Marvel Legends Red Hulk Premium Figure (2020)

Well, this figure caused quite the stir, didn’t it?  Announced at Toy Fair as a Target exclusive people expected this impressive figure to hit the stores sometime in March or April.  To everyone’s surprise collectors began to post pictures immediately after Toy Fair, the last week of February, saying that these pieces are allocated toContinue reading “Marvel Legends Red Hulk Premium Figure (2020)”

Friday Review: Avengers of the Wasteland #3 (2020)

Writer: Ed Brisson Artist Jonas Scharf Artist: Colorist Neeraj Menon Cover Price: Secondary Market: $3.99 $3.00 – $4.99 Variants: 1 Zaffino Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics Every issue opens with Doom approaching a villain and dispatching them pretty quickly.  Here Doom tries to address Doc Ock but learns pretty quickly that Ock really isn’t going toContinue reading “Friday Review: Avengers of the Wasteland #3 (2020)”

Mystery Mini Venomized Hulk (Glow and Regular) (2020)

I wasn’t even aware that these were coming out!  It wasn’t until I ventured into GameStop that I saw a box of these little guys.  I immediately shook each box left in the case and chose 2 hoping to get lucky that one of them would turn out to be the Hulk.  Unfortunately, I didContinue reading “Mystery Mini Venomized Hulk (Glow and Regular) (2020)”

Friday Review – The Immortal Hulk #32 (2020)

Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet Artist: Inker Ruy Jose Belardino Brabo Cam Smith Cover Price: Secondary Market: $3.99 $2.99 – $7.99 Variants: 1 Spider-woman Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics The influence of Xemnu is affecting everyone’s perception of the Hulk.  Eveyyone but the Hulk… and Dr. McGowan who is figuring it all out.  TheContinue reading “Friday Review – The Immortal Hulk #32 (2020)”

Bend and Flex Hulk (2020)

Target suprised me once again. In a late night trip to the superstore I came across this lanky looking Hulk figure and snagged it up immediately!  This fun figure comes from Hasbro and reminds me of the metal Hulk figures they did banck in the day!  Glad I had the opportunity to find this guyContinue reading “Bend and Flex Hulk (2020)”

Friday Review – Marvel #1 (2020)

Writer: Kurt Busiek Artist: Penciler/Inks Steve Rude Artist: Colorist Steven Legge Cover Price: Secondary Market: $4.99 $3.49 – $11.99 Variants: 1 Alex Ross Cover Publisher: Marvel Comics The Boy and the Brute is a fun, quick story in the premier issue of Marvel #1.  A classic, silver- age feel is an appropriate way to tellContinue reading “Friday Review – Marvel #1 (2020)”