Hulk vs Venom – The Mystery Revealed!

Since the beginning of this blog there have always been those Hulk themed mysteries that have persevered.  How many copies of 181 exist?  How many Mego Stretch Hulks are there out there? One such mystery has to do with the comic above.  Hulk vs Venom has always been one of the harder to find issuesContinue reading “Hulk vs Venom – The Mystery Revealed!”

Venomized Hulk MiniMates (2018)

A few years ago a variant from the third volume of Incredible Hulk #4.  This variant was the fist time we saw a venomized Hulk!  This variant is now insanely expensive but the character itself never really appeared in the Marvel Universe… that is until Absolute Carnage.  The event finally gave us a Hulk bondedContinue reading “Venomized Hulk MiniMates (2018)”

One:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Hulk Figure (2018)

Let’s start the year with a bang!  I was very weary of picking up another expensive Hulk figure, after the huge disappointment of SH Figuarts, but I will tell you upfront that everything Figuarts did wrong is all the same things Mezco does right!  This superbly detailed figure is worth the price tag whether orContinue reading “One:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Hulk Figure (2018)”

Friday Review! Avengers * Defenders Tarot #1 (2020)

Writer: Alan Davis Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud Artist: Colors Paul Mounts Cover Price: Secondary Market: $4.99 $3.85 – $12.99 Variants: 2 Alan Davis Variant Diablo Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics Who doesn’t love a good Defenders story?  Especially from Alan Davis who gave us the excellent, underrated and short-lived Savage Hulk series.  This time around heContinue reading “Friday Review! Avengers * Defenders Tarot #1 (2020)”