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Brady and Gronk POP! Figures (2016)

IMG_0479 (2)

Being a prideful New Englander I will always stand by my guys – the Pats are dynasty and in a league all their own.  I know much of the rest of the country may hate us but, let’s get real here, it’s because jealousy never sits well in anyone’s gut.  I will lay it all out for you – and I’m not looking for a debate here – fair warning – but I don’t think Brady is guilty of doing anything wrong.  Deflategate was just another delusion that haters want to cling to for a reason that we are unstoppable!

Enough gloating… actually, these figures were gifted to me by my beautiful wife after our last Superbowl win.  A win, I might add, that was not an easy grab!  The Falcons brought everything they had to the game and good for them – I just feel like they lost steam in the second half.  But man, what a win!  I was out of my seat and jumping all over the place – I seriously could not contain myself.  For all the fans of this blog you know I don’t mention the Pats often – but I’m making a exception this time… because this is our year to gloat, baby!

The New 52 Doomsday (2016)


Not sure why the original had to be improved upon.  Doomsday was and is the coolest villain that Superman has to offer.  This new version, only available as a Build A Figure from the DC Multiverse line, is still pretty cool looking – but I miss the bones over his eyes.  I still think the protruding bones could look better but they don’t look terrible.  The only reason I picked this big guy up is I still hold out for a Hulk/Doomsday battle to play out in the pages of a crossover someday.


Marvel Legends Yellow and Brown Wolverine (2016)

IMG_0503 (2)

There have been quite a few Wolverine figures – actually, that’s an understatement.  Wolverine, due to his popularity, has more figures between Hasbro, Toy Biz and all other entities making Marvel figures than most any other character.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the only other character who can wrestle that title from Wolvie is Marvel’s flagship, Spider-Man himself.  It wasn’t until 2016 when we got what many consider the ultimate Wolverine figure – the yellow and brown costumed, runt of  figure from the Marvel Legends X-Men line.

IMG_0504 (2)

It was the figure that collectors have been asking for and one that Marvel finally released.  He’s accurately shorter than most of the other figures in the ML line and sports the costume that pretty much every Wolvie fan would agree is their favorite!  Funny enough, even though Wolverine is most known for his yellow and blue duds it’s the yellow and brown that he has spent the most time in.  At least according to this site.

Toy vs Toy Thursday!


For non-Hulk Thursday I am going to discuss the BAF Juggernaut (on the right) and the Marvel Select (on the left… obviously) figure.  Now, really we should just stop comparing the two lines because Marvel Select is just a more impressive, better quality line than the Marvel Legends line.  That’s not to say that Marvel Legends isn’t a great line in itself – but compared to Marvel Select – I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t hold a candle.


ML Juggy comes in the pieces of the X-Men line.  Wile it is a fun figure and worth picking up the truth is that the weight of the figure is so, oddly, light.  It doesn’t look like it should be – but it is.  The bright colors are also an odd choice whereas you can see the dark wash they put on the MS Juggernaut makes the figure really pop.  In fact, the only aspect that the ML figure holds over the MS figure is the face sculpt is way better on the ML one.  That being said, the head doesn’t seem to match up with the smoothness of the rest of the figure.  So all the work they put into the head sculpt is somewhat a waste when you see the figure as a whole.


Like I said, the ML Juggernaut is not a bad figure – truthfully, if you can’t find the MS Juggy then by all means, track down the ML figure.  Since both figures are pretty comparable in price it’s really up to you, the buyer.  For my money, though, no one compares to the large, heavy hitting figures when Marvel Select throws their hat into the ring.

Doctor Strange Metal Figure (2016)


I think everyone was pleasantly surprised with just hos enjoyable the Dr Strange movie was.  I know I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did!  Seeing the merchandise dominate the retail space wasn’t completely unexpected though… and most of it was a pass for me.  I did decide to purchase the classic looking metal figure – and as a founding member of the Defenders it makes sense in the Hulk room!  So, bonus!


The one thing I noticed too is that it wasn’t riddled with holes like the Hulk figure is.  Of course, I think they are just hidden behind the cape – but I have never wished the Hulk to don a cape until this moment!  The only real missing piece is the details on the edge of the cape.  I sort of wish it featured the yellow with squiggly pattern like it does in the comic.


Over Sized Dorbz Rocket Raccoon (2015)


I have to confess – I prefer the Dorbz figures over the Pop figures that everyone else seems to be going crazy over.  I know that there is a Pop figure for… well, pretty much everything over the sun.  Even Sixteen Candles.  Who was looking for Sixteen Candles collectibles?  Apparently, someone.  I enjoy the Dorbz better – mainly because they remind me of the Mighty Muggs and they do not sport the bobblehead feature that the Pop figures do.


This is the XL Rocket Dorbz so it stands an impressive 6″ – just as a size comparison regular Dorbz are half that size.  I only have a few Dorbz figures but I was able to snag this one for a song as it was being clearanced out at Barnes and Noble.


Lego Venom Symbiote (2016)


Nothing is cooler than when Lego creates a set that is out of this world – a set you’d never expect to see – and they did it this time when they released this gem.  The Venom saga is one of the most enjoyable and crazy violent reads in the Marvel empire.  Somewhere along the line Venom, while still bonded with Eddie Brock, sprouted multiple heads – and it was amazing – this set is too cool because it shows the symbiote sprouting 5 heads!


It also has a super creepy spider theme with it.  It makes this figure a must have!  It also comes with a Spider-Man figure – but who cares?  Look at this freaking thing!  The Venom figure that was released before had only a few tendrils that you could spin on it’s back.  This set gives the real chaotic feel of what facing a symbiote must be like.  I think these are still available at TRU – do yourself a favor and pick it up today!  I have a feeling once this set is sold out you will have a hard time finding it!