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Hulk Movie Trading Card Set (2003)

They combined both comic and movie images

This was a fun set to collect.  I remember this set being one of the first sets that I tried to get every card – remember, these other sets I have were given to me – even the Marvel Masterpieces that I collected – I never really tried to collect the whole series.  I just got what I got.  But this set was one where I actually continued to buy packages to try to get the cards I needed.  Of course, that left me with several incomplete sets – missing just a card or two – also missing a few of the chase cards.

I love this two-some

... and the Big Guy!

I went into Larry’s Comics and saw they had 2 whole boxes – so I haggled for one of the boxes down to a price we both were happy with – and I went to town ripping these packages open trying to find the few missing cards I needed.  I needed base card #35 – got it.  Base card #50 – got it.  I needed chase card, Illustrated Film Scene, #3 -got it – and needed chase card #10 – DIDN’T get it.  I also had every famous cover card – except for #10 – and I didn’t get that either.  I was fuming!

JRJR does the Illustrated Film Scene set

All... bu #10 - which I have, but it's on another page...

I only needed a few cards to complete the set – so to ebay I turned.  I was able to get the Illustrated Film Scene #10 – but the famous covers #10 was impossible to find!  Unless I wanted to pay $30 for the entire set and have another ALMOST complete set of these… so I waited.  I have told the followers of this blog many times about patience… and this is yet ANOTHER story where it worked out.  I continued to browse ebay – and then one day I found an international seller – selling the exact card I needed – but he listed it under the year the comic featured on the card came out!  And there it was!  $2.00 later it was all mine!

The First Two Covers

Famous Covers Chase Cards

Anyways, great set – worth picking up!  I loved how the base set had both movie and comic images.  Again, this set is worth picking up!  And it’s actually pretty easy to snag off ebay for a pretty nice price – not like I did, the old fashion way, which cost me a fortune!

Marvel/Fleer Hulk Gold Card (1998)

Here's a hint - the artist is a legend...

This card comes from a set of 4 that included Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine and this guy right here!  While I have only this card – I will give a No-Prize to anyone who can tell me who drew this image AND where it’s from…

With 465 back – good luck to anyone who answers this before he gets to – because he already knows the answer and I haven’t finished typing it yet…

Marvel Universe Cards (1993)

Hulk Card - #1

Back of Card

They did something REAL interesting for this set.  While each character still had their own card – they made it so that each 9 cards made up a bigger scene together.  Hulk takes the #1 position in this set as well – just like in 1993’s Marvel Masterpieces… kind of odd… but Samson also gets his first spot in a card set as well!

Doc Samson -#7

The Whole Shebang!

There are many Hulk vs. cards, including the Hulk vs Leader, Hulk vs. X-Factor and Hulk vs. Hulk.  The art for this set is pretty nice – although, the chase cards for this set left something to be desired.  Mostly they were Red foil cards of the 2099 characters – none for Hulk 2099 even – but the major card to snag in this series… which I have… was the Spiderman vs Venom hologram card.  There are even variations on those cards… but hey, they aren’t the Hulk so I don’t care…

Hulk vs Leader

Hulk vs X-Factor

 While I do have this whole set and am not looking for any – I do have a couple extra 2099 chase cards – if anyone out there need them.  Email me and we’ll talk!  Maybe you have something I need!  Next up?!?  Ummm… the new Marvel Masterpieces?  I’m not sure – I’ll have to look and see what I have posted and what I have left!

Hulk vs Hulk

FF vs Secret Defenders

Also on the Stands…

Avengers #5

Avengers #5 still has the Future Hulk – playing a bigger and bigger part.  Also Skull Kickers #1 by Image Comics does a great homage to Incredible Hulk #1!  Check them out!

Skull Kickers #1 - Look Familiar?

Hulk #25 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #25

In the first few pages of Hulk #25 – you know you are dealing with a new writer… dare I say, a better writer.  You know you are dealing with a new Red Hulk too.  And you know what’s funny?  The people reading the Hulk now – are Hulk fans – it won’t sell like hot cakes (which is too bad) because it has two strikes against it.  #1 – Loeb left.  Believe it or not this guy has a following.  People who will buy anything of his – even if it’s 5th grade level fluff like Hulk #1-24.  #2 McGuiness is out too.  Ed couldn’t stay though… I mean Parker’s style and his wouldn’t mix well.  There isn’t a whole lot of opportunity to showcase splashy page action – but what there is is a whole lot of great storytelling going on!

Geeks? Really? Geeks?

I’m not sure how in depth people really want me to go with these issues – and I hate just doing a basic recap – but within the first few pages Parker sets up the reader to let you know this is not going to be the same comic with little one liners and convenient “new” powers popping up.  Basically, you’re not going to see Red taking a ride on the Surfer’s board and killing much powerful characters for no reason – and more so – you’re not going to see Red arbitrarily punching out a Watcher.

Tan Variant 1:20

In fact, in the first few pages, Bruce does some surgery on Ross that removes the absorbing power all together.  Ross thinks Bruce is jealous of how powerful he was – when, in fact, Bruce was saving Ross’ life.  The power was a fail safe, explained by Bruce, to kill Ross within a year.  Wow – see what Parker just did there Loeb?  He EXPLAINED what happened!  It’s what good writers do!  They don’t just keep writing crap that he will HOPE to explain later, leaving a whole bunch of plot holes that people will explain by saying “It’s tongue in cheek!” “It’s light and FUN!”  Man, I want to kick those people in the temple.

Banner telling Ross who the big dog will ALWAYS be!

Ross - showing his soft side

Let’s move on, shall we?  With the Red de-powered and ready to help out Cap – not to mention a thousand monsters now attacking the Earth – they send Red out to California to take on a bunch of people infected with a replicating alloy that is spreading.  Cap says that he’s sending a partner along with Red – Red tries to deter that idea and jumps off – but Cap already sends Iron Man out.  He also sends a message that the Red Hulk will be there to help him – but that message doesn’t make it!

Red taking bitches down!

With Red at the scene, beating down the replicating diseased people, Iron Man assumes he was sent to  take Red out.  He attacks – and he attacks HARD!  And as he has Red on the ropes he is attacked by the real threat – and they start replicating through his armor!  By the time Red gets up all he sees is an empty Iron Man shell…

That can't be good...

Thank you Parker for coming out of the gate swinging – and really knocking it out of the park!  I’m really interested in a character I had nothing but contempt for for the past 2 years.  This storyline is fun – and actually makes sense so far!  Hardman does a fantastic job – but I feel like people are going to be down on his art – mainly because they are going from McG to Hardman.  But the truth is – this is the way to go when you switch artists – going with someone in a totally different style that still looks pretty damn great.  The only gripe I have is wanting to know where this all falls in continuity.  Before – or AFTER Dark Son?  Grade: A

Hardman Wrap Around Cover

Back of Cover

The Incredible Hulks #613 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #613

So, we’re going to have to do a little catch up here.  I was planning a huge review on the life of Hiro-Kala, Hulk’s other son, but with this new storyline, I may have to do it a lot sooner than I thought.  See, really quick here, Hiro is Skaar’s twin brother.  He witnessed everything that happened on Sakaar – he witnessed the great devourer, Galactus, destroy his home.  And in one of the coolest twists – he then lured Galactus to another world for him to devour – except this time he poisoned the big G.  It was quite the moment.  Anyways, Hiro then set out to find his brother – but landed on K’ai – Jarella’s world.  Hiro saved the planet – with the assistance of the Worldmind – a mystical force on the planet.  But Worldmind also sees Hiro’s true intent and he tries, unsuccessfully, to help Hiro see the error of his ways.  Instead Hiro enslaves the whole planet and heads to Earth to confront his brother and long lost father…

Hiro is a bad... BAD man

Whew!  Now, we join the Hulk gang where we last left them.  With Hulk and Betty fighting it out.  But Skaar suddenly feels the presence of his brother.  Hank, Reed, Stark and Cho all are alerted to a new planet in our solar system.  Betty continues to press Bruce’s buttons in telling him that his son is the biggest Monster on the planet – the Hulk comes back with – “No, I am.”

The Brothers back together soon...

In the midst of the fight former Cap and Cho show up with a rocket.  They ask the Hulk to take the lead and to get in the rocket and check out the new planet, that the Hulk happens to know very well, that has appeared in our solar system.  In one of the best scenes ever in a Hulk comic, the Hulk considers the opportunity.  “You want me to get into a shuttle.  So you can shoot me into space.”

Cap and Cho - trying to talk Hulk into another shuttle...

Cho tries to explain that it’s legit – but the Hulk looks to Skaar – and Skaar pleads for his father not to do it with a simple “no”.  The Hulk destroys the shuttle.  Rick asks why they didn’t help Cap – and Betty says to ask Skaar.  Meekly Skaar tells his father why the planet appeared – and who is on it.  The Hulk slams his fist on the ground.  “ANOTHER Son…” but Skaar corrects him “No… another monster.”

Another Monster... on the way...

Holy Hell!  Could this get anymore exciting?  This is what reading comics is all about!  Pak really shows you what the build up of Planet Hulk, Skaar and Hiro, everything was all for!  He’s even taken the horrid writing of Loeb’s Red Hulk opus and made it work!  Thank you Pak – you have me riveted!  Grade: A

Interview with Jeff Parker

Gary Miller has done a bang up job interviewing Parker – which you can read right here on a great site called Daily POP.  I am somewhat excited to read what Parker’s take on the Red Hulk is – and hopefully he can get fans to stop calling him Rulk – because that sounds so freakin’ stupid!

Remember – Hulk #25 comes out THIS Wednesday!