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Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 21: Night Thrasher 15


Night Thrasher was a real attempt at Marvel trying to create their own Batman – more than Iron Man ever was.  Night Thrasher also had the added bonus of making the Marvel landscape a little more diverse.  The problem was that it’s a little anti-climatic when the solution to a battle is “I’ll just buy my way out of it”.  Case in point, this issue!

A depressed neighborhood with a building and a group of scientists working on the cure for AIDS is being protected by the Pantheon.  Night Thrasher and his cohort Rage show up to also protect the building from the tenants being kicked out but a misunderstanding has The Pantheon – or more importantly, the Hulk – conflicting with each other.

After a barely impressive back and forth punches Night Thrasher finally reveals that he has paid all the back rent for the organization and everything is fine and that the fight in not needed.  The issue is quite the snooze-fest to be honest.  One of the worst Hulk guest-shots to completely honest.  What a way to start the year off!  Skip this issue unless you’re like me and what them all!

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” No



Catching Up With… 1.3.17


I am catching up with the titles on what I pick up off the new release rack. What am I reading? Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:


The Incredible Hulk – $3.99
W: Pak / A: Land
Current Issue – #712
Pak continues to write his Hulk legacy into the ground with this trivial return to Sakaar.  With no explanation why or any real interesting or unique surprises Amadeus Cho faux hawks his way through The Gauntlet.  His first real challenge comes now as he has to fight Odinson sporting an obedience disc.

So Far: C-

Venom – $3.99
W: Costa / A: Sandoval
Current Issue – #159
This series has been put into over drive with the Venom Inc. storyline.  Crossing over into Amazing Spider-Man it seems as though Lee Price is back and salivating Venom into other people.  Every person/villain he turns is now controlled by him as well – so there’s that.  With Price looking to control all of the criminal underworld how is Spidey, Black Cat, Venom (Brock), and Anti-Venom (Flash) going to stop them?

So far: A-

Weapon X – $3.99
W: Pak / A: Cinar
Current Issue – #12
I began reading with the Weapon H storyline but I was not only entertained but downright thrilled with the interactions between everyone on the group.  As infuriating as TIH is to read Pak makes up for it with this series that keeps this group of assassins, wanna be do-gooders and downright villains working together!

So far: A

Thanos – $3.99
W: Cates / A: Shaw
Current Issue – #14
This book continues to be one of the best reads on the rack.  Right now old Thanos is seeking the help from younger Thanos and younger Thanos is not happy to see old Thanos seeking help from anyone – even himself.  Got that?  Good – now go get this book and read the hell out of it!

So far: A+

Batman: White Knight – $3.99
W: Murphy / A: Murphy
Current Issue – #4
The Joker is no longer the biggest threat to Gotham – it’s Batman himself!  At least that’s what Napier has the citizens believing.  With the real Harley by his side – and a crazy use of Clayface – the Bat-family is in for the fight of their life!

So far: A+

She-Hulk – $3.99
W: Tamaki / A: Lindsay
Current Issue – #160
Even with the book reverting to original numbering and the inclusion of the Leader – while there is a certain improvement – the series is still underwhelming.  I am still reading it though – with the announcement of its cancellation – I will most likely ride it out to the end.

So far: Still a C-

Spider-Man 2099 – $4.99
W: David / A: Sliney
Current Issue – #25
The future of Miguel’s home time depended on the woman he loved, their son and his death.  This series was so good you should feel ashamed for missing out on it.  If you were one of the bright people who read it while it was being released then pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it.

Issue: B-  Final/Series: A

Spirits of Vengeance – $3.99
W:Gischler / A: Baldeon
Current Issue – #3
This time around Ghost Rider has added Blade, Hellstorm and Satana into his little club.  The adventures so far have been both exciting and fun – the demonic side of the Marvel U that doesn’t get explored quite often enough.  Pick it up!

So Far: B

Bane Conquest – $3.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #8 (of 12)
Bane keeps his enemies close and his other enemies even closer as he abducts babies and upsets Kobra – and underworld society that wants to bring Bane down.  With only 4 issues left this series has been a thrill a minute. You don’t want Bane for an enemy, or a comrade, because you should always know – Bane is out to come out on top!

So Far: B

Papergirls – $2.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #19
The only Image title I read is also one of the best!  At least in my opinion.  Four girls trying to avoid people from the future as they time travel and meet their future selves.  This series is so full of twists and gratifying, shock endings that reading this book is treat every month!

So Far: B

Anyways, what are you guys reading? Are you reading any of the same titles? What do you think?

Hulk Guest Shots – Vol. 20: Green Goblin #10

CCI06082017 (2)

Trying to collect all the issues to Green Goblin was not an easy task.  Amazingly, the hardest issues to find were the middle between 7-15.  The absolute last issue I ended up having to buy off of eBay and it was this little beauty you see right here.

When it arrived I thought the cover looked as though it featured a certain jade giant.  Yet – I have been duped before – so I wasn’t getting my hopes up.  Sure enough, flipping through the pages, it was the Hulk… sort of.

CCI06082017_0001 (2)

In a warped little world, lovingly called Murderworld, Green Goblin tries to make his way through without getting his friend, Ricko, killed.  They end up in a room where they encounter a robot Hulk that isn’t too pleased to see them.  The only shot of the Hulk is the one you see above – but it still counts in my book!

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control Yes?
Funny Nickname YES! If we count puny intruders.
Hero vs. Hero No
“Hulk Smash!” YES!

Catching Up With… Feat: Generations Totally Awesome Hulk / Banner Hulk (2017)

CCI08032017 (2)

Let’s get this over with right from the start:  It’s not Banner Hulk it’s The Incredible Hulk.  It’s one of the easiest and most obvious titles, yet Marvel messed it up right from get-go.  It was the first of many missteps in what should have been a glorious return of the real Jade Jaws to the Marvel Universe.

Generations are one-shots that team up the classic character with the new wave of heroes gracing the comics these days.  The Hulks issue is handled by Greg Pak – which should have been a homerun – but turns out to be a single that was picked off at first.

The story begins with Cho being transported into the past and face to face with the real Hulk being attacked by the army in the desert.  It is a missed and welcoming sight and a great intro but ultimately a short-lived excitement as the comic takes a sharp turn from there.  If you plan on reading the issue don’t read any further as this will contain spoilers like mad, yo!  The Hulk is fighting back against the army and Cho helps fight them off.  When he sees the Hulk ready to explode and hurt people Cho takes the Hulk on himself.  It’s one of the more annoying and cringe-inducing aspects of the Cho Hulk.  He’s so infatuated with the lives of innocents that he ends up screwing things up royally.  In the case of W.W.H. (if you’re reading it) he’s the reason the weapon comes to maturity, here he is the reason that a gigantic monster is woken to terrorize a small town.  Sure, you can make the argument that it was the army bombing the island but I would retaliate with “Who brought them to the island?”  Boom, Mic drop.

Now, I don’t mind the idea that Cho is looking to protect the innocent, the idea that the real Hulk had done it in the past subconsciously is one of my favorite theories.  My issue is that Cho shoves it down our throat in such an obvious manner that it literally bores me.  If you were to play a drinking game where you drink every time Cho Hulk talks about saving innocents you’d be dead.  Down before you even finish this silly one shot.

If you think I’ve scratched the surface of the problems with this issue you are sadly mistaken.  Cho begins to lose control of the monster and the real Hulk has to come to the rescue.  The following conversation is the crux of what makes this issue such a disappointment.  Before I dive in: I dare you to go back when the Cho Hulk was first being promoted and read the post where I react to Pak’s interview.  I’m way too lazy and it’s way too late for me to find it – you’re going to have to do the leg work yourself!  Anyways, Pak says that Cho ENJOYS being the Hulk and sees it as a gift – and I talk about the most interesting aspect of the Hulk character is that Banner saw it as a curse – he knew it was an accident that needed to be corrected.

Pak writes that exact thing at the end of the issue!  He has Cho realize that being the Hulk isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!  It’s a head shaking and infuriating ending for one of two reasons.  Pak is a great writer – he has written some of the best Hulk stories – but he has missed the mark since the TAH took shape.  I don’t know what was in his head when he was writing this issue but I know he’s the kind of writer who plans ahead.  To think he started writing the Cho Hulk with the intention of the two Hulks meeting and having this convo is the biggest insult.  To think it would be an eye opening moment for not only the characters but also the reader is a slap in the face – mainly because that’s what every comic reader has been saying since the beginning of this whole debacle.  If this was a way for Pak to acknowledge everyone saying this; sort of a wink, wink at the audience; well then the whole issue was sort of a waste of time.  What was the purpose here?  To reiterate the obvious?  To make Cho more likeable/relatable by making him think his stolen gamma power up was a mistake instead of his green frat boy persona?

Either way, this issue will be followed by what looks like Cho having his own Planet Hulk saga.  This combined with yet another return to “original” numbering is another nail in the coffin of the once great writer of Hulk stuff.  Rest in peace Pak legacy… it was great for a while.

Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 19 – Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14

CCI07042017 (2)

In a time when Peter had no idea if Mary Jane was alive or not and was very volatile he ran into the Hulk and the two duked it out.  The Hulk was angry with the world for believing he was guilty of taking a plane out and killing a bunch of people.  As usual, the world was grossly misinformed.

Spider-Man really does his absolute worst to the Hulk, including this extremely odd bit that taken out of context takes on a whole new meaning!:

CCI07042017 (3)

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname YES!
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” YES!

CCI07042017_0002 (2)

Ultimately, Spider-Man breaks his hands in trying to release his pent up aggression and the Hulk sympathizes with the bleeding superhero and the two together save a train from crashing.  It’s a pretty fantastic story with a sweet and sad moment of two heroes trying to understand each other.

CCI07042017_0003 (2)

Catching Up With… 6.14.17


I am catching up with the titles on what I pick up off the new release rack. What am I reading? Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:

Scarlet Spider-Man – $3.99
W: David / A: Bagley, Dell, Keith
Current Issue – #3
I am still bummed about Spider-Man 2099 ending and this title being the sort of replacement.  Scarlet Spider definitely toes the line about being a hero and isn’t the most likeable.  I certainly love PD’s work but I am not too optimistic about keeping this title in the pull list.

So Far: C

Venom – $3.99
W: Costa / A: Sandoval, Almara
Current Issue – #151
I was super disappointed in Venom #150 – it was such a build up for this “event” type comic and we were given sort of a forgettable story where Brock now questions if bonding with the symbiote was really a smart move.  #151 picks up again with a fun new beginning but the numbering continues from #150 instead of #8 we get #151.  I wish Marvel would treat their customers with more respect.  The superfluous numbering is very aggravating.

So far: B-

Infamous Iron Man – $3.99
W: Bendis / A: Maleev
Current Issue – #8
The one thing I hate the most is when a cover promises an event that does not actually take place in the comic.  Like the latest issue that shows Reed and Doom in a battle – where in the issue thw two still don’t meet.  Still really good and worth picking up.

So far: B+

Thanos – $3.99
W: Lemire / A: Deodato Jr.
Current Issue – #8
Wow, this book is good.  Thanos is now mortal but still a threat.  While the old crew to take down Thanos has switched targets to Thane, Thane is killing… well, everyone.  Thanos needs his powers back and seeks a trio who can do just that.

So far: A+

Old Man Logan – $3.99
W: Lemire / A: Deodato, Martin
Current Issue – #25
The Maestro is back and Logan is out to kill the rest of the Banner clan.  A group of the incestuous crew try to take him down but… well, fail.  Maestro is looking to move his family to a safer space while planning something catastrophic.  The only issue I had was watching a full head of hair on the old Banner turn into the balding Maestro.  Comeon!  Get with it Deodato!

So far: B+

Hulk – $3.99
W: Tamaki / A: Durate, Milla
Current Issue – #7
We finally see a grey She Hulk in issue 6 – and we get a very subdued reaction from her in issue 7.  A quick back and forth with Hellcat and even a mention of Banner being the Grey Hulk.  Hellcat tries to call her She Hulk and Walters corrects her with “Hulk”.  It’s so slow moving with very little happening – it may be time to dump this book.

So far: Still a D

Spider-Man 2099 – $3.99
W: David / A: Sliney
Current Issue – #23
Miguel is hot on the trail of who destroyed his home in 2099 and the he needs to keep his girl from getting hurt.  This series is looking to end on a huge high note!  Pick this book up and read the heck out of it!

So far: A

Nova – $3.99
W:Loveness, Perez / A: Perez, Hepburn
Last Issue – #7
Sam went after Rider into the Cancerverse but it’s not as easy to save a teammate when he’s been infected.  This was the final issue of this series and that’s just too bad because it was an enjoyable ride and worth the price month after month.

Final: B+

Bane Conquest – $3.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #2 (of 12)
Woah – what is this?  A DC book in my pull list?  That’s right – I have decided to pick up this mini series too get my Batman fix.  It’s fantastic to see the supervillain facing a foe maybe more dangerous than him!  And having to work with Batman?  Priceless!

So Far: A-

Anyways, what are you guys reading? Are you reading any of the same titles? What do you think?

Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 18 – Wild Thing #0

CCI05032017_0005 (2)

Given away with copies of Wizard, Wild Thing is a product of Wolverine and Elektra – let that sink in for a minute.  Man, she must be so hairy!  Anyways, Rina – or Wild Thing – has psychic claws that cannot actually cut or tear.  I know what you’re thinking: What they hell good are they?  Apparently, not much.  They do little to the Hulk when she encounters him in the Canadian woods.

Also, it looks as though Jeph Loeb wasn’t the first to use the horrible idea of a thousand Wendigos crawling all over the forest.  At least this time they give somewhat of an excuse for how this event occurred.  This curse effected an entire boy scout troop and they come face to face with the likes of the Hulk, Wolverine and his little girl Wild Thing.

CCI05032017_0006 (2)

Thankfully, Strange comes to the rescue to restore the boys back to their human form but not before the Hulk knocks the hell out of one of them.  It’s funnier when you remember he just punched a kid most likely still in Elementary School.

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” No

It’s no wonder why this series didn’t even survive 6 issues but it’s funny going through the old 90’s comics and seeing the Marvel now retreading to what they created 20 years before.  Things have gone better than they did back in 1999.