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A List…


A list that’s not only misleading but missing essential information.  The Hulk gracing the Rolling Stone magazine – you forgot to mention TWICE!  Ugh… lists like these make me a little ill.

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Is This Not the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

Marvel may have said that we are not getting a stand alone Planet Hulk movie – and a crossover with Thor may just have to be enough – but my goodness, look at the newly released image for the movie!  This is Planet Hulk in all its glory!  I cannot wait for November!  It cannot get here fast enough!


A New Hulk Life-Sized Bust Coming?


The original Life – Sized Bust was controversial at best.  I was not a fan of the large teeth, tiny nose look of Sideshows original attempt.  The new bust (above) looks more impressive – I shudder to think what the price tag might be but its certainly a beaut!

Good News/Bad News


Marvel announced their latest crossover to be “Generations” – so the good news is that Bruce Banner will be coming back!  Bad news, Cho Hulk seems here to stay as they will be fighting side by side.  Pak is a talented writer for sure but at this point it seems he has much more damage to the Hulk mythos than the positive he has added to it.  Since we are made to suffer through the Cho Hulk still being around I have yet to decide if I will be purchasing the new series.

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Marvel Year in Review ’93 Predicts the Red Hulk!


When I picked up this early 90’s Marvel magazine it was for the gorgeous Sam Kieth cover.  Especially an early Venom Sam Kieth cover!  While exploring the inside articles I came across a jokey article featuring bad guys of the characters who did not exist yet.  I showed them off in a Facebook video a while back but basically, it had Spider-Man (Good), Venom (Better) and Carnage (Even Better) and then a character they called Bile (Best).  Iron Man, then War Machine followed by the imaginary Terror Device.  Ridiculous and silly characters that would never grace the pages of an actual comic… until we get to the Hulk:


Is this where Joey Q went for his inspiration?  Did he check the articles in Marvel’s own magazine, then he notices this spoof article and thought “Hey!  What a great idea!”  I mean, I know it’s just a re-colored Hulk 2099 – but he even uses a big gun!  Red Hulk with a big gun!  Seem familiar?


What was a joke in 1993 turned into a reality… what was considered a outrageously insipid idea was turned into an actual comic just 15 years later.  Seems Marvel was running out of ideas and turned to their least intelligent ideas, maybe out of desperation?  Who knows.  I just thought it was appropriate to share seeing as there is a brand new Red Hulk running around.  Any confirmation on how this Hulk was created?  Was the Leader involved again?

Congrats Louie!


Is it alright to call him Louie?  Listen, I’m not going to call him that to his face but on my little blog… All bets are off!  Click on the link for more info but ultimately, Lou was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame!

This Sounds Amazing!


Okay – I have not bought a Hulk or Wolverine comic off the new release rack in over a year – but I am all over this!  Deodato as the artist too?  What is it, my birthday?  Maestro vs Old Man Logan!  Click on the image above to be brought to the article!