Hulk Laser Sculpture (1997)

Lasermatch made this Keown inspired sculpted piece of metal.  They made it for Marvel’s 35th anniversary in 1997.  I actually didn’t pick this up in 1997 – instead I waited.  And the wait was worth it – I picked this up for $10 on ebay.  Retail for this back then?  It was either $39.99 orContinue reading “Hulk Laser Sculpture (1997)”

Hulk Bobblehead (2003)

So – apparently the header on the blog has made a little ripple with one particular Hulk fan.  The one and only Sean Anderson.  If you remember, Sean is an amazing customizer who has shown his amazing work on this site over and over!  He asked about the body of what looks like a Hulk statue above…Continue reading “Hulk Bobblehead (2003)”

Hulk #27 (2010) – The Review

So, we have the Red Hulk series which has improved a lot since Parker took over – but the sales are in a steep decline.  What does that tell us?  People like flash over substance.  It’s too bad – it’s like people wanted to be treated like idiots.  Pandered to like a group os 5thContinue reading “Hulk #27 (2010) – The Review”

The Incredible Hulks #616 (2010) – The Review

So, the big showdown is here!  Hiro vs Hulk – Hiro vs Skaar!  Can the Hulk’s new family really save the world?  Can they stop K’ai from crashing into Earth and killing billions?  Can they stop Hiro – someone who seems to revel in making others die?  Can the Hulk really kill his son?  TheContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #616 (2010) – The Review”

The Mighty World of Marvel #197 (1972)

Speaking of Wolverine… overseas they released what they called the Mighty World of Marvel – and what that was were black and white reprints.  I have not been able to track down #198 – the reprint of Wolvie’s first (really second) appearance.  I did get this one though – #197, Wolverine’s cameo (first real appearance). Continue reading “The Mighty World of Marvel #197 (1972)”

Hallmark Hulk/Wolverine Ornament (2010)

The new set of Hallmark ornaments have hit the stores – I first saw them back in early October – and I was going to wait to display it but then I thought better.  I figures if people didn’t know about this then showcasing it now would be for the best.  It’s actually an amazing littleContinue reading “Hallmark Hulk/Wolverine Ornament (2010)”

BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)

I wasn’t as interested in picking this one up as I was the green version – I mean, the green is just too beautiful!  They grey is nice too, it’s just that, this sculpt is absolutely perfect in green!  It practically has popped right out of the pages of the comics!  This isn’t to sayContinue reading “BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)”

Which Green Do I Think is the Most Accurate?

I have to say – the Hulk has been many shades og green in the comic – and that blames lies with Marvel only.  I think they should pick one color green and stick with it.  But no one can deny that the majority of the time the Hulk has a lighter, almost yellow/green.  ThatContinue reading “Which Green Do I Think is the Most Accurate?”

Marvel Universe Hulk Key Chain (2010)

I know some of you won’t consider this “rare” but I had a heck of a time finding it!  In fact, to date I have only ever seen one – and that’s the one I am showing off here.  I consider myself very lucky to get it – I picked it up at a Newbury ComicsContinue reading “Marvel Universe Hulk Key Chain (2010)”