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Fidget Hulks (2017)

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These trends are seriously crazy.  About 6 months ago every store was carrying fidget spinners and most couldn’t keep them in stock.  I will admit, I caved and bought my daughter one.  Just one though!  I wasn’t one to let her get sucked in like one of her friends who had 28 of them!

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A few months ago I noticed that more and more companies were getting in on the trend and of course flooding the market with every kind of color, shape, character, being made from plastic and metal in varying quality with different price points.  Some of the most expensive being upwards of $50-$60.

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The other – but not nearly as successful – product in the fidget world was the fidget cube.  I liked these way better than just the simple spinners.  Each side sports a different fidgeting activity to take advantage of. These cubes seem a lot more practical to me to stop fidgeting – if that’s really the purpose of them – with a choice of an activity you’re the most comfortable with.

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Of course, when I was kid we would just tap our feet.  When we got yelled at for that we’d tap our fingers.  When the teacher got sick of that we’d then have to sit in our skin just waiting to explode.  Ahhh… the good ‘ole days!

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