Infinity Gauntlet Desk Monument (2017)

This, as well as the Infinity Gauntlet bank, was one of the easiest buys.  Who can resist a token from one of the greatest epic event comics ever!  This paperweight of sorts in the perfectly suited for the comic geek lover who also wants to keep his desk professional looking.  simple, classic and tasteful –Continue reading “Infinity Gauntlet Desk Monument (2017)”

Hulk Transformations Tsum Tsum – and a King Hulk! (2017)

It’s a rarity that I walk into a store and see a Hulk related piece that I wasn’t at least somewhat aware of.  Well it happened 3 weeks ago when I stumbled across this Tsum Tsum pack!  That’s right – we get a full transformation Hulk from small, adorable Banner to the large and inContinue reading “Hulk Transformations Tsum Tsum – and a King Hulk! (2017)”

Disney Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk (2017)

I have to say, I was expecting a bit more diversity in facial expressions in all the Planet Hulk figures we’ve gotten from the new Thor movie.  This is more comic accurate though – not movie accurate at all. You know why?  The freakin’ OBEIDIENCE DISC!  How hard would it be to… no, nope.  IContinue reading “Disney Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk (2017)”

New York Comic-Con Exclusive Gladiator Hulk Pop (2017)

This acquisition did not prove to be as difficult to pick up as I thought it would.  Turns out, thanks to Amazon, you didn’t have to take a trip to NY or even reduce yourself to eBay.  Not that Amazon is much better – but for some reason it is.  I don’t make the rulesContinue reading “New York Comic-Con Exclusive Gladiator Hulk Pop (2017)”

Wood Warriors Hulk Figure (2017)

Seeing new Hulk merchandise in the stores is always a thrill – but sometimes the thrill of a new Hulk acquisition overpowers common sense or even good taste.  This may not be the perfect example of what I’m talking about but when I brought this guy home and began to examine just what I broughtContinue reading “Wood Warriors Hulk Figure (2017)”

Marvel Toy Box Hulk Figure (2017)

It seems the wave of the future may just be seeing exclusives everywhere.  Figures and toys that are only available to purchase through a single retailer or company.  This is noting new, of course, but we’re certainly seeing more and more of website and retailer exclusives.  Some are real hits (pretty much anything Hulk gladiator)Continue reading “Marvel Toy Box Hulk Figure (2017)”

Catching Up With… Thor: Ragnarok!

I usually just review the comics I’m reading but why not share my thoughts on the latest Marvel blockbuster gracing the screens right now?  A little setting of the scene here: I refused to watch any trailers (other than anything shown in a theater before a movie), I did not read any articles or clickContinue reading “Catching Up With… Thor: Ragnarok!”

Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Softs (2017)

I am really trying to post all the Thor: Ragnarok stuff I’ve added to the collection – something I was trying to accomplish last week but I ended up getting really busy.  Anyways, the plushes released for the movie are pretty fun.  One, released by Funko (above) is everything you’ve come to expect from theContinue reading “Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Softs (2017)”