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Make sure you check in tomorrow!

I have something special planned for Jan 1st – something I think people will like – so check in tomorrow to see some really cool Hulky-goodness!

My Tribute to Loeb’s Hulk Series!

Best and Worst of 2009

So, this year we had some surprises to say the least – in a year without a Hulk movie we were still inundated with some great and… not so great Hulk goodness!  So let’s start with some of the figures…

Worst:  Marvel Universe Figures


Yes, you read right, while these figures came on like a blaze the biggest issue with them was the price point.  $8 for a 3 inch figure?  Just ridiculous!  Now, as far as the sculpts went – especially for the Hulk figures – it was hit and miss.  I wasn’t a fan of how the Green Hulk looked – but funny enough I didn’t mind the way the same sculpt looked on the grey.  The Red Hulk had a completely different head sculpt and actually looked decent.  Yet –

Best: Marvel Universe 2-packs

Now these – priced $12.99 for 2 figures and a comic seemed to be priced just right!  Not to mention we got ANOTHER Green Hulk – and this new head mold was 1000 times better than the first!  So, yeah – these 2-packs were done perfectly!  I’m telling you, if this is how Marvel released them from the beginning I would have had no complaints!

Best: Bowen Designs Abomination Statue

Holy Hell, this thing is beautiful!  I mean, I can’t say anything negative about this piece!  One of the best things about Bowen is that his pieces compliment each other – so the Abomination displays perfectly with any of the Hulks released.  No one does comic accurate statues like Bowen and no one tackles the B or C level characters like his company does.

Worst: Kotobukiya Hulk Statue

This might have been released in 2008 – but I picked it up this year and it is just as disturbingly bad as I thought.  There is the counterpart to this statue, the Abomination  – which is actually worse than this is!  Now Koto has shown sneaks on the Statue Forum of their impending comic based Red Hulk statue – they have also promised it will have an adjoining Green Hulk to go with it.  If it’s half as impressive as the Red Hulk then they will have made up for this disaster!

Worst: Ultra Rare Deadpool Variants

Sure, we get the variants.  It’s hard to argue with the fact that variants help sales and give collectors something to chase – but 1:200 variants?  Complete B.S.  It’s like a screw-you to the readers of the series – not only that – but shops are left with a ton of left over product.  One would have been bad – but to release 2 a few months apart is just insulting.

Best: The Incredible Hulk series Returns!

It’s without the title character – but he’s sure to return (and it can’t be soon enough, in my opinion) – and it’s written by a writer who actually seems to KNOW and LIKE our favorite Jade Giant!  So thank you, Pak!  Thanks for making us like Skaar too!

So, here’s to hoping that 2010 gives us some great Hulk swag!  And that Jeph Loeb is never allowed to write another Hulk series EVER!

Burger King Hulk Toy (2009)

Burger King Hulk SHS Figure

Thank you Gammapup – when you mentioned this toy weeks ago I hopped in my car and drove straight to BK – only to find out that they did not have him in… and the story was the same at the following 6 BKs I tried.  Even worse, I continued to visit these BKs, and any others I came across in my travels, for the next few weeks asking for this guy!


In the Original Packaging

When did I find him?  Today.  I was in Dartmouth, taking my wife to lunch, and I spotted a BK that I hadn’t been in.  Before dropping her off at work again I quickly ran in – and he was there!  I might have skipped back to my car.  My wife knew I found what I had been looking for – so she wasn’t even angry when I dropped her off late from her break!  These glow in the dark toys are cool – there is a little button on the back that, when pushed, will make his arms go back and forth.  Classic.  Thank you Burger King!

Hulk and the Surfer!

Sweet! Go get this toy!

Fall of the Hulks: Gamma (2009)

Fall of the Hulk: Gamma

Well, my love fest with Loeb was short lived!  While the Alpha 1-shot was inventive and answered some questions – Loeb’s did nothing but serve as a more confusing red-herring waste.  I will explain of course… you see – if you haven’t read this issue – LOOK AWAY!  But here’s some of the things I liked.  The Redeemer – so awesome to see that suit back in action!  I liked the quick She Hulks fight and… that’s about it. 

Ross - in the Redeemer outfit

Red Hulk - thinking Yellow is not his color!

Here’s the issue – in a nut shell – Red Hulk kills Ross (who was wearing the Redeemer Suit).  Samson looks the scene over and recounts what happened.  They have a funeral for Ross.  The Red She Hulk and Lyra watch from behind the scenes – they get into a small fight – which M.O.D.O.C.K. ends – showing that they are both working for him… maybe.  The funeral continues – Bruce Banner gets up to speak.  One of the saddest lines is in Bruce’s speech :

It’s one of those catch you off guard moments if you know the tragedy of Loeb’s life.

A perfect example of why JRJR is NOT a great Hulk artist

Banner goes on about how Betty was such an important person in Ross life – and then he talk about… Glen Talbot.  Cut to Ross’ cemetery plot at night.  A man walks up to a woman who is kneeling by his grave.  She takes the hood off and exposes that she is none other than Betty Ross.  I, for one, knew that was coming.  Then they show that the man that joined her is… Glenn Talbot.  Saw that coming too.  Samson, M.O.D.O.C.K. and The Leader are starting to bickering – Ross’ death complicates the plans, they say.  And it ends with Banner walking back into the underwater cave with the Red Hulk as they prepare for a fight – but in a somewhat unexpected shock – Banner and Red Hulk discuss about wanting the same thing – and Banner says “For that to happen – Ross HAD to die”

Betty's alive! Talbot's ALIVE How... shocking...

Now, does this mean Banner set the plan in motion to kill Ross?  No.  Is Ross really dead?  Maybe.  I mean, this is comics after all – Ross has already died – and Betty and Talbot are all dead – or were – so who knows?  Talbot?  What about him, you ask?  Well, I’m calling Red Herring!  I think Loeb is throwing him in now because of all the talk in the Internet about how the Red Hulk was Talbot all along – but I’m not buying it.  It’s still Ross – I’m sticking to my guns!  I might be wrong – but I wouldn’t care so much because this series is written so shoddy – it’s just gets worse and worse under Loeb’s undeserving hand.

Banner and Red Hulk sittin' in a tree...

So, let’s get this straight – Rick is A-Bomb (worst name ever!) who was stupid – but now isn’t.  He protects Bruce – but his dead wife, Marlo is back, but she is the Harpy – but can transform.  Betty has come back from the dead – so has Talbot – and we don’t know why.  Red She Hulk hates Lyra – and they are working with the bad guys.  The Red Hulk is working with Banner now.  Where the hell was Skaar?  Anyways, thanks for another muddled mess Loeb – how about answering questions that are already out there before adding more mysteries into the mix?  There is no way he can answer everything he’s written thus far – there’s just too many plot holes to fill and Loeb isn’t that talented of a writer to fix it all!  Oh well… onto 2010.  Grade: D

I do have the 2 variants of this issue on hold for me – and will add them to the post later – when I pick them up this Wednesday!

Have yourself a Hulky Little Christmas!

Alright folks! As we are getting ready for 2010 to start – keep in mind… we have a year of Hulky goodness to look forward to!  They have said this is the last year for Loeb to write “Hulk” – here’s to hoping that is true!

Be ready next week for the Fall of the Hulks: Gamma review, a couple days of Best and Worst of the year – AND a little tribute to Loeb’s Hulk comic.  You heard right!  See you next week!

Hulk Toon Tumblers #3 (2009)

Toon Tumblers #3

A whole new set of Tumblers have made their way onto store shelves – and they seem to have concentrated on Silver Age images this time around. I know this is a Kirby Hulk but for the life of me I can’t remember where it’s from… a TTA? An early TIH? Which ever it is I like the little Marvel Comics Group sign underneath. I have the first two – and I got doubles of both – one for drinking one for keeping – but when I have washed them the images are wearing away and disappearing. It’s too bad – I love these glasses!

Back Of Glass