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This List Should Be Re-Named


Buzzfeed isn’t exactly known for their top-notch reporting so it shouldn’t be a shock that most of this list is well known and not “missed” at all – but even I wasn’t aware of a few of these!  As always, click on the image for the article.

Who has an Extra Grand?


Maybe I could borrow it?  And by borrow I mean have.  Can I just have a grand.  I want to buy this thing.  Click on the image to be brought to the auction.

Concept Art of Hulk and Thor for Thor: Ragnarok


Check it out!  Click the image for the link.  November can’t come soon enough!

Can you make it through the whole list?


Here is a great list compiled of all the reasons David Banner ever Hulked out on the T.V. show.  Click the image for the list.

New Marvel Legends Icon Hulk on the way!


I have been waiting to hear about the release of a Hulk from this series for some time – and we finally have the news!  Make sure to click on the image for the link and read all about it!  Thanks to Josh who let me know about it on the Facebook page!

I Remember – Do You?


Check out the list of some “forgotten” Hulk moments.  I remembered a lot of them – except the whole baby deer thing.  Click the image for the article.

Happy Birthday Sal


Sal Buscema shaped who the Hulk was for a lot of the die-hard fans out there.  His Hulk is easily one of the most identifiable ones out there.  Happy birthday my good man!