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Gorgeous Brazil Hulk!

brazil hulk

This humongous and amazing Hulk is from Brazil.  Thanks tot he generous friends on Facebook I did have an opportunity to grab one – unfortunately is was a little more than I wanted to spend – but that doesn’t change the fact that this Hulk is one of the best figures I have ever seen in my life!

While it’s not part of my collection it’s still one that I think Hulk collectors should seek out if they have the means!

Lou Ferigno Forever!


If nothing else he made his mark on this world!  He was bad ass as the Hulk and even better as the security guard in The Incredible Hulk!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Ferigno!

Old School Ads 31

CCI05062018_0002 (2)

How can you not love THIS ad?  Two heroes for the ages!  3-D Man and the Hulk!  I just picked up the 1st appearance of 3-D Man and am excited to read it!

Best Hulk Storylines


With Ranker people can upvote their favorite storyline.  It’s no surprise one of the most recent stories is at the tops – and while the story in question is fantastic – there are other amazing stories just as worthy to top the list!

Immortal Hulk Come to Life!


This YouTube channel is kind of awesome.  Click on the pic for the link and watch The Immortal Hulk #1-#13!

Better Shots of the Upcoming She-Hulk Figure!


I can’t begin to explain how excited I am that they are releasing a She-Hulk figure that looks this good!  I can’t explain even further how disappointed I am that the She Hulk is in the innocuous color change she had for that one short lived series.



But the sculpt is downright brilliant!  If the paint apps are anywhere near as good as they are on the display here then I am all in!  Hopefully they are planning on releasing a green version – complete with cuts and scowl!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


Any Info Would Help!


Pics of this Hulk has been circulating around the interwebs for a few months now.  Unfortunately, no one seems to have any information on when/how/or even where this will be available!  Besides the random person saying it will be exclusive to Amazon Mexico (which just sounds ridiculous!) no one is saying anything.  It makes me feel like this is not a real product.  I really do hope I’m wrong as I would love to add this figure to my collection – but I am real skeptical!

If anyone has REAL info with links I would love to know!  Leave it in the comments below!