Thor: Ragnarok 12″ Gladiator Hulk (2017)

Every Marvel movie has released electronic figures that can interact with each other.  Most of the time I grab a Hulk for the Hulk Room and leave the rest.  Of course, seeing this figure this past Thursday made me leap for joy!  I spent at least 20 minutes in the aisle having the Thor and Hulk figuresContinue reading “Thor: Ragnarok 12″ Gladiator Hulk (2017)”

Keep a Travel Log: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 29

Even when the heroes act less than heroic they still blame everything on the Hulk.  I was waiting for the “Why did you make us send you through space to another planet?” argument.  I never felt as though Marvel sufficiently explored the idea that the heroes betrayed one of their own.  It should have been addressedContinue reading “Keep a Travel Log: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 29”

Marvel Legends 14″ Incredible Hulk (2017)

I have a to make sure I love expensive pieces.  Hot Toys, a lot of times, ultimately disappoint.  The rubbery skin puts me off – I like the hard plastic feel of an action figure.  When the 12″ line appeared in toy stores I was very intrigued to see what a Hulk figure would lookContinue reading “Marvel Legends 14″ Incredible Hulk (2017)”

Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 19 – Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14

In a time when Peter had no idea if Mary Jane was alive or not and was very volatile he ran into the Hulk and the two duked it out.  The Hulk was angry with the world for believing he was guilty of taking a plane out and killing a bunch of people.  As usual,Continue reading “Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 19 – Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14”

The Weight of the World: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 26

Sometimes being left alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The Hulk might not want others around but then you’re just left alone with your thoughts.  When you’re as monosyllabic as the Savage Hulk and things don’t make sense it can only make you confused and… as he puts it… sadder and sadder.  MaybeContinue reading “The Weight of the World: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 26”