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Halloween is TOMORROW!

And THIS is how NOT to create a Halloween costume!

The Incredible Hulk #15 (2012) – The Review

I need to get the variant… was in Maine this weekend – could not locate one!

Is it over?  Is it really over?  Aaron’s run has ended!  I know there are quite a few fans of Aaron’s – and amazingly I have read and heard an overwhelmingly that even the fans of his have either stopped reading this series or just think Aaron was not well equipped (mythology wise) to tackle such a complex character like the Hulk.  What could have been one of the most talked about series of the year (thanks to the Avengers) was an incoherent and inconsistent read that drained of readers faster than the Red Hulk series once his identity was known.

There are quite a few Hulks in Banner’s brain… weird Doom didn’t mention that…

The final issue wraps up the Aaron story pretty neatly with out really answering anything.  It’s almost like he went to Loeb for advice on how to write the Hulk!  “All you have to do” Jeph would say “is tell the artist to make pretty pictures and your book will sell.”  Aaron, looking panicked, would ask back “What if I don’t have McGuiness drawing my Hulk book?  What if they actually read my stories?”  After a moment of reflective thought Loeb would respond with “You’re screwed.  I’ll see what I can do about getting Ed to draw the final issue cover for you.”

Over at SF, a member named Risingstar made such an excellent point that I asked him to include it here on this site.  He said “”It is very hard to write the Hulk because unlike any other character in any comics universe, the Hulk is in a constant state of evolution. This is a character the writer really needs to know. He isn’t like Cap, Spidey, or Batman who pretty much essentially stay the same regardless who comes on board. This is what makes the Hulk really interesting in that he is perhaps the most complex character ever written where every writer gets to add something new. However, if the writer is a hack or has little knowledge of the lore, he’ll fall flat really fast.”

THE Hulk? As in THE spoon and THE tree?

He makes a great point – because Aaron has written some great runs with characters like Punisher, Wolverine and Ghost Rider – but he really came up against a wall with the Hulk.  This single issue is pretty much everything you’d expect and follows suit with the rest of the series – Grade: F / Series: F

TRU Exclusive MU She Hulk/Wolverine 2-Pack (2012)

She Hulk / Wolverine 2-pack

The only thing I was looking for in the TRU exclusive 2-packs was this She Hulk and Wolverine.  She Hulk has been re-painted with just a purple leotard – although I wish it was her FF outfit.  I know that wouldn’t make sense with the comics that these figures are based off of.  That would be the X-Men vs The Avengers – the first time… not this last one that was sort of a let down – at least in the Hulk department.  Overall, a decent re-paint and a re-issue of Wolvie in his brown duds.

She’s ready to re-create that scene from Flash Dance



Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

Exclusive Hulk Bust from Koto

I was sent this a long time ago about a great guy and a former comment maker on this site named Grey.  He enjoyed this site so much and his comments made my posts even better with his addition to this place.  I know he still logs on here from time to time and – at least I think he still does.  Grey used to run a Red Hulk site but he stopped doing that a while ago.  There have been a few Red Hulk sites, some of the creators coming here to become part of this site, but they never seem to last.  Interesting is all…

Sexy Profile!

I might have gotten off topic a bit – but if you’ve been to this site before you know I do that often 🙂  When Koto brought these busts out I knew that they would have a tough time selling.  The sculpts are pretty mediocre compared to the giants of this industry and the exclusive bust was too simple.  I went ahead and picked up the “marquee” version on ebay for VERY cheap but the exclusive version alluded me.

That is… until Grey emailed me one day and said that he had this bust and was looking to send it to someone who would really appreciate it in their collection.  I took him up on the offer – and, as always – thank him graciously for his generous addition to my Hulk room.  I hope, if Grey does in fact still come around here, we hear more from him.  He was a good guy.  This bust, mind you, while it is not the best looking piece, is easily one of my favorite pieces in the Hulk room because of the story behind it.

The Two Kotos Together!

Marvel Universe She Hulk (2012)… and a Peter

MU She Hulk

I have had this figure for a while – one of the first stores I walked into had the new shipments in – I could not believe my good luck!  The only figure I was remotely interested in was this – but then I saw the Spider-man variant (Bag Head Spidey) and I could not resist!  Hasbro has been making some really great figures lately – and by that I mean some great Hulk related figures!  The She Hulk released is really fantastic – although I am really missing accessories for the figures.  I wish Jen came with a legal binder or something!

MU Bag Head Spidey!

Hulk Hair Hat (2012)

Hulk Hair Hat

While I agree with some, the ones who have said that the SHS Hulk hands were…  sort of blah… I think THIS item, the Hulk Hair Hat, is just plain awesome!  I have been wearing this consistently for the past month and a half since I bought it!  It makes me feel young again – like back when I had hair – and it keeps me head toasty warm.  These recent items that have come out remind me of the more classic hey day of toys.  Looks like they are trying to think a little more out of the box – which is nice – rather than seeing cookie cutter type merchandise.  Kudos!

Look at that little face!