Hulk #1 (2014) – The Review

Let’s put it all on the table, shall we?  Loeb’s very successful but ridiculous and terrible Red Hulk series set off a very difficult time in Hulk history.  The over-hyped series did more damage than any kind of good to the Hulk mythos and it has been a rough voyage since.  The only shining beaconContinue reading “Hulk #1 (2014) – The Review”

Dollar Shop Hulk (2014)

I am pretty sure that most people are walking right by these – and rightfully so – they are cheap looking, cheaply painted, no articulation and downright ugly.  So why do I get so excited over stuff like this?  I have no idea!  This is just a repaint of the cheaper Avengers Assemble line HulkContinue reading “Dollar Shop Hulk (2014)”

I’m taking this as WIN! Ratchet-1 Viewers-1

So far this year I have just posted 2 of these challenges – but without an answer to the last Guess That Panel after yet – I am going to take it that I have stumped you guys and take the win!  The answer to the question below.  First the full page: Now for theContinue reading “I’m taking this as WIN! Ratchet-1 Viewers-1”

Marvel Knights: Hulk (2013) – The Review

Marvel Knights: Hulk W: Joe Keatinge I: Piotr Kowalski I will admit to never reading Glory.  I have heard decent things about it – but have yet to pick up an issue.  That said, this is my first introduction to Keatinge as a writer – and I wish it was better.  The Hulk – forContinue reading “Marvel Knights: Hulk (2013) – The Review”