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Guess the Hulk Artists!

hulk exercise

The only issue with this game is that the title isn’t a question.  Adding a question mark makes it look like your confused about asking to guess the artist.  Why is the Hulk in quotation marks?  Are they imply isn’t not really the Hulk?  That’s clearly the Hulk!  It’s not metaphorical! Anyways – who wants to take a shot?


Market Watch! 3.19

hulk 12

If you’ve read the Immortal Hulk 15 then you already know that the Devil Hulk is mentioned.  In this crazy market a mere mention of a character sends the crazies out in search of their first appearance.  Well, check eBay and then your collections because The Incredible Hulk #12 and #13 have shot up in value due to people wanting to read – or just speculators trying to destroy the market again – about the first time the Devil Hulk was brought into the fold.

hulk 13

Nothing Gets by This Guy…


I might disagree with him about which series is better – but heck… at least he noticed the change in the Hulk’s complexion! And look at Marvel back tracking!

New One Shot by the Dream Team!


Just announced is The Incredible Hulk: Last Call – a one shot that reunites Peter David and Dale Keown for a brand new tale with the Jade Jaws himself!

This is one story I will be sure not to miss! Click the image for more info!

Out with the Old…

al hulk

Looking back, I really wish we were able to see what Byrne had in store for the Hulk.  Milgrom was essential in shaping the Hulk we know today but his addition into the Hulk’s history came at a tumultuous time for the Hulk bullpen as Byrne’s departure was not scheduled or even welcomed.  Byrne had plans – plans we will never fully know – but Marvel had other ideas.  Ultimately, all we know is that Byrne unceremoniously left the Hulk title before he was ready and history will never be the same.

Official Hasbro Photos!


This new Hulk figure is absolutely killer!  I’ve heard it will be an exclusive but that matters not – it will be mine!  Looks so good!


New Hulk Koto!


Koto is trying their hand at 1/10 statues . They look decent enough but word is they are averaging about $150/$160 per.  That’s a pretty lofty price to pay.  I would like to see everything in hand before making my ultimate judgement – but I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the look of the Hulk’s face or spiky hair