In Case You Missed It 35

This series of posts are always aimed at keeping my fellow Hulk collectors in the know of any Hulk/Hulk related things may be lurking in the newer released books.  Little did I know it would turn into yet another constant series since there are so many!  First up I have the 2nd Print of CaptainContinue reading “In Case You Missed It 35”

So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…

Amazingly, we are getting a BAF Abomination based off of the Gamerverse design.  While this is not my favorite choice – I still like it enough to seek it out.  In this same line we also get a classic looking Sam Sterns that I am totally here for! While not up to the standards ofContinue reading “So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…”

Hulk vs Venom – The Mystery Revealed!

Since the beginning of this blog there have always been those Hulk themed mysteries that have persevered.  How many copies of 181 exist?  How many Mego Stretch Hulks are there out there? One such mystery has to do with the comic above.  Hulk vs Venom has always been one of the harder to find issuesContinue reading “Hulk vs Venom – The Mystery Revealed!”

The Resurgence Of Liefeld?

With Liefeld’s popularity suddenly spiking I just want to take this moment to remind people that he can’t draw!  While this Hulk might look okay it’s obvious the Liefeld doesn’t understand or even care to understand human anatomy.  The backgrounds – which are the most impressive parts of this piece – were added afterwards andContinue reading “The Resurgence Of Liefeld?”