Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009

Alright kiddies!  I want you to checkout the cover above… I love this cover – but always wanted an Iron Man with a Hulk reflection – and something better then the Red Hulk on Hulk #2 – which I was not a fan of.  So I brought up this idea to Jeff Wamester at theContinue reading “Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009”

Wow! This is what I call an auction!

The last time I checked this beautiful copy of 181, graded at 9.8 is at $11,100!  $11,100 is a lot of scratch!  That’s an amazing piece of history – and it’s not even finished yet!  As I was talking to Herb Trimpe in Boston this past Saturday he told me that in the past 3Continue reading “Wow! This is what I call an auction!”

Con Pics – A Few More!

I’m just posting a few more pics before I’ll be posting the art soon!  But tomorrow I’ll be getting reviews ready – Hulk #16 – or is #17?  Who cares really – all I now is it’s a safe bet it will suck and have a bunch of variants – including a new Deadpool 200:1 variant. Continue reading “Con Pics – A Few More!”

More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!

Alright – we’re getting closer to me posting the art I got – but let’s take a look at more of the Con!  I am always amazed at the grail pieces I see at the cons.  In fact – I will tell you about one business that was there selling original art – He hadContinue reading “More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!”

Les Superheroes Stamp Kit (1979)

So, one of the perks of this website is meeting people, hearing from different Hulk fans everywhere – but an unexpected perk was connecting with people who have Hulk treasure’s they are willing to donate!  A great guy named Randy wrote me last week and asked if I had this piece in my collection.  IContinue reading “Les Superheroes Stamp Kit (1979)”

Ugh… why does this always seem to happen?

Alright, here’s the 411. My Hulk room is located in my basement. I am putting an addition on to the house – it’s somewhat of a “in-law apartment” except that it isn’t – it’s for my actual parents. Here’s the kicker… they have to cut a hole in the wall in the foundation – rightContinue reading “Ugh… why does this always seem to happen?”

Hulk – Dark Reign: The List #1 – The Review (2009)

I told you I’d get these posted by today!  I’m so proud of myself!  And look at this:  Two Pak books in one week?!?  I was giddy!  Too bad that there’s still no Hulk to speak of.  The only let down – of course that’s a huge let down.  But this issue does give usContinue reading “Hulk – Dark Reign: The List #1 – The Review (2009)”

The Incredible Hulk #603 (2009) – The Review

Last we left the gruesome two-some they were in a comic shop and Wolverine came up ready to fight (how many places can Wolverine be?  He’s in Hulk with his dark costume – in TIH in his yellow/blue costume – how many Wolverine’s are there?)  And we begin with Skaar flattening Wolvie into the ground. Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk #603 (2009) – The Review”

A Week of the Abomination – TIH Annual #15

Alright, while I work on the reviews for the comics came out today – I give you one of the baddest covers to rock a Hulk annual! The Hulk and Abomination have had some killer fights over the years – and I know he’s dead right now, shot by the Red Hulk, but I hopeContinue reading “A Week of the Abomination – TIH Annual #15”

A Week of the Abomination – Marvel Super Heroes Summer Special: X-Men

This issue – from way back in 1991 – has an image of Abomination that reminds me a lot of the Bowen bust.  But let’s face it – the X-Men have a hard enough time taking down the Hulk – the Abomination is a perfect villain for the X-Men.  Isn’t Speedball another name for crack? Continue reading “A Week of the Abomination – Marvel Super Heroes Summer Special: X-Men”