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Pulls From the Short Box 5.23.18

short box

What is the point of comics if you don’t read them? Don’t be one of those CGC slabbing comic book “collectors”! Make sure to read them over and over again! Here is a list of what I’ve been reading from my collection:

Spider-Man 2099 (1992)
W: David / A: Leonardi
Issue I’m Reading – #5-8
Total Issues in the Series: 46s20997
One of the things I remember best about the Ghost Rider series from the 90’s was how every issue seemed to introduce a new villain who Ghost Rider would then dispatch shorty there after.  He literally killed everyone who he went up against.  Spidey 2099 started off sort if the same way where the Specialist is killed in issue#5 after battling Miguel for just a few issues.  We meet a pretty great but sick new villain in the Vulture but he doesn’t stick around for all that long after it’s revealed what he likes to chew on.  Thankfully he and his Freakers crew is beaten by issue #8.

So Far: B+

Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992)
W: Starlin / A: Medina Almond
Issue I’m Reading – #6
Total Issues in the Series: 42Warlock6
I’m not sure how to take the beat down that Warlock takes at the hands of one his oldest arch-nemesis but I do love a great story where the hero, outmatched by strength, has to use his cunning to defeat the bad guy instead.  Next up?  Infinity War cross-over issues!

So Far: B

Catwoman (1993)
W: Duffy/Dixon / A: Balent
Issues I’m Reading – #10-11
Total Issues in the Series: 94Catwoman10
Leading up to Knightsend Selina takes on a mad genius with a knack to building bad ass weaponry.  These issues have some of the best fight scenes and showcase Catwoman’s undeniably great fighting style!

Thankfully I did track down all off the Knightsend issues – but it’s a 10 issue storyline and Cat has just two installments!  The worst part of it all is watching Jean Paul continually lose his mind while Bruce Wayne keeps walking to the edge and then backing off again.  I’m sure when I get to the issue where he finally leaps it will all be worth it!

Also read: Batman #509, Shadow of the Bat #29 and Detective Comics #676.

So far: B+

Batman and Catwoman: Trail of the Gun (2004)
W: Nocenti A: Sciver
Issue I’m Reading- #1-2
Total Issues in the Series: 2Batman_Catwoman2
Written a little heavy handed this tale hardly really starts Bats at all.  Truthfully, most of the time we follow Catwoman through a pretty blasé search for a perfect killing machine – bullets that are heat seekers and can hit it’s target without even being aimed right at you.  Too much preaching to make these issues hold up well.  I wouldn’t even consider myself too bold in saying that you wouldn’t miss out if skipping ever reading these issues.

Issue: C-

Anyways, what are you guys reading from your collection?


Pulls From the Short Box – 4.18.18

short box

What is the point of comics if you don’t read them? Don’t be one of those CGC slabbing comic book “collectors”! Make sure to read them over and over again! Here is a list of what I’ve been reading from my collection:

Spider-Man 2099  (1992)
W: David / A: Leonardi
Issue I’m Reading – #1-4
Total Issues in the Series: #46spidey20994
I’ve always thought that Spidey 2099 was the ballsiest and best of all that the 2009 series had to offer.  That’s also why he’s lasted throughout the years!  The first three issues deal with Miguel trying to handle suddenly having powers and hiding it from his brother, girlfriend and scumbag of a boss.  The fourth issue shows off Miguel’s first real challenge in a villain, calling himself “The Specialist”!  The issue ends especially well with Spidey looking to loose his head!

So Far: B+

Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992)
W: Starlin / A: Medina, Almond
Issues I’m Reading – #1-5
Total Issues in the Series: #42wiw3
Warlock chooses a group of his closest allies to protect the super powerful infinity stones.  This is directly after the events of the Infinity Gauntlet and the Cosmic Beings are still unsure that Warlock should have them.  So, he splits then up and then flys off to visit his friends from the past.  Of course, he comes across more than just friendly faces – ones that he struggles to fight physically and mentally!

So Far: A-

Contest of Champions (2015)
W: Ewing / A: Medina
Issues I’m Reading – #1-10
Total Issues in the Series: 10


You’d think that a series that features, not one incarnation of the Hulk, but two would be high on my MUST READ list!  Unfortunately, you’d be a bit disappointed then.  This series is a fun look at characters you wouldn’t normally see matched up against each other.  Characters that, for all intent and purposes, should NOT be matched up against each other.  There is plenty to enjoy in this series – such as The Maestro pulling the strings behind the curtain to grant him ultimate power while the Collector and Grandmaster focus on winning this “game” – but ultimately this series just throws forgettable characters into forgettable moments and at the end of the last issue you just shrug and say to yourself “Well, that’s it, I guess.”

Series: C

Spider-Man and Batman (1995)
W:DeMatteis  A: Bagley
Issue I’m Reading- #1
Total Issues in the Series: 1spiderbat
You really can’t go wrong with Spidey and Batman facing off against their craziest foes – Carnage and Joker TOGETHER!  Having to battle one is just too nuts – but have these two team-up and you’ll get the most bang for your buck!  Hell, seeing Batman knock out Carnage is worth the price alone!  Mix in seeing the Joker turn on Carnage and then the two turn again… oh man, this story keeps you on your toes the whole way through!

Issue: A-

Anyways, what are you guys reading from your collection?

In Case You Missed It – Round 10

CCI04112018_0007 (2)

Welcome to the week of Hulk on the cover – yet no Hulk to speak of IN the actual books!  Above is a funny but odd choice of a cover for Spider-Man vs Deadpool #31 – no Hulk in the pages of the book – but I appreciate the cover!

CCI04112018_0002 (2)

Next, after some awesome Hulk violence in the pages of Thanos last issue, we just get a recreation of the Hulk vs Venom variant cover for issue #18!  Again – no Hulk in the book – but a great cover none the less!

Captain America #699 had a quick appearance with Banner Hulk but landmark issue #700 has the Hulk on the cover but lacking any sight of the Hulk IN the actual book!  But, finally, we get to a book where the Hulk appears, albeit it briefly, IN the book!  Avengers #688 where the Hulk takes on the Challenger.  Things fare as well as you’d expect – but it’s still pretty great.

CCI04112018_0004 (2)

In Case You Missed It… Round 9


The new Avengers issue boasts a great convo between Jarvis and Bruce Banner.  Banner laments about the knowledge of the newly discovered immortality and his new place in the world because of it.


It sort of hypes me up for the new series rolling out in June.  Glad to see Banner in the book too – one can only hope the Immortal Hulk will go well!  It’s been too long since we had a Hulk book on the racks to look forward to!


In Case You Missed It – Round 8

CCI03282018_0004 (2)

The Hulk continued to rip through the Avengers – but we did learn a few interesting details.  While this Hulk is angry he certainly isn’t the “Hulk Smash” stupid Hulk of the past.

CCI03282018_0005 (2)

He takes a bit of enjoyment out of beating his old friends and even displays his knowledge of the word “irony”.  It’s more of the “Gravage” Hulk that we last saw in Planet Hulk.

CCI03282018_0006 (2)

We even get a sneak peek at Banner solemnly trapped inside Hulk’s head givning an ominous warning about dealing with Jade Jaws.  The best part, of course, was watching the Hulk double cross The Challenger and destroy his little toy.

CCI03282018_0007 (2)

As an added bonus – we got a great second printing cover to #682:

CCI03282018_0003 (2)

Catching Up With… SPOTLIGHT! Weapon H #1 (2018)

CCI03292018 (2)You know that when I do Catching Up With posts once a month on a Wednesday it’s to go over and grade the recent issues on the rack.  I also try to keep people up to date with the best Hulk moments of the week with In Case You Missed It on Mondays but sometimes, just sometimes I want to feature an issue to talk about it specifically!  This time around we’re spotlighting the new series Weapon H.  This is a series I wanted to really like but the first issue left me a bit underwhelmed.  Truthfully, when this character was announced I jumped on the train with the other haters immediately dissing Marvel for such a silly idea.

CCI03292018_0001 (2)

The worst way to give a self manicure. 


After reading the origin story that Pak rolled out I was really excited for the new series I knew would follow.  Part of my fears, though, were over the fact that they would turn what would potentially be a great villain into another reluctant hero.  Amazingly, this is exactly what Pak delivered to us.  I must have rolled my eyes quite a bit at the fact that I guessed the exact route they were taking this character.

CCI03292018_0002 (2)

The other problem I had with the premiere issue – and it’s a problem that I have with most Marvel books these days – is the pacing is so slow!  What happened in this issue would have taken only 3 pages to tell back in the day – and now they drag it out over 20 pages.

CCI03292018_0003 (2)

I even have to admit to not being a big fan of the way Smith drew the Wendigo.  It reminded me more of the creature from The Crate in Creepshow than it did of Wendigo.  I wouldn’t exactly lower my rating for an issue over some creative takes on a character – because the issue is very well drawn – but this just added to the pile of grievances I already had with this comic.

I will be sticking with this series for a bit to see if the story picks up but I don’t know how long I will stick with it if this is the way the series will unfold.  Grade: C

Did anyone out there pick this up?  What did you think?

In Case You Missed It – Round 7

CCI03222018 (2)

CCI03222018_0001 (2)

Of course, Avengers: No Surrender is weekly right now so we didn’t have to wait long to see the Hulk take on the Red Hulk in some sort of Iron Man vest and gloves.  Sort of like an Iron Man stripper outfit.

CCI03222018_0002 (2)

The Hulk makes quick work of Red Hulk in iron vest and even has a “Wha…wha…whaaaaat?” moment as he absorbs the Red Hulk’s gamma power and drains him enough to trigger a transformation.  Hulk also gives Vision a facial.  I might not be using that term correctly… either way Hulk smashes the crap out of Vision’s head and power source.

CCI03222018_0003 (2)

CCI03222018_0004 (2)

As an added bonus, over in Thanos the Hulk has a quick cameo taking on the Fallen One – instead of attacking back the Surfer tries to help out his old friend.  As great as that moment was and as gruesome and graphic as issue #17 was it’s still hard to watch one of the greatest and most powerful characters in the MU being taken out by a cheap shot.

CCI03222018_0005 (2)

CCI03222018_0006 (2)