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Batman Villains 3-Pack Dorbz (2018)

hulk 025 (2)

Yet another TRU snag – one that I labored over for quite a while.  I wanted to get it but the price stopped me from taking the dive for quite a while.  For one, as much as I liked the 60’s Batman television show, I never wanted to start collecting pieces from it.  What I did like the most was the inclusion of Mr. Freeze.  That was the real incentive to get this 3-pack.  I finally took the dive when TRU went to 90% off.

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Ummm… Part 61

oh no hulk

Well that explains that… awkward…

Greg Horn Exclusive Fantastic Four #1 (2018)

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One of the biggest reasons I went to Terrificon this year was to swing by and grab the Greg Horn exclusive cover of Fantastic Four #1.  While I am still on the fence about picking up this series I certainly did not want to miss out on this “1 Minute Later” inspired cover from the classic Fantastic Four #112.  Glad to see Greg Horn didn’t have either side really get the upper hand in the fight and just have the two frenemies striking each other.

I also opted to pick up both the regular and virgin variants.  I do love these new Virgin variants – they look so clean and nice!  I even went with a signature – which I don’t usually go for – on the regular cover (below).  Most people might have gone with the virgin variant for the sig, and Horn’s signature is artwork in itself, but I didn’t want anything to ruin the look of the clean cover!

IMG_1384 (2)

Do You Want a Napkin?: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 39

CCI01062018 (2)

In Hulk #454 we saw the Hulk living with a tribe in the Savage Land.  While the Hulk seemingly becoming a tribe’s God-like protector isn’t new these days it was quite the sight to see back then.  PD and artist Adam Kubert didn’t hold back either when showing just how savage the Hulk was at that point.

CCI01062018_0001 (2)

It wasn’t enough to show the Hulk mowing down on some dino-meat – they took it one step further.  The Hulk didn’t just eat the meat from the dinosaur – he consumed the heart as well!

CCI01062018_0002 (2)

Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Hulk vs Hulkbuster (2018)

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The day I heard this set was going to be released I knew I was going to set out to get one!  Unfortunately, the price point on, not just this set, but the entire line has been severely overvalued!  I will get into that in a minute – but first, let’s get into this sets positives!  First, we have to recognize the fact that the original Hulkbuster BAF, as great and bulky as it is, didn’t boast the most impressive paints.  Has the new set improved on that?  Well, sort of…

IMG_1392 (2)

Truth is, the biggest gripe came from the flat “golden” color they used ion the original.  The new, repainted Hulkbuster does provide a shinier, more golden color.  That and a deeper, less cherry, color red.  Overall, the new repaint looks much better!

IMG_1388 (2)

The Hulk has a new head sculpt and repainted a paler, more olive green.  The possessed, red eyes and screaming mouth are a nice touch and they at least give us repainted pants!  The Hulk is easily the biggest reason on why I bothered getting this set.  I have every ML Hulk ever made – I just couldn’t see letting this one get away!

IMG_1387 (2)

IMG_1389 (2)

As I mentioned above, the price point on this set is the biggest issue.  Someone, somewhere has seriously misestimated just how much people were willing to shell out for these figures.  Most are repaints, let’s just start with that fact, and the fact that they are $5-$15 more than the originals makes it look like a greedy cash grab both by Hasbro and Target.  This set is a whopping $70.  That’s $35 a figure!  With all the single figures in this line fetching a $25 price tag let’s say the Hulk should be about that – well that’s $45 for the Hulkbuster!  Either way, it’s not worth the price tag.  Sure, I paid it – but I’m a known idiot when it comes to the Hulk!

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Donnie Darko Dorbz (2017)

hulk 023 (2)

Ready for a crazy confession?  I’ve only seen Donnie Darko once and I kind of hated it.  I have to say I am not one of the people who go gaga over this cult classic.  I did get this Dorbz for $1 at the end of TRU history and that’s why I show it to you now.  Listen, there was so little left on the Funko wall that I just took whatever was left no matter what it was.  If someone sees this in my office and starts quoting from this movie I will have to admit I have no idea what they’re talking about and stand there awkwardly as we both stare at this Dorbz proudly displayed on one of my shelves.

New Hulk vs Loki Pop!


Walgreens has been slaying with their exclusive Pops and this little set is no exception!  Knowing Walgreens, and the way they handle exclusives, this should be readily available to any Hulk fan wanting to get their hands on it!  Amazingly, this will make the 4th Hulk Pop offered in less than a year!  Not that I’m complaining!

Who else is planning on picking this up?