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Marvel Avengers Assemble Poster (2012)

hulk time! 015 (2)

Taken from the Avengers Assemble #2 cover this print is mounted and framed to display gorgeously!  My friend Mike showed up and gifted this piece to me at the last Zapp Comic-Con.  I really enjoyed not only the series from Bendis but the art was fantastic!  Thank you to Gammapup for this show piece!  My collection is better because of you!  The image is one of the better pieces too as the Hulk is front and center – the way he should be!

Marvel Fanfare #29 Mini-Canvas (2012)

mike hulk 021 (2)

John Byrne should come back to Marvel to tell more tales!  Let’s put any silly disagreements aside and make some more art!  We need him back in comics!  He obviously has the chops still as we’ve all seen some of his recent commissions.  I also believe that he still has stories to tell!  1999 Hulk reboot aside I think his style would certainly fit into today’s narrative.  This mini-canvas is great with the weathered look and classic art.  Wall space is more the issues these days!

Hulk Face Framed Poster (2018)

IMG_1293 (2)

The minimalist art on this piece is odd.  The messy hair and gritting teeth obviously show off the anger and wild nature of the Hulk but sometimes the art just doesn’t work.  The reason here is the odd shadows that the hair and teeth cast.  I also wish there was no name on the bottom of the poster but I get why it’s there.  Not really sure why exactly anyone would confuse this with any other character but I guess it could happen.

IMG_1294 (2)

Light Up Hulk Picture (2018)

IMG_1295 (2)

As much of a bummer as Toys R Us closing is it was also quite interesting to see all the “augmented” items were brought into the stores.  A lot of Hulk framed pictures including this one that highlights the Hulk’s face and actually lights up!  The light up feature could go very badly wrong but in this case it really brings out the best in this “illustrated” Hulk face!  I feel like it would a perfect companion to the light up Hulk fist that Target sold a while back.

IMG_1297 (2)

Incredible Hulk Laser Print (2003)

newhulk stuff 005

Have I ever mentioned that a lot of merchandise came out when the first Hulk movie was released?  The Hulk still hold the record for the most merchandised Marvel movie.  There was THAT much stuff!  Things that I am still finding to this very day… like this piece right here.  A laser print that was an exclusive to Tower Records.  Oh Tower Records, how I miss you!

newhulk stuff 007

I was able to purchase this after finding it adorning the walls of Rubber Chicken Comics.  A comic shop I don’t have many opportunities to visit but, thankfully, did get a chance a few weeks ago.  While I picked up quite a few comics I was also able to snag this beauty.  Limited to only 1000 (I wonder of the other owners visit this site – let me know if you also have this!) mine is #346.

newhulk stuff 006

This image reminds me of the classic Bob Larkin Hulk here:

bob hulk

At My Local Library

Christmas '14 102

You can’t tell me seeing a poster like this posted up at your local library wouldn’t bring a smile to your face!  Look at that!  It’s awesome!  My library rocks.

Latest Hulk Posters (2009)

Defenders/Offenders Poster

Defenders/Offenders Poster

Some of the Comic shops around were sent these 2 posters to put up and display – my friend was nice enough to give them to me.  Thanks Corry!  Speaking of Comic Shops – I spent the last few weeks driving around like a mad man for work – but I also found and visited 4 new comic shops!  I will update the Shops page this weekend – so check back to see what I thought about these shops.  I will say – I picked up a few gems out there – I was very happy!



The... ugh... Offenders

The... ugh... Offenders

But to go on about these posters, one is obviously the covers to Hulk #11 – or is it #12 – I could care less except that McG’s art is just so eye catching!  It features the Defenders and Offenders – but luckily I don’t think the Offenders will be re-grouping anytime… ever seeing as the Crimson Idiot killed them all – not that they would remember.  The other is a Superhero Squad Poster – I so wish that this series was around when I was a kid – look how cool but cute these freakin’ guys are!  But still bad ass!

Superhero Squad Poster

Superhero Squad Poster

Hulk - His fingers are the size of his freakin' head!@

Hulk - His fingers are the size of his freakin' head!@

Classic Abomination - Man, I miss him...

Classic Abomination - Man, I miss him...