Marvel 80th Anniversary First Appearance Wolverine Funko Pop (2019)

With the comic market being as volatile as it is, and people buying new and classic comics for a premium price, there aren’t very many books that you can guarantee will continue to hold its value.  Throughout the years though, there is one issue that continues to rise in price and stayed desirable with collectors:Continue reading “Marvel 80th Anniversary First Appearance Wolverine Funko Pop (2019)”

Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Rocket Raccoon #462 (2019)

How did Rocket get so lucky to be an exclusive this time around?  Not that he did a whole lot in Endgame besides babysit Thor.  Still here is another Rocket Pop – there are now 18 total Pops of Rocket to acquire – including the new Venomized Rocket – which looks amazing!  Overall, this oneContinue reading “Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Rocket Raccoon #462 (2019)”

Total Chaos’ Quartz (1997)

I used to have every figure released by McFarlane Toys.  I could not deny a finely sculpted figure – especially one that is as unique and impressive as Quartz!  The clear pieces of “rock” shooting out of this figure is the best part of this character.  The articulation isn’t the best – but the interchangeableContinue reading “Total Chaos’ Quartz (1997)”

Luke Cage / Claire Temple Marvel Legends 2-Pack (2019)

Luke Cage and the infamous Night Nurse played by the very sexy Rosario Dawson finally have their day in the sun with their very own 6 inch figures!  No lie, I was not going to pick these up but once I saw them in hand I decided to go for it.  The likenesses of theseContinue reading “Luke Cage / Claire Temple Marvel Legends 2-Pack (2019)”

Black Panther Wacky Wobbler (2018)

I’ll be honest, I miss the Marvel Collectors Corp.  I adored getting the b every other month – even when the contents inside didn’t live up to the hype of the actual box itself.  But hey, I know they are still available if I wanted them – just through Amazon.  I have not taken advantageContinue reading “Black Panther Wacky Wobbler (2018)”

Geoffrey Schleich Figure (2017)

I miss Toys R Us.  I miss working at Toys R Us.  I was lucky enough to snag almost every Geoffrey memorabilia piece that they produced.  Schleich has always made quality products so it was nice to see this company put the toy store mascot to plastic.  What wasn’t so great was watching all ofContinue reading “Geoffrey Schleich Figure (2017)”

Heroes Reborn Promo Poster (1997)

There are recent event comics that were put together better than Heroes Reborn – but that’s not saying much.  The Heroes Reborn catalogue was handled by 90’s superstars Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld.  This was about the time when people realized just how untalented and what a hack Rob Liefeld truly is.  While this posterContinue reading “Heroes Reborn Promo Poster (1997)”

Marvel Legends Doc Ock (2018)

There are a few Marvel Legends that aren’t Hulk related that I just had to break protocol and buy.  When they create a classic figure so well that it encapsulates the very character it portrays then it’s hard to ignore.  Doc Ock was easily one of those figures.  The bulky and pudgy villain is perfectlyContinue reading “Marvel Legends Doc Ock (2018)”