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Hulk Stamp Postcards (2007)

Hulk Mask 009

Hulk Stamp Postcard

I love the images chosen for the 2007 Super Hero stamps… and it was pretty amazing luck when I happened into the post office 2 years ago to see the stamps – I didn’t even know they were releasing them! I just happen to be in the post office that day – and there they were!  Well, this is almost the same thing – I walked into Outer Limits – and that guy has some really cool items – but man, his prices are hard to swallow at times – but I did see these postcards in the spinner and picked them up.  Pretty short and story I know – but what do you want – I just finished with work and I’m tired!

Hulk Mask 008

Hulk Stamp Postcard #2

Hulk Postcards 4 (2005)

Postcards 4

These postcards don’t feature the Hulk comics – they instead feature other comics that the Hulk has appeared in.  As you can see – Fantastic Four (Hulk could and has beaten the Thing way too many times for people to think that they would have a good fight anymore.)  And the Hulk has also appeared in Spiderman a ton of times too.  The Avengers was a mistake from the beginning.  Hulk does not belong in a group.  The group dynamic does not work with him.  It’s like me and organized sports – they just should not mix.

Hulk Postcards 3 (2005)

postcards 3

These Postcards are from Hulk comics #175, #227, and #181.  Why does it always seem like the Hulk meets the other super heroes by having to fight with them?  Maybe Hulk wouldn’t be so angry if the other heroes weren’t all up in his grill all the time. 

Hulk Postcards 2 (2006)

Postcards 2

These postcards feature the covers to the comics #1, 3 & 6.  They came in a pack of Marvel postcards.  There are a few more Hulk ones that I will post later. 

Postcards (1995)


These I got in the now defunct Comic Book Museum.  I went there with my friend Corry to see some sort of display – I forget now.  I remember it being really amazing that they even had a comic book museum – but it didn’t last very long.  Was a bit if a shame really.  The Sam Keith card on the bottom looks like the model for the Art Asylum bust that I posted.  Click right here to see it.