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Ummm… Part 62


This fella sure is more incredible than any other…

8-Bit Hulk Key Chain (2018)

hulkish 010 (2)

This key chain apparently comes with a card – a card that has the same little Hulk on it – but I was unable to see the Hulk card.  The card was made out to the little kid who gave this to me but he wanted me to have this.  It was such a sweet gesture!  I love the retro look of the Hulk and recommend everyone out there try to find this birthday card so they can acquire this too!

hulkish 012 (2)

Keep Your Enemies Closer…: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 44

eating 14

Who is the Hulk to deny himself a meal – even when it’s offered to him by one of his oldest (and worst) arch nemesis?  As good as the food may be I think I would be bothered if there were a bone sticking out of what looks to be a pile of grapes?  Who didn’t de-bone the grapes?  What kind of savage doesn’t de-bone their grapes before offering them to guests?

Hulk Fluffball (2018)

hulkish 009 (2)

Not sure how many times I can come across a new, small plush.  These “fluffballs” are at Walgreens – or at least that’s where I found this one!  Released by Hallmark, these are easily affordable, classic Hulk spheres!  I enjoy these pieces when I find them – even when they look as angry as this one does!

Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (2018)

nonhulk 001 (2)

Like I mentioned with the ML Thing I posted a few weeks back, man am I glad that Walgreen’s got into the Marvel game!  I had yet to find a Silver Surfer figure that I really enjoyed.  Either the silver wasn’t silver enough or the sculpt wasn’t right.  Of course, then Walgreen’s announced a Surfer figure and from the first moment pics were released the internet was a buzz!  The Surfer figure killed it on so many levels!  The coloring is great and the fact that the we get 3 sets of hands is just killer!  Honestly, the power accessories don’t much look like something the power cosmic would produce but that small complaint isn’t enough to make me not recommend the figure.  They are appearing pretty much everywhere so go out and grab it today!

nonhulk 003 (3)

Through the Years…


Man, how I would love to see the 70-60’s Hulk back!

Hulk vs Loki Pop (2018)

walgreens hulk 011 (2)

In another instance when asking gave me a piece that wasn’t on the shelf, the following day after I found the Spider-Hulk I went back in and asked about he Hulk vs Loki.  The gentleman working the floor very happily told me that he had them in the back.  I couldn’t believe my ears as I literally JUST found the Spider-Hulk there!  When he came out of the back I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I didn’t squeal this time like I did when the woman brought out the Spider-Hulk Pop but I was just as excited!  They also had the Spider-Man in buggy Pop but I didn’t want to pick that one up.

walgreens hulk 014 (2)

walgreens hulk 015 (2)

This piece, of course, depicts the moment in the Avengers when the Hulk slammed Loki repeatedly into the ground at the top of Stark Tower.  It was one of the best Hulk moments in the entire MCU and I’m really glad they commemmorated it in plastic!  It was a little more expensive than I thought it would be but since it’s a whole diorama I think the $25 is worth it.

walgreens hulk 012 (2)