Hulk “Got Milk” Ad (1999)

Hulk drinks milk – apparently.  I like milk too.  When it is really cold – perfect with chocolate.  REALLY cold.  Like ice cold.  These milk ads were everywhere and it’s good to see that Hulk wasn’t left out.  Although, Hulk still looks pissed!  Maybe he just took a sip and found out that his milkContinue reading “Hulk “Got Milk” Ad (1999)”

Marvel Icons Hulk Bust (2006)

  This bust was sculpted by Rudy Garcia.  It’s a bust that’s limited to 5000 – this is 674 – and I have to admit – I’m not a huge fan of this bust.  It runs for about $50 (but I got it off the ‘bay for $10) It’s a pretty sad representation of theContinue reading “Marvel Icons Hulk Bust (2006)”

Yuletide Marvel Glass (2007)

  I tried to find this before Christmas but to no avail.  It features most of the Heavy Hitters in the Marvel line-up and they are wishing you a very Merry Christmas.  So have one.  Please.  I mean this coming one.  The one 10 months from now… Anyways – I like the illustrations on theContinue reading “Yuletide Marvel Glass (2007)”

Incredible Hulk Toy Chest (1978)

  If you look at the About page you will see a conversation about this very piece – and a man named Phil F. offering to sell it to me.  Well, as you can tell, I decided to buy it.  It’s great, huge and fantastic.  Thank you Phil!  It was sent pretty darn quickly!  IContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Toy Chest (1978)”