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Beautiful Customs!


It looks as though this brilliant customizer has taken the recent Kingpin body and made the Grey Hulk from Wolverine #7/8.  Not sure which body they took for Wolvie… sorry, Patch, but the head is a perfect classic Wolverine to make this impressive figure!


Can’t get much better than this!


Did you Pick Up your Set?


I was so close to bringing this display home but it ultimately didn’t work out.  Still, I did like all of the Pops and was able to snag them all – as I showed – did you get your set?


The Resurgence Of Liefeld?

liefeld hulk

With Liefeld’s popularity suddenly spiking I just want to take this moment to remind people that he can’t draw!  While this Hulk might look okay it’s obvious the Liefeld doesn’t understand or even care to understand human anatomy.  The backgrounds – which are the most impressive parts of this piece – were added afterwards and not Liefeld’s at all.  I hope he enjoys the fans for now – he will ruin it once again because that’s what he’s good at.

liefeld hulk pencils

Check Out Disney Plus!


If for any other reason then the fact that the undervalued and under appreciated 90’s Hulk animated show is streaming on the service!  It’s like 1996 all over again!

Gorgeous Brazil Hulk!

brazil hulk

This humongous and amazing Hulk is from Brazil.  Thanks tot he generous friends on Facebook I did have an opportunity to grab one – unfortunately is was a little more than I wanted to spend – but that doesn’t change the fact that this Hulk is one of the best figures I have ever seen in my life!

While it’s not part of my collection it’s still one that I think Hulk collectors should seek out if they have the means!

Lou Ferigno Forever!


If nothing else he made his mark on this world!  He was bad ass as the Hulk and even better as the security guard in The Incredible Hulk!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Ferigno!

Old School Ads 31

CCI05062018_0002 (2)

How can you not love THIS ad?  Two heroes for the ages!  3-D Man and the Hulk!  I just picked up the 1st appearance of 3-D Man and am excited to read it!