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Back Issue #65 (2013)


If you are interested in reading up on the Defenders history check out the recent issue of Back Issue! where they delve deep into the long box and talk Defenders chronology.  Also you get a sweet Defenders cover – where Hulk looks sort of “Sloth” from the Goonies – more monster than man.  I just finished the article and thought it was pretty great.  Check it out yourself!

"Hey you guuuuuys!"

“Hey you guuuuuys!”

Check this out!

There is a new video up – starring me and Tom from Zapp Comics! Click on the image above!

The Long Waited Answer…


Almost forgot to answer this at all – really sorry about that!  The comic above is the answer to the “Guess that Panel” from March 27th.  I guess I won that round!  Let me get another up and ready.

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer!

Goodbye Marvel Legends…


Hasbro has now stated that the ML line is dead – and the MU line will be combined into the Avengers movie line.  A reliable source told me that Hasbro has said that large retailers want to carry toy lines that are directly attached to a media event.  That means they only want movie toy lines… You know, the worst Marvel toy lines… The ones that end up, usually, on the clearance pegs.  Click the image for the site with the announcement.

Being Hulk Costs a Small Fortune…


Click on the image for the website – it should show just how scary high the costs of… well, EVERYTHING has gotten!