The Incredible Hulk #15 (2012) – The Review

Is it over?  Is it really over?  Aaron’s run has ended!  I know there are quite a few fans of Aaron’s – and amazingly I have read and heard an overwhelmingly that even the fans of his have either stopped reading this series or just think Aaron was not well equipped (mythology wise) to tackleContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #15 (2012) – The Review”

TRU Exclusive MU She Hulk/Wolverine 2-Pack (2012)

The only thing I was looking for in the TRU exclusive 2-packs was this She Hulk and Wolverine.  She Hulk has been re-painted with just a purple leotard – although I wish it was her FF outfit.  I know that wouldn’t make sense with the comics that these figures are based off of.  That wouldContinue reading “TRU Exclusive MU She Hulk/Wolverine 2-Pack (2012)”

Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

I was sent this a long time ago about a great guy and a former comment maker on this site named Grey.  He enjoyed this site so much and his comments made my posts even better with his addition to this place.  I know he still logs on here from time to time and –Continue reading “Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)”

Marvel Universe She Hulk (2012)… and a Peter

I have had this figure for a while – one of the first stores I walked into had the new shipments in – I could not believe my good luck!  The only figure I was remotely interested in was this – but then I saw the Spider-man variant (Bag Head Spidey) and I could notContinue reading “Marvel Universe She Hulk (2012)… and a Peter”

Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)

I am a big fan of the Superhero Squad show – the run they had was funny, exciting and suitable for children.  One of my favorite parts was how they incorporated all of the villains of each hero.  Abomination was classic!  They made a few costume pieces and one of them was Hulk hands!  TheContinue reading “Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)”

The Incredible Hulk #14 (2012) – The Review

We have just one issue left to finish Aaron’s Hulk opus – thank goodness – and we are no closer to having a coherent story that makes one lick of sense.  It would be quite amazing if he pulls off a mind-blowing finale that fills every plot hole and answers all questions.  I can prettyContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #14 (2012) – The Review”

Disney Exclusive Marvel Figurine Set (2012)

I keep running into the issue of having been backed up for so long – and having a whole slew of Hulk items to show off that I can’t remember what I posted and what I have not.  I don’t THINK I posted this – but if I did… sorry.  Anyways, this was a DisneyContinue reading “Disney Exclusive Marvel Figurine Set (2012)”

Trilogy turned Quadrilogy! Mighty World of Marvel #196-199

Sure enough – true to my word – I made it my quest to find someone selling The Mighty World of Marvel #198 (The equivalent to The Incredible Hulk #181) without trying to over charge me.  It’s sort of too bad looking through ebay now. What used to be a site full of bargains –Continue reading “Trilogy turned Quadrilogy! Mighty World of Marvel #196-199”