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New Immortal Hulk One Shot!

CCI03192020 (2)

It seems writers are all itching to get their pencils in on the mix and pen a tale about the Immortal Hulk!  Look for this one-shot coming soon!

So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…

Amazingly, we are getting a BAF Abomination based off of the Gamerverse design.  While this is not my favorite choice – I still like it enough to seek it out.  In this same line we also get a classic looking Sam Sterns that I am totally here for!


While not up to the standards of the Leader from the Face-Off line it still looks pretty fantastic!  Also, we seem to be getting a Target Exclusive premium Red Hulk figure.  He may not be my favorite character but this figure looks fantastic!



This is 40


I know that She Hulk has been through a lot in the past 40 years – but I think the worst was the stint as the grey She-Hulk.  Writers used to give characters great reasons to have a life altering changes.  For She Hulk she was going through a trauma from the horrendous Secret Wars but nothing was made of her change.  Hopefully that means it will not return – anyways, Happy Birthday Jen Walters!

Old School Ads 34


I showed these off in the past – the paperbacks that Marvel offered.  Still never see the Dr. Strange one in person.

Hulk vs Venom – The Mystery Revealed!

CCI07142018 (2)

Since the beginning of this blog there have always been those Hulk themed mysteries that have persevered.  How many copies of 181 exist?  How many Mego Stretch Hulks are there out there?

One such mystery has to do with the comic above.  Hulk vs Venom has always been one of the harder to find issues with the real mysteries being how exactly did the original owners get their hands on the issue?  People knew the only way to get a copy was to mail away for it – but where exactly was the mail-away form?

CCI01062020_0001 (2)

Well, on a recent trip to a thrift store and searching through the boxes of comics they had in the back I saw this beat up comic of Conan the Adventurer #1.  This 1994 Marvel comic really has no significance – nor is it worth the read – but I did pick it up because I finally came across a mail away form for Hulk vs Venom!:

CCI01062020 (2)

There it is!  A mail away form inside certain comics (I’m sure this isn’t the only one) with a cut-out coupon that offered copies for $5.00 each.  Since the going rate of comics were about $2 this was an extravagant amount!  Of course, as shown, this was not just for the comic itself though as you were donating to NCPCA to battle against child abuse.

CCI01062020 (3)

CCI01062020 (4)

Beautiful Customs!


It looks as though this brilliant customizer has taken the recent Kingpin body and made the Grey Hulk from Wolverine #7/8.  Not sure which body they took for Wolvie… sorry, Patch, but the head is a perfect classic Wolverine to make this impressive figure!


Can’t get much better than this!


Did you Pick Up your Set?


I was so close to bringing this display home but it ultimately didn’t work out.  Still, I did like all of the Pops and was able to snag them all – as I showed – did you get your set?