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Hulk Toys that Didn’t Make It…


A few toys that didn’t make it into the collection but I still thought might be worth sharing are here: a Hulk headed blanket found at Walmart that I didn’t really figure needed to be in my Hulk room.  I do like it – but overall, I feel like it’s way too expensive for what you get.


I also like the Nerf set that was released with the new Avengers movie but I ultimately decided not to purchase this… yet.  I do like to pick up solo Hulk toys like this one but,  with TRU closing I figure I can bide my time and ultimately purchase this at a deep discount.  Also, I passed on this little light up Hulk ball and Dog Costume.  If they were a different price maybe – but sometimes I see the cost of items and just think they are taking advantage of poor souls like us…




That Time I Met One of My Idols


Did I ever tell you guys about the time I met Sam Kieth?  I have admired the man’s talent for as far back as I can remember and finally had a chance to meet him a few years back.  He came (late) to Boston Comic-Con and signed for hours – but amazingly, for a guy whose line was longer than his designated space, he didn’t just sign – he struck up genuine conversations!  He talked at length about the artwork and what went into creating it – or how he was worried how people would react to certain pieces.


When it was finally my turn I went a step further – even though the Boston Comic Con workers had said there was “no sketching”, seeing as I was one of the last people in line, with only two other people behind me, I did ask for a quick head sketch.  I had been trying to get some artists to add to it all day and only had luck with Erik Larsen and Fred Hembeck (see below) He obliged and gave me something I have longed for for YEARS.  My own personal piece of art from Sam Kieth.  Tune back in Monday to see a shot of the entire piece!  But in this post take a gander at a few shots I was able to take of the man himself!


Happy Birthday Herb Trimpe!


The Man left this world a huge, influential body of work that inspires to this day.  No one can ever ask for more!


What Size Suits You? (That’s What She Said?)


I  always thought bigger was better – and most of the time it still stands – but I do have to say that the 3 3/4″ figures are nothing to slouch at.  The only thing that the 3 3/4″ scale has going against it is the price point.  Truly, even with as much articulation and the fantastic paint applications that the figures offer there is no way the figures should break $8.  Unfortunately, for the line, they aggressively increased prices to a whopping $13.

On the other hand, Marvel Legends truly give us one of the best toy lines ever.  The variety and sheer scope of the figures they have created is easily the most impressive pieces of this whole line.  This is a line that started with Toy Biz (with many thinking the TB years were the most superior) and continued with Hasbro where the figures continued to get more and more detailed.  Another great aspect of this line was when they decided to add in pieces to create larger figures.  This was amazing for the few lines especially as they gave us larger figures in a 6″ scale like Galactus and a Sentinal or Apocalypse.  Again, the only real downfall is the aggressive price increases until we reached the apex of today which is $20.

Now the Marvel Select figures easily dominate, in size, all of the other lines that Marvel offers.  The accompanying diorama pieces or accessories easily make these figures worth the prices that have stayed steady at $25.  The only lacking aspect with Marvel Selects is the range of characters.  While they are always adding on to this expanding line usually they add just 7-13 figures annually.  I should also mention that they have already repeated characters multiple times.

So which figures do you guys prefer?  Which scale is best, in your opinion?  I would love to hear multiple points of view – let me know in the comments!

Off to See Avengers!

hulk vs thanos

If you’ve seen the movie, like me, opening night then I know you’ll want to discuss it!  Leave a message below – anyone who doesn’t want to get spoilers, don’t read the comments! – let me know what you thought of the movie!

All the News on Immortal Hulk!

CCI03282018_0001 (2)

Notice all the variants – I will probably be skipping the remastered covers.  Even when it’s a Sal Buscema remastered cover.  I’ve sort of lost my taste for the ultra rare or colorless (they call them B&W or “sketch”) covers.  It’s hard to justify spending the type of cash you need to acquire these covers when you could get some solid silver-age issues that have some real historical value!

CCI03282018 (2)

That being said, the interview below makes me more interested in this new series.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the green goliath!

CCI03282018_0002 (2)

I’m Not Sure Which is Worse…

IMG_1051 (2)

So, I know I mentioned my addiction to buying the Mystery Mini Venoms – but it’s getting just as bad with the Thor: Ragnarok mystery mini Gladiator Hulks!  So far the count is 14 Venoms (with 2 other ones given away to friends) and 7 (3 not pictured) of the helmeted Gladiator Hulk (9 Hulks if you count the Hot Topic exclusive)

IMG_1050 (2)