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Marvel Legends Angela (2017)

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Angela has to have one of the best back stories of any comic character ever.  I can’t recall any other hero that would have their back story in a completely different comic universe – to be killed in said universe – and then to mysteriously appear in another universe.  She is still who she is – which is bad ass – with a few tweaks that make sense.  She’s still an angel who kicks ass and now defends the greater good in one of the more celebrated comic universes.  How long until we see her in the movies?

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Marvel acquisition of the character even made the original appearance in Spawn #9 worth something – raw copies are still easily attainable but graded copies are going what I loving refer to as “nutso”.  That being said, it was hard to pass up the first figure that Marvel ever created of her!  Who knows if it will be worth anything in the future – the Spawn Angela figure is pretty plentiful so it hovers around the $5-$10 range.  There used to be a version that didn’t paint on underwear under the armor that was artfully dubbed “Party Angela” (Man, us collectors are a perverted and insane bunch).  This Angela would not have such a variation as her whole costume is just the underwear accessorized with an oversized belt and gold boots.



Clerks Inaction Figures – Brodie (2003)

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I already showed my affinity for this character when I blogged about the newer release – but this animated sculpt comes from the 2003 Clerks Inaction Figure line that, thankfully, covered most of Kevin Smith’s movie up to that time.  Just like the description suggests, this figure does not have any articulation but it does sport a Bluntman and Chronic comic!  Although, it does not seem to be in a bag or board.  Bloody Savage.


Slimed Venkman (2016)

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I don’t think you’d find many other people as excited as I was when they announced they were producing Ghostbusters toys.  Part of the problem when they did arrive was that they were released 4 at a time with 2 main players and then 2 supporting characters.  I loved the figures – but wasn’t really interested in a Annie Potts figure.  Sure, she had they great line “Ghostbusters, what do you want?” when she answered the phone but I didn’t need a plastic figure to remind me of her secondary role.

Overall, I ended up only purchasing a couple from the whole line.  I picked up Slimer – because, comeon!  It’s Slimer!  Even though the reboot bastardized the little green spud by creating a whole family and having him drive a car (it’s as funny as it sounds – unless that sounds funny to you, in that case… it wasn’t funny at all).  The only other figure I picked up was the Slimed Peter Venkman.  What was one of the most memorable scenes of the entire movie was Bill Murray laying on the ground in a puddle of slime after being assaulted by the angry, little, free-roaming vapor.

Boasting a whole bunch of accessories including 6 hands and 4 gloved hands, a walkie and a proton pack stream this figure could not be any cooler!  I think it even captures Murray’s likeness really well!  I think all these figures were done well – but this was the one I decided could not stay on the pegs.


Funko Mystery Minis – Video Game Figures (2016)

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Yes, these figures were technically in mystery packages but they weren’t much of a mystery.  If you bought the packages marked with Pac- Man you were going to get one of four figures.  Pac-Man, Ms. Pacman, Pinky or Blinky.  I refuse to call them anything other than that – there’s only one “Speedy” and he wears a hat and has a tail.

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These figures came out at the perfect time – after the classic NES was released and re-ignited my love for classic video games!  I left the Dig Dug and Centipede figures on the shelf but made sure to grab all of the Pac-Man related figures as well as Q-Bert.  I still never beat Q-Bert – it was, in my opinion, one of the harder but more enjoyable games.  I never see it anymore either.  It’s too bad.  Every time Q-Bert died he swore – just as I imagine I would.

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Cosmic Silver Surfer and Pip the Troll (1998)

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Time travel would be amazing – if there were restrictions on being able to travel only in your won lifetime I would seriously consider the later 90’s.  Specifically, 1996 when Marvel decided to create a whole slew of new animated series including the Fantastic Four, Hulk (of course), and the Silver Surfer.  None of these shows fared all that well with the Surfer’s show only lasting 13 episodes.  If memory serves, I don’t think they even aired all 13.  But some of the best figures came out because of these shows.  This is the only remaining figure I have… but I am looking to get the others.  Cosmic Surfer and Pip the Troll.  While it is cool to see Pip in figure form neither figure is the classic characters so they aren’t all that exciting.  I still love the packaging though!

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IMG_0561 (2)

Doomsday Superman (2016)

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I will always love the Death of Superman as the event happened just as I was beginning to collect. The fervor to grab an issue was so exciting and has never been duplicated.  The excitement, anyways.  When DC introduced the Multiverse figures I was excited to snag one.  I showed off the Doomsday before – not the classic Doomsday figure – but still, worth picking up.  The funny thing is, I can still remember asking a friend for a ride to the comic shop that day – traffic getting out of school was always horrible but he drove me most of the way and we were dead stopped on the main road.  I told him that it was cool and hopped out in the middle of traffic.  It was killing me not to be at the shop already and getting my poly-bagged copy of Superman #75.

When I arrived at the shop a man walked in right before me.  He walked up to the new release rack and grabbed every copy of the Death of Superman off the shelf and went and bought it.  No joke – every. single. copy.  We’re talking about at least 50 copies.  I was bummed out and must have had a distraught look on my face.  When Elise, the woman behind the counter, saw me she said – “No worries hun, we have plenty in the back room.  How many copies you need?”


WildCATs Daemonite (1994)

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Truthfully, early Image did not really have much as far great reading for me.  I loved Spawn and I loved WildC.A.T.S.  I had yet to really indulge in the brilliance of Savage Dragon.  Of course, as most of us know, WildC.A.T.S. didn’t last through the years – but I still think the original team had a ton of potential.  Grifter was great, as well as VooDoo and Zealot.  Ultimately, even Alan Moore couldn’t keep the readers with the title was cancelled.  Reboots didn’t fare much better – but I still remember the original dozen or so issues was a blast.

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I remember when the figures hit shelves back in 1994 and how excited I was to snag the only figure I thought looked cool enough to buy – the Daemonite.  His four eyes and four arms – including the two stubby T-Rex arms – as well as the rows of sharp teeth that reminded me of Critters – everything was perfect for an evil villain type.  Well, on my trip to NJ in March I came across this figure at Zapp Comic Con for a fantastic $2.  Money well spent!  This figure should be on everyone’s shelves!

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