Hulk vs Ultron Hallmark Ornament (2015)

There was a time when Hulk ornaments were a hard thing to come by.  These days it seems that a few new ones pop up every year.  Hallmark especially has given us a few that really were memorable.  The Hulk vs Wolverine ornament was unique and memorable.  The large talking one from last year wasContinue reading “Hulk vs Ultron Hallmark Ornament (2015)”

Playmation Hulk (Part 2) and Hulkbuster (2015)

I did get a question about how good the Playmation Hulk displays.  I actually has a little fun with yesterday’s post because I knew I was going to be posting about the Hulk again – so I made the previous post sort of a joke.  Today we can get into just how cool the HulkContinue reading “Playmation Hulk (Part 2) and Hulkbuster (2015)”

Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…

That’s right – there is yet another “blind package” Marvel set to get.  These blind packages seem to be taking over the entire market – and I get the appeal to some degree – but they really aren’t for me.  I usually find what I need on eBay or even at some LCS that opensContinue reading “Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…”

Funko Avengers Blind Boxes (2012-15)

I have to say, a side effect of having a friend who collects the set of blind boxes is that they inevitably collect repeats.  The I have at least 3 of the original Hulks and two of the AoU version.  I do like the sculpts of these figures – I have a complete set ofContinue reading “Funko Avengers Blind Boxes (2012-15)”

Avengers Hulk Power Poppers (2015)

This is one of those rockets that you stomp on the launcher and it sends the light-weight Hulk rocket soaring into the sky.  I really enjoy these simple toys that take me back to my childhood – and having things that I can play with today with my own kids makes me all that moreContinue reading “Avengers Hulk Power Poppers (2015)”

Avengers: AoU Savage Hulk / Ultron Hunter Iron Man (2015)

I will say, besides the Marvel Legends offerings, the toy selection from the sequel to Avengers was pretty much a let down.  They seem to focus on the 2″ figures that were crudely painted with no real articulation – not that you could do much with them if they did provide movement.  The other HulkContinue reading “Avengers: AoU Savage Hulk / Ultron Hunter Iron Man (2015)”

Hulkbuster/Raging Hulk Mini-Mates (2015)

A whole bunch of new Mini-Mates have surfaced on the pegs.  This is easily the coolest of the new group.  Hulk is in full rage mode and ready to destroy – with the Scarlet Witch’s mind control in full effect!  You can tell because he has irritated stoner eyes.  I do like how they haveContinue reading “Hulkbuster/Raging Hulk Mini-Mates (2015)”

A Hulk to Make You Soil Yourself.

This is a new piece from Cinemaquette – a 1:3 piece that kicks complete ass!  If I had the space and had the money to drop I would snag this in a second!  I’m not always a big fan of (large or life sized) pieces – for example; the Oxmox Hulk inspired from the 2008Continue reading “A Hulk to Make You Soil Yourself.”

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron/Hulk/ Vision 3-Pack (2015)

I enjoy when Harbro releases these 3 packs.  The Agents of SHIELD one from TRU is pretty fun, even though I didn’t pick it up, I thought it still looked great!  It not really being Hulk related I decided against it.  I do have quite a few collectibles that are not Hulk… and even someContinue reading “Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron/Hulk/ Vision 3-Pack (2015)”