The Resurgence Of Liefeld?

With Liefeld’s popularity suddenly spiking I just want to take this moment to remind people that he can’t draw!  While this Hulk might look okay it’s obvious the Liefeld doesn’t understand or even care to understand human anatomy.  The backgrounds – which are the most impressive parts of this piece – were added afterwards andContinue reading “The Resurgence Of Liefeld?”

Immortal Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 51

After a year or so of a Hulk-less Marvel world – well there was that discount Hulk they now call Brawn but, as we all know, he doesn’t count – they finally brought the Hulk back in a great fashion!  For once the Hulk was back in a huge way! First Appearance: Avengers: No SurrenderContinue reading “Immortal Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 51”

Friday Review! The Immortal Hulk #28

Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Penciler Tom Reilly Artist: Inker Matias Bergara Cover Price: Secondary Market: $3.99 $2.77 – $6.99 Variants: 1 Hulk 2099 Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics I am going to attempt to review this issue straight from my memory.  This series continues to chug along nicely – Ewing is absolutely killing it and it. Continue reading “Friday Review! The Immortal Hulk #28”

The First Time Anger Turned the Hulk!

I’m not looking forward to the day I have to have “the talk” with my son when he begins going through the change.  It would be so much easier if he would just get angry and turn green! By the way, this was the first time that Banner mentions that it’s anger and losing hisContinue reading “The First Time Anger Turned the Hulk!”

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)

Yes, I saved the Red chrome Hulk until the last one on purpose.  I’m not sure if anyone is aware but there really IS a Red Hulk!  Well, maybe.  Is there?  Is there still a Red Hulk in the Marvel U?  Who knows and who cares.  The red stone is the Reality Stone.  And, ifContinue reading “Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)”

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Orange (2019)

Oh boy – here we go!  Soul Stone color!  This is the stone that was ultimately the reason that they were able to beat Thanos.  Well, Nebula.  They really beat Nebula – but let’s not even get into that.  Either way – Orange Hulk! Current Pop Price Guide Value: $17

Talos: A Year of Hulk First Appearances – Week 50

Marvel movies have successfully helped the comic industry in one way – and in one way only… and that is inflating the prices of back issues.  For years the wedding issue of Marlo and Rick graced the dollar bins. That is until Captain Marvel and Far from Home gave us Talos – the Skrull who firstContinue reading “Talos: A Year of Hulk First Appearances – Week 50”