Gamerverse: Avengers: Hulk #1 (2020)

Writer: Jim Zub Artist: Penciler Ariel Olivetti Artist: Colors Andy Troy Cover Price: Secondary Market: $3.99 $2.77 – $6.99 Variants: 2 Ron Lim Variant Pyeong Jun Park Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics Banner is working with a SHIELD agent named Monica to study the Hulk.  Banner thinks it’s ways to cure Banner but Monica lets itContinue reading “Gamerverse: Avengers: Hulk #1 (2020)”

So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…

Amazingly, we are getting a BAF Abomination based off of the Gamerverse design.  While this is not my favorite choice – I still like it enough to seek it out.  In this same line we also get a classic looking Sam Sterns that I am totally here for! While not up to the standards ofContinue reading “So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…”

The Immortal Hulk #30 (2020)

Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet Artist: Inker Ruy Jose Belardino Brabo Cam Smith Cover Price: Secondary Market: $3.99 $3.99 – $11.98 Variants: 1 Marvels X Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics Gamma Flight has had better days.  Flying around the world trying to take care of Gamma involved crisis’.  Business is slow these days thoughContinue reading “The Immortal Hulk #30 (2020)”

Marvel 80th Anniversary First Appearance Wolverine Funko Pop (2019)

With the comic market being as volatile as it is, and people buying new and classic comics for a premium price, there aren’t very many books that you can guarantee will continue to hold its value.  Throughout the years though, there is one issue that continues to rise in price and stayed desirable with collectors:Continue reading “Marvel 80th Anniversary First Appearance Wolverine Funko Pop (2019)”

Friday Review: Avengers * Defenders: Tarot #2 (2020)

Writer: Alan Davis Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud Artist: Colors Paul Mounts Cover Price: Secondary Market: $4.99 $3.85 – $12.99 Variants: 2 Alan Davis Variant Diablo Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics This mini-series last left off on a huge cliffhanger where Diablo has mind control over the Avengers.  He has each of the powerful heroes taking onContinue reading “Friday Review: Avengers * Defenders: Tarot #2 (2020)”

Funko Pop Professor Hulk w/ Tacos (2019)

Since I showed off the Endgame BAF Hulk last week I mine as well keep that gravy train going by highlighting one of the worst Funko Hulk Pops ever created.  The Professor Hulk offering two fresh tacos.  Or maybe he’s just holding the tacos in the worst way anyone could ever hold tacos.  I reallyContinue reading “Funko Pop Professor Hulk w/ Tacos (2019)”