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Shots from the Hulk Room


Just a random shot of the Hulk room.  This table is chock full of great pieces including the Sideshow Hulk/Wolverine Maquette and the Master Replicas Hulk #1.  The wall is covered with figures from the Marvel Universe and the Marvel Select line.  With more and more Hulk merch continuing to be released it’s always a fun game to play of trying to figure out where I’m going to fit the new stuff.


New Video! What? Yes, New Freakin’ Video!

The last video was from May – but I have finally gotten a bit of time to sit in the hot seat and put up another video!  Click the pic above to be brought to all of it’s gloriousness!  That’s not a word – but should be…

Hulk Room Update

lots 002

I was able to snag a glass case from TRU.  A case that otherwise would have ended up in the trash – glad that they were so eager to get rid of it – something this big would have easily cost close to a grand.  While the set-up inside has changed over a few times only the best and my most cherished pieces go inside.

lots 017

lots 016

The top shelf has a nice re-creation of one of the Hulk’s most famous covers – TIH #181 – and all of the CGC and silver age beauties in the collection.  The second shelf has changed over a few times but now includes some of Bowen’s best and brightest statues: Maestro, Doc Samson, the latest Hulk (screaming head variant), and one of the most amazing – Planet Hulk.  The third shelf displays the busts of Hulk and is rogues gallery.

lots 010

The final (and bottom) shelf is my pride and joy – a gathering of the Mego pieces I have.  This includes the 12″ Hulk in box, Die Cast Metal Hulk in box, the many card variations of the 8″ Hulk, a pocket Mego Hulk, the Hulk helicopter and van, and the Hulk Utility Belt.

lots 013

lots 014

Check this out!

There is a new video up – starring me and Tom from Zapp Comics! Click on the image above!

Hulk Room Saturday!

just a few 004

The only statue that I own that is not in a display case is the one that has the saddest story – IMO – mainly because Hard Hero had a strong beginning with their Marvel license and it ended just that quickly.  We were given this AMAZING Seth Vandable sculpted Hulk early in the first wave – so thank goodness for that.  This beauty sits atop my desk with his tiny minions collected around his feet.  Grey and Green alike.

Hulk Room Saturday!

now or never 001

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I would give you a shelf by shelf look… mostly.  This image above is the Hulk foes shelf – Bowen has given us the widest range of characters I think any high end collectible company will give us.  I would drop down from shock to see anyone else give us a Bi-Beast – never mind a mind-blowing fantastic sculpt like the one we were given!  Just to lay it out you see here:

  • Bi-Beast
  • Absorbing Man
  • Wendigo
  • Doc Samson
  • Ring Master
  • Constrictor
  • and Dormammu

now or never 002

Second self is dedicated to one of the best Bowen statues to be released ever (yeah – I went there).  One of the most underrated pieces for sure – the Abomination is one of the truest representations of the Gamma-Spawned monster ever to be done.  Behind him is the now defunct Blockbuster Video’s exclusive print of the first cover appearance of the Abomination that was released with the 2008 movie.  Also, a reprint of Silver Surfer #12 under the title Fantasy Masterpieces.

now or never 003

Third shelf is my ode to the best two Hulk villains – the Abomination and the Leader.  You see both character busts from Bowen – and also the Dynamic Forces Leader bust (another underrated piece).  Also a custom Leader Mego figure.  The last piece is the Keown inspired Dynamic Forces Hulk statue – while small is stature a great piece!

Last level just has the Marvel Legos so I didn’t take a shot – but I hope you enjoyed the view!

Hulk Room Tuesday!

CCF02252013_0000 - Copy

Granted these are not shots of MY Hulk room – but instead shots sent to me by constant site visitor and friend, Hulk 465.  The man has quite the collection – have you ever played the “Got it, got it, need it, got it” game?  Yeah, I did with these surprise pictures sent to me over the weekend.

CCF02252013_0000 - Copy (2)

465 was an officer in NY and just recently relocated to sunnier pastures in Florida.  He has spent a ton of time setting up his very own Hulk room in his house.  I love the different themed shelves!


The Defenders shelf and Grey Hulk shelf being my favorite.  I could do without the Red Hulk shelf (J/K bro!)  I know I have some Red Hulk pieces too 🙂  Great shots – love all the vintage stuff and the dedication to Hulk!  This is absolutely a room to make other Hulk fans “green” with envy!  Thanks for showing it off, 465!

CCF02252013_0001 - Copy

465 also sent me shots of a mini-comic, Hulk vs Superman, which I will have to scan and post later this week.