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Did you Pick Up your Set?


I was so close to bringing this display home but it ultimately didn’t work out.  Still, I did like all of the Pops and was able to snag them all – as I showed – did you get your set?


A Shot of ALL the Chromes!

IMG_1787 (2)

Here is a great shot of all the chromes together that I have featured this entire month!  Looking forward to a new year!  Hope everyone stays really Hulky!

Dollar Bin Finds IX

CCI12172019_0004 (2)

I was able to snag a couple more Hulk appearances in the discount bins – first up was Prime #Infinity.  Sure it’s just one panel – but it’s worth it!

CCI12172019_0005 (2)

Also found a ESPN Body Issue using the Marvel Superheroes.  Of course they have the Hulk on the cover!

CCI12112019_0005 (2)

The Resurgence Of Liefeld?

liefeld hulk

With Liefeld’s popularity suddenly spiking I just want to take this moment to remind people that he can’t draw!  While this Hulk might look okay it’s obvious the Liefeld doesn’t understand or even care to understand human anatomy.  The backgrounds – which are the most impressive parts of this piece – were added afterwards and not Liefeld’s at all.  I hope he enjoys the fans for now – he will ruin it once again because that’s what he’s good at.

liefeld hulk pencils


Smashing Well, My Friends!



Have One of the Greatest Christmas’ Ever!


Merry Funko Christmas!

IMG_1797 (2)

There is at least a great reason to pull out your green and red chrome Hulks!  Look how festive!  Merry Christmas!