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Gamerverse: Avengers: Hulk #1 (2020)

CCI02062020_0006 (2)

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Penciler Ariel Olivetti
Artist: Colors Andy Troy
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$2.77 – $6.99

Variants: 2
  • Ron Lim Variant
  • Pyeong Jun Park Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI02122020_0001 (2)

Banner is working with a SHIELD agent named Monica to study the Hulk.  Banner thinks it’s ways to cure Banner but Monica lets it be known that SHIELD plans on weaponizing the Hulk.  Banner tries to go get air but another scientist George tries to get Banner’s attention for his study.  Bruce gives him the brush off and this pisses George off.  He decides to go ahead with his trials to expand energy but it predictably goes wrong!

CCI02122020_0002 (2)

CCI02122020_0003 (2)

As the energy expands out of control it fuses two guards together and forms an energy monster very reminiscent of Zzzax!  In that moment Monica runs into the room and drops a containment field.  That bitch doesn’t do much as Zzzax smashes right through the glass and grabs Bruce.  This makes Brice Hulk out and now we’re in for the good stuff!

CCI02122020_0004 (2)

For page after page Hulk and new Gamerverse Zzzax battle it out! Blow after blow the 2 monsters beat each other senseless until they fall into the ocean and an explosion knocks the Hulk out.  Monica tells Banner it will be okay but Banner knows it will never be okay until the Hulk is gone!

This issue is harken back to classic Hulk and I loved every damn minute of it!  Make sure to check it out!

Villains: Basically Zzzax
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Simply the Best!


Those eyebrows are on fleek!

Ummm… Part 77


Man, that Chelsea Handler is one funny lady.  Look just how funny she is!  She had her little host guy dress up like the Hulk.  Must be comedy!

For anyone out there who can’t tell – this post is completely sarcastic!

So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…

Amazingly, we are getting a BAF Abomination based off of the Gamerverse design.  While this is not my favorite choice – I still like it enough to seek it out.  In this same line we also get a classic looking Sam Sterns that I am totally here for!


While not up to the standards of the Leader from the Face-Off line it still looks pretty fantastic!  Also, we seem to be getting a Target Exclusive premium Red Hulk figure.  He may not be my favorite character but this figure looks fantastic!



Funko Pop Korg 2 (2019)

IMG_1844 (2)

We were given an earlier release of Korg from the Thor Ragnarok movie.  I prefer that one since he came with a small Miek.  This offering replaces Miek with headphones and game controllers and reminds us all what a shame the heroes all became in Endgame.

IMG_1845 (2)

Namor: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Nicknames – Week 8

As much as these two have sparred and argued in the past it’s a wonder how Hulk has yet to learn Namor’s name.

  • Namor is Fish-Man

hulk raspberry

CCI01012020_0003 (2)

The Immortal Hulk #30 (2020)

CCI02022020 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet
Artist: Inker
  • Ruy Jose
  • Belardino Brabo
  • Cam Smith
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.99 – $11.98

Variants: 1 Marvels X Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Gamma Flight has had better days.  Flying around the world trying to take care of Gamma involved crisis’.  Business is slow these days though mainly due to the Hulk and his crew seem to be ahead of the team every step!  That is until this latest stunt that Roxxon has pulled.  The last issue had giant monsters popping up all over the globe – and when the Hulk crew came to the rescue the Hulk was swallowed up whole!  Now we see the Hulk inside the monster, battling smaller monsters while avoiding being digested by the stomach acid!

CCI02022020_0001 (2)

The public are fleeing, trying to find a place to stay safe – even McGee hides in her office as a giant monster smashes through the wall.  All of a sudden Rick Jones appears, as he melts the monster’s eyeball!  Tring to make a grand entrance, he jokes but he is shut down immediately by McGee expressing the seriousness of the situation!

CCI02022020_0002 (2)

Gamma Flight arrives to help out too but while taking these monsters down Samson notices something peculiar.  These monsters are all filled with smaller, deadly creatures.  He then comes to the realization that if released these little monsters would run amok… and the Hulk is still inside one of the large beasts, trying to get out!  When the Hulk does rip through the belly the little bug like creatures run all over the place!

Even though the Hulk is trying to stop the bugs people also realize that it is he that is to blame for setting them free!  Minotaur happily watches as his plan continues to unfold exactly as he intended.  Not able to contain the infestation all seems lost until the original Hulk, Xemnu comes to the rescue!

CCI02022020_0003 (2)


  • Minotaur
  • Roxxon
  • Xemnu (The Original Hulk )
Grade: Bag and Board It

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