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Great Read

CCI02272017_0001 (5)

Click the image and read this article that tackles the dwindling readership that Marvel is facing.  Much of it I agree with it – and hopefully Marvel truly changes their ways.

When You Realize You’re Wrong but You Keep Fighting Anyways…


Marvel has released a few more teaser photos of the upcoming Wolverhulk.  Check them out!  I hope this is good and not just some Jeph Loebian crap they have thrown against the wall like the Red Hulk.  Fingers crossed!


Kill the Hulk?

kill hulk

Check out the video in the link above to see how it’s possible to kill the Hulk.  Not just Hawkeye shooting Banner with an arrow – but the Hulk himself.  This is both a fun trip down memory lane and a cool little series you may want to view all the videos for!

Selling Hulk Villains Wednesday

Sometimes when searching through ebay you can find some genuinely cool custom made stuff.  I don’t usually dabble into purchasing custom figures or statues but far be it for me to deny others!  Below is an auction for the Space Parasite from The Incredible Hulk #103.  I doubt Marvel Legends will ever get around  making this figure themselves – so if you want it, move fast!  Its ending soon!


Moving on… we have a figure of a character I would LOVE to gin the 12″ scale – but we will probably have to settle for the 6″ figure we got in the 2nd series from the 2008 movie.  Although, this one is more classic style while the official release is more influenced from the video game.


Click on either of the images to be brought to  auctions!  Happy bidding!

I Know Him! He’s My Friend From Work!


There’s NO WAY you guys haven’t seen this yet, right?  If not click on the link – all I can say is November can not come soon enough.  This is going to be amazing!

Click the image for the best teaser trailer you will ever see.

The Original OG


I understand when artists produce pieces that the respective company isn’t exactly excited for – but when the unused art is revealed and it is pretty amazing you wonder what went wrong in the publishing process.

Take the original art for The Incredible Hulk #300 (shown above – click the image for more info) which I think is more of a celebration of the milestone than the cover used.

A List…


A list that’s not only misleading but missing essential information.  The Hulk gracing the Rolling Stone magazine – you forgot to mention TWICE!  Ugh… lists like these make me a little ill.

Clink the image for the link.