… Oh boy, do they find Betty!  She gets back into the house only with enough time to tell Bruce not to come get her – that they won’t hurt her.  That’s when Talbot walks in –Continue reading ““Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review”

Hulk Inflatable Playpal (2010)

  I’ve gotten real lucky in the past finding Hulk items.  It happened again here too – because I saw this on TRU’s website and knew I had to have it!  I really didn’t want to have to order over the website because then I would have to pay for shipping and such.  Then, over theContinue reading “Hulk Inflatable Playpal (2010)”

The Incredible Hulks #620 (2011) – The Review

So where were we last?  Oh yes, The Hulk is battling Zom and Abomination – and his Father… all of whom are dead.  Some of Hulk’s dead friends are back too – like Samson and Jarella – and… well, Talbot – although they really weren’t friends.  Meanwhile, Herc and Co. were busy battling the Chaos King and hisContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #620 (2011) – The Review”

Tee Fury’s Go Green T-Shirt (2010)

There is a great site called Tee Fury – right here for those interested – that sell T-Shirts for one day.  Then, BAM!  They are gone.  Seriously – gone.  I had a real hard lesson in life whe I missed out in the coolest Hulk/Kool-Aid t-shirt ever.  If I was a real responsible blogger IContinue reading “Tee Fury’s Go Green T-Shirt (2010)”

The Incredible Hulk #464 (1998) – The Review

I loved Kubert on the Hulk.  His art fit so nicely – but he also couldn’t keep a monthly schedule… so his dad had to help finish the issues.  Which is actually not as great as you think.  Adam and Joe have completely different styles – and they don’t mesh well!  I really feel likeContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #464 (1998) – The Review”

Iron Man Hulkbuster (2010)

Here is another impressive figure – even if it is of such short stature.  This figure was brought out in the second wave of IM figures and – in my opinion – the only one worth getting.  I might be biased though… So, I know the IM movie was a big money maker and all –Continue reading “Iron Man Hulkbuster (2010)”

Sideshow’s Recent Releases…

I didn’t do a Best/Worst list for 2010, not because there wasn’t enough things released but, because I didn’t want it to seem like I was picking on Sideshow.  SS released 2 Hulk pieces this year – and BOTH missed the mark, in my opinion. The problem is simple, really – the Sculptor’s are missing theContinue reading “Sideshow’s Recent Releases…”

The Incredible Hulk #23 Pg#18 (2001)

A lot of very unique artists have lent their talents to the pages of the Hulk.  Kyle Hotz is certainly in that category.  His style is unique and fantastic – this storyline was an interesting one.  I can’t say it was my favorite, but the great thing is that we did get to see Fixit afterContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #23 Pg#18 (2001)”

Hulk #28 (2010) – The Review

Alright, as this series progresses I realize more and more issues.  See, one of the biggest issues there is in making the Red Hulk a “hero” sort fo speak is, well, we already HAVE a hero Hulk.  Keeping Red a villain would have been the only way to keep this character interesting.  Well, that andContinue reading “Hulk #28 (2010) – The Review”

Hulkbuster and Gamma Hulk Mini-Mates (2010)

I am pretty sure the minimates are my new favorite Marvel line.  They are tiny, adorable and 2 come in a pack so they are never lonely!  It’s the perfect thing ever!  Granted, I was surprised when they matched up the WWH with Mr. Fantastic, I mean, those two aren’t friends!  They will just bickerContinue reading “Hulkbuster and Gamma Hulk Mini-Mates (2010)”