Keep Your Enemies Closer…: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 44

Who is the Hulk to deny himself a meal – even when it’s offered to him by one of his oldest (and worst) arch nemesis?  As good as the food may be I think I would be bothered if there were a bone sticking out of what looks to be a pile of grapes?  Who didn’t de-bone theContinue reading “Keep Your Enemies Closer…: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 44”

Hulk Fluffball (2018)

Not sure how many times I can come across a new, small plush.  These “fluffballs” are at Walgreens – or at least that’s where I found this one!  Released by Hallmark, these are easily affordable, classic Hulk spheres!  I enjoy these pieces when I find them – even when they look as angry as thisContinue reading “Hulk Fluffball (2018)”

Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (2018)

Like I mentioned with the ML Thing I posted a few weeks back, man am I glad that Walgreen’s got into the Marvel game!  I had yet to find a Silver Surfer figure that I really enjoyed.  Either the silver wasn’t silver enough or the sculpt wasn’t right.  Of course, then Walgreen’s announced a SurferContinue reading “Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (2018)”

Hulk vs Loki Pop (2018)

In another instance when asking gave me a piece that wasn’t on the shelf, the following day after I found the Spider-Hulk I went back in and asked about he Hulk vs Loki.  The gentleman working the floor very happily told me that he had them in the back.  I couldn’t believe my ears asContinue reading “Hulk vs Loki Pop (2018)”

At Least He’s Sharing?: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 43

Sure, the Leader drinks his wine like a high falutin man about town but don’t think for a second he’ll just keep all of it to himself. Even at Bruce Banner’s lowest moment the Leader shares his wine with him.  He gives a beaten man his tasty liquor!  How can you ever call that manContinue reading “At Least He’s Sharing?: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 43”

Spider-Hulk Pop (2018)

I’m not sure how or why my Walgreen’s happens to get the new items so quickly – but I am extrmemly happy!  I walked in on the 1st of October and, my whole mantra is “kill them with kindness”, asked one of the clerks putting items out if they happen to get the new Spider-Hulk Pop. Continue reading “Spider-Hulk Pop (2018)”

Marvel Legends Venom Series (2018)

I was on the fence for a while on whether or not I was going to pick up this series.  I knew that Carnage, Venom and Scream were a must but as for Spider-Ham, Poison and Typhoid Mary… well, I just wasn’t convinced they were worth the purchase.  These things are pricey now!  Well, asContinue reading “Marvel Legends Venom Series (2018)”

Marvel Mini-Mates Hulkbuster / Corvus Glaive (2018)

Infinity War stuff is still pouring out onto the shelves including a brand new Hulkbuster figure!  I have every mini-mate Hulkbuster and as cool as this one is nothing has come close to the original figure.  You can lift the helmet and see the little Iron Man helmet inside.  While they usually give us anContinue reading “Marvel Mini-Mates Hulkbuster / Corvus Glaive (2018)”

Clean your Plate: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 42

I showed earlier the food that Rocket showered upon the Hulk when they first met – but EVERY SINGLE PANEL has the Hulk mowing down on every last morsel of food!  He truly doesn’t stop – check it out for yourself! I mean, Rocket is dropping all sorts of knowledge but the Hulk is moreContinue reading “Clean your Plate: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 42”

Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Thing (2018)

I know this isn’t the Hulk – I also know that this is Friday when I usually show off a piece of the Hulk collection but hear me out: This is the Thing!  One of the greatest Frenemies the Hulk has ever had!  From all the way back in FF #5 the Thing was beingContinue reading “Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Thing (2018)”

Marvel Legend Series Thor (2017)

I had been thinking about getting this figure for a long while.  Buying these very large and fantastic figures is never an easy purchase due to the price tag that accompanied them.  Most of these 12-14″ figures are $50-$75.  I loved the Hulk that was released – even with the slightly too large head – andContinue reading “Marvel Legend Series Thor (2017)”