My Thanksgiving!

A Sealed Bottle of the 2003 Hulk Chocolate Syrup!

This trip to NJ was a blast – and one of the things that actually made me remember being a Hulk fan!  Quite a few things happened this week, by the way, I hope every US fan of this blog had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!  Now, last time I posted I told you guys that I was able to snag a bottle of the 2003 Hulk Hershey’s Syrup off of ebay.  I told you of my intent to partake in a glass of 7 to 8 year-old chocolate milk with one of my closest friends, my friend Corry.

This is a $2.00 Bottle of Happiness!

The seller contacted me about the syrup – saying he was going to mail it Friday and that he was not sure it would make it to my house by Tuesday.  I was bummed but I understood.  I was thinking that winning the auction was a waste now – but oh well.  Amazingly, the syrup showed up in all it’s glory on Monday!  I was so psyched!  I even snapped a photo with my daughter:

Alexandra and the Bottle of Hulky Syrup!

As you can see – the bottle is (sorry – was!) still sealed.  My first thought is “who the hell kept a sealed bottle of this syrup for almost a full decade?”  But my next tought was just excitement about ripping it open and tasting the green deliciousness!  Oh, that’s right – for all of you who did not know – let me explain.

Corry Before the Tasting!
The Thanksgiving Feast!

The 2003 Hulk may still remain as one of the most merchandised Marvel movies ever.  When the 2003 movie was released the Hulk was everywhere!  You could not go anywhere without seeing the green hue of the menacing monster.  It was awesome!  Hershey’s did a promotional syrup for the movie where, instead of the regular syrup turning milk into delicious, brown chocolate milk, this syrup turned your milk into a tall glass of GREEN chocolate milk!  Green!  And it tasted exactly like regular chocolate milk!

The Opening!
The Pouring!

I haven’t had a glass of this treat since 2003 – but there was no way I was going this alone!  And I knew there was only ONE person who would want to be part of this moment with me – Corry Brown!  And the perfect setting for our experimental tasting of 7-year-old chocolate milk… was of course ZAPP Comics in Wayne, NJ!  I have had a relationship with this store thanks to Corry – and met the owner many times, a great guy named Ben (who was in his own excitement for the holidays – but more business wise than the impending food coma) who chose not to take the green plunge with us – but wished us luck all the same.

The Mixing! Look at that Emerald Hue!

So the moment of truth came – I snagged a half-gallon of milk, a nice batch of cookies and some cups – along with the Hulk syrup and we poured ourselves a nice heaping glass.  Funny enough – I like to pour the milk first – Corry chooses to go syrup first.  That’s a mistake in my opinion – you should always go milk first – simply because, when you pour the syrup first it clings to the side of the glass, but milk first allows the syrup to sit on the side of the cup!  It’s the truth!  Try it yourself!

Me, laughing at how really gross the milk looks!

Anyways – let’s just say the green goodness was as delicious as we both remembered – yet neither of us finished our HUGE glasses of green milk.  I did get close as I dunked a few cookies into mine – they came out stained by the emerald sludge – but damn they were good!  I was also hoping regular site visitor and fellow Hulk enthusiast Gammapup might even stop by – but alas we were not in such luck.  Mike, you should count yourself lucky – Corry and I would totally have made you drink a glass as well!

The Tasting #1!
The Tasting #2!

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope everybody got to do something original and hilarious and memorable!  I know I won’t forget this year! – Ratchet

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4 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving!

  1. I knew I missed this auction for a reason. I was all set to bid on this and JUST missed it. Forgot about it and remembered a second too late! I’m glad it ended up in gamma-radiated stomachs!

  2. I am so jealous of you! The Hulk 2003 advertising boom didn’t hit the Philippines – with the exception of that syrup! And may I also commend your valor in drinking a year-old diary product?

    Ha ha – Happy Thanksgiving, Ratchet! The best to you and your family.

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