A Month of the Leader – Day 19 & 20

I can’t believe the month is almost over!  It’s sad in a way!  So… here’s a shot of the TTA #64 – and the Dynamic Forces Leader bust – I really like the Leader bust – I think it should have been more sought after – but what do I know?  I was sure theContinue reading “A Month of the Leader – Day 19 & 20”

A Month of the Leader – Day 17 & 18

Alright, let’s get back on track here… I know it was a shaky week last week with my tusty old blog – but let’s get down to brass tacks!  Here we have two of the later 90’s Leader figures.  It’s funny – the “Smash and Crash” one actually used to have a red liquid in his nogginContinue reading “A Month of the Leader – Day 17 & 18”

Red Hulk #3 (2010) – The Review

I have to tell you – I have read this comic about a half a dozen times over – and I can’t tell if I liked it or not.  On the one hand, kudos to Parker for trying to make sense out of Loeb’s ridiculousness – but on the other hand, it’s like trying toContinue reading “Red Hulk #3 (2010) – The Review”

Hulk #21 (2010) / The Incredible Hulk #608 – The Review

Thanks for your patience.  The end of March is a killer – I hardly have time to log on let alone leave a post – but I will try.  Here’s the review that I should have posted last week:  Let’s be honest here – I am putting these 2 issues in the same post because…Continue reading “Hulk #21 (2010) / The Incredible Hulk #608 – The Review”

Hector E. Rodriguez Commission (2009)

I’m not sure when I actually got this – it might have been last April – and I just forgot to post it.  But that’s just a shame – I like this artist’s pencils – although, I think the Hulk’s face could certainly be better, still – the details are fantastic!  Another unknown artist thatContinue reading “Hector E. Rodriguez Commission (2009)”

Mr Fantastic / WWH MiniMates 2-Pack (2010)

Here we have another TRU exclusive. They just got these in at my TRU – and I was there to get it! I gotta say – I love the little details in this 2-pack! The WWH is fantastic! He has the silver arm – the crown, the leather garb he had in the storyline… butContinue reading “Mr Fantastic / WWH MiniMates 2-Pack (2010)”