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Catching Up With 2.8.17


1It would be nice to let you know what’s going on in the world of Hulk but I haven’t really been keeping up.  I peruse the latest issue of Totally Awesome Hulk on the stands but I don’t bother buying it.  What am I reading?  Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:

Unworthy Thor: Current Issue – #3 Jason Aaron finally deals with the repercussions of what happened to Thor during Original Sin.  Thor, no longer Thor and now Odinson, is on a journey of identity.  He hears of a new Mjolnir that has fallen from the sky and he is not the only one.  Aaron is a creative writer who knows his Marvel history (it’s too bad he didn’t bring all this awesomeness to his Hulk run!) and is giving us a fun tale of a former superhero with a identity crisis.  If he is not Thor, then who is he?  He still enjoys a good battle and doesn’t shy away from mixing it up (with his trusty goat) but with the promise of a new hammer Odinson wonders if this is his way to fixing his crisis of faith in himself.

So far: B+

Nova: Current Issue  – #3 I read and enjoyed the 2014 reboot of Sam Alexander taking the helm of the Nova.  The boy trying to balance being a cosmic hero and school was a funny and exciting book.  I skipped the following reboot with Sam finding his Dad (but not his Dad).  Now we continue with Sam Alexander joining forces with the hero from Annihilation, Nova Rich Rider.  Sam is still looking for his Dad, Rich Rider is coping with his… skin condition and together they are encountering bad guys who need pummeling!

So far: B

Hulk: Current Issue – #2 Jen Walters has been coping with the after effects of Civil War II. She is trying to get her life back to normal with a new job at a new law firm and representing a client with a mysterious roommate. I wish the story was moving a little faster and had a better pace.  It seems to be moving too slow to keep my interest but for right now I’m still along for the ride.

So far: C+

Spider-Man 2099: Current Issue – #20 Peter David is still one of my favorite writers – and unlike the writers of today that seem to pace out there issues like a sloth David still delivers some classic superhero tales!  It’s refreshing to read a book and feel like you aren’t just being set up for the next issue with promises of action coming up – but delivering action with every new release! Spidey 2099 also has the honor of being the highest number issue of series I’m currently reading! Miguel O’Hara is battling heroes from the future and terrorists from “The Hand” in todays landscape – and while things aren’t exactly going his way he’s stays ever positive that things will get better.

So far: A-

Thanos: Current Issue – #3 I could look at Deodato’s artwork all day, everyday.  The man is an amazing talent!  The first issue ends with an interesting hook – although, one that isn’t too shocking – SPOILERS: Thanos is dying.  I say it’s not shocking mainly because… he dies all the time now!  That being said, this series has been a thrill ride so far and I hope it keeps up!  Lemire is treating Thanos with all the respect he deserves  – and I keep looking forward to the next issue!

So far: A

Infamous Iron Man: Current Issue – #4 Dave from Zapp Comics told me to check out this title.  It is an interesting take where Marvel’s biggest bad (Doom) is on a path to redemption by picking up the mantle of Iron Man.  Trying to be a good guy after years of trying to take down heroes isn’t as easy Doom would like.  The pace, again, is a bit slower than I’d like – with 4 issues in nothing has really happened, short of a small scuffle with Grim.  I am enjoying it though and look forward to the next issue.

So far: B

I did read the last TAH issue and was left scratching my head.  The whole issue revolved around the new heroes patting themselves on the back for the amount of diversity that is now spread across the MU.  While I have nothing against diversity – I certainly am not looking for a whole issue of the heroes talking about it – I want the Hulk beating up bad guys!  Anyways, what are you guys reading?  Are you reading any of the same titles?  What do you think?

Hulk Guest Appearances #14 -Devil Dinosaur #1 (2005)


This issue has almost everything – every classic move the Hulk has.  While battling Devil Dinosaur the throws out how he is “The Strongest One There Is!” and of course “The Madder Hulk gets the Stronger Hulk gets!”  but the best part of this issue is watching two of Jack Kirby’s creations battle it out!  A match up that never happened in the original run of the underappreciated Devil Dinosaur.  I sort of wish this was just the beginning of a new series because this issue is fantastic from beginning to end but, alas, it is just a one-shot.


The best part of the issue is when Hulk and Devil sort of figure out who is behind everything and wreak havoc on their surroundings – I don’t like to give too much away but let’s just say I love seeing when all powerful beings realize they are in way over their heads!


Thunder Clap No
Mind Control YES?
Funny Nickname YES
Hero vs. Hero YES
“Hulk Smash!” YES

Hulk Guest Appearances Vol. 13 – The Mighty Thor #489 (1995)


Hulk and Thor have battled many times – dating back to the formation of the Avengers – but Thor has bested the jade beast hardly ever.  Hulk is just too strong!  This does not mean Thor is a slouch in any way – it just means that the Hulk is better!  Of course, when the Hulk has to remain in control and can’t let loose on the golden-haired hero… well things don’t go as smoothly for the beast.


At a time when the Hulk’s raging anger turned him back to the 90-pound brilliant weakling the Hulk knew he couldn’t rely on his full anger to bail him out this time.  This is one of the rare times the Hulk is actually totally in the right.  With Thor stuck in “Death City” with Hela and Thor’s friends unable to help it is up to Hulk to make his way to Hel and save goldilocks.


The two tangle for most of the issue with the Hulk restrained from letting loose but Thor unleashing his full affront.  While the Hulk doesn’t quit and Thor being immortal Hela is inclined to take a trade: Thor for Malekith and Kurse (apparently there was a two for one special going on) releasing Thor from the promise he hade to be Hela’s slave.  Of course, the Hulk and Thor decided to team up and take a second before leaving Hel to beat the heck out of one of Balder’s pup.  Nothing like abusing a Hel puppy for real male bonding.



Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes
Hero vs. Hero Yes
“Hulk Smash!” No

Hulk Appearances: Volume 9 – Silver Surfer #125



Without Banner the Hulk has no humanity to keep him at bay.  The Silver Surfer was not aware of this anomaly until this issue.  Whenever the two have met while the Surfer was always impressed with the Hulk’s pure rage and strength, ultimately, he was no match for the Surfer’s cosmic power.  This meeting didn’t go as usual though – mainly because Banner was ripped into another dimension.


The Surfer, after years of soaring the space ways, has finally returned to Earth.  One of his first encounters is with his old teammate, the Hulk.  The Hulk is angry though – and Banner-less – and the Surfer can’t seem to get the idea until he tries to return the emerald giant to his human form… only to realize that there is no human form there.


The Hulk believes he is dying but the Surfer realizes the truth.  This issue directly follow the events of Hulk #450 where Strange confronted the Hulk and the Heroes Reborn storyline was finally unfolding the returning to Earth – meaning there are two Hulks that will inhabit the same universe… at least for a few brief instances.  It’s about a decade later when the Hulk and Surfer will tangle together again.

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No

Hulk Appearances – Volume 8: Ghost Rider #49


I can’t really say much about Vengeance.  I know he was created in the pages of Spirits of Vengeance and Adam Kubert created his look.  At the time I just thought he looked a bit silly with larger spikes, bigger, sharper teeth, larger (and purpler) head.  He originally was a foe to both Blaze and Ghost Rider but at some point he decided to do some good.  Maybe because he was a detective before and realized the police are supposed to be the good guys.



Of course, who knows who is who and what their motives are until they come face to face with each other.  Such is the case in Ghost Rider #49 where Vengeance and Hulk meet for the first time.  In the rare case where the Hulk is the level headed one it’s Vengeance who strikes first and without real provocation.  He even takes cheap shots:


I couldn’t help think to myself as I read the pages “Oh, it’s another hero vs. hero who doesn’t realize they should be fighting together” issue.  And, the best part, this happened:

CCF01232016_0006 - Copy

The Hulk and Vengeance do end up teaming up and taking down a couple of baddies trying to take Vengeance out (or down).  In the issue we are also purvy to the fact that the real Ghost Rider is coming back.  This issue is one of the more entertaining guest spots that the Hulk has to offer.  It’s both funny and action packed.  Vengeance will never be one of my favorite characters – but the time that he meets the Hulk will be.


Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No

He’s Just Not That Into You: A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments- Week 31

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


To understand the relationship between Marlo Chandler and Mr. Fixit is to delve into insanity.  Fixit was not a nice person.  Every foe was ridiculed and every friend was turned away.  He only tolerated Berengetti because he kept him in the lap of luxury and paid for XXXXXXXL pinstriped suits.  While Fixit still enjoyed a lady’s company – it wasn’t like he turned into a puppy dog for a short skirt!  Enter, Marlo.

Marlo, from her introduction, seemed like a smart woman who didn’t take any guff from anyone – which is odder on why she fell so hard for Joe Fixit.  In Web of Spider-Man we see just how touchy Ole’ Joe can be when Marlo shows up unannounced:


Of course, things only get worse after Marlo gets caught in the Warzone’s crossfire:

CCF03222016_0016 - Copy

CCF03222016_0016 - Copy (2)

And of course, Fixit responds in the most appropriate manner:


What was so great about Fixit was also what made him such a bastard and unlikable.  Fixit was all action, didn’t really mince words, was crass and rude and we loved it all – which is what made his treatment of Marlo that much harder to take.  We liked how he humiliated his opponents but Marlo didn’t deserve such an abrupt shutout.  She certainly did deserve someone to care about her – which is why it was so nice to see her land with Rick Jones years later.  Not that that ended well for her…

Hulk Appearances: Volume 7 – Avengers #72 (487)-75 (490)


There is a funny thing about the Hulk going on a rampage and the heroes who try to stop him.  Everyone thinks they have the best idea to “talk” the raging monster down.  It happens more often than not that some Avenger will say the magic words that will sooth the savage beast.  The issue is – there is no talking to a time bomb.  They usually learn this the hard way which is un for the reader but has to be a real bother for said hero.

Hulk’s cousin, Jen Walters, never seemed to have this issue though.  She never “Hulked Out” quite the same way.  She was able to stay in control for the most part – but in this instance Jen is in search for Bruce Banner because she’s afraid.  She’s losing control and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

The Avengers are hot on her heels and try to intervene before her and Bruce can meet up.  The only thing is… Jen isn’t having any of it.  She “Shulks Out” when Scarlet Witch fails at talking her down.  Sound familiar?    Well, things get worse with the appearance of Hawkeye – who thinks he may be the one person to take the She Hulk down.  Sounds familiar, right?  Basically, She Hulk over powers everyone and destroys the little town she arrived at seeking her cousin.  The one thing Hawkeye is able to do is draw her away from the town and into the forest.


This is where Bruce is hiding out and he starts making head way in getting Jen to listen – but Hawkeye doesn’t let sleeping dog lie and she nails Bruce Banner with an arrow.  The Avengers thought it was bad having to deal with one Hulk – now they have two!  Even worse, the real Hulk is stronger and more destructive than his female counter-part.

One of the odder things that this issue offers is that Jen Walters spends the entire story lashing out in her bra and panties.  Even when the two Hulk square off Jen is stuck battling her cousin in her underthings.  Truth be told it’s all kind of… icky.  This issue does deliver some great moments including letting Jack of Hearts take the savior role – which, let’s be honest, how often does that happen?  All in all, this 4 issue story arc is worth every

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes!
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” Yes!