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Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Rocket Raccoon #462 (2019)

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How did Rocket get so lucky to be an exclusive this time around?  Not that he did a whole lot in Endgame besides babysit Thor.  Still here is another Rocket Pop – there are now 18 total Pops of Rocket to acquire – including the new Venomized Rocket – which looks amazing!  Overall, this one lies pretty much at the bottom of cool Rocket Pops mainly because his little Avengers suit is too adorable on a bad ass like Rocket!

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Terminator Wind Up Robot (2001)

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Way back when I was without any children and a lot more adventurous I went to London with a friend.  Searching all the amazing stores and learning through the culture it was eye opening to see another part of the world.  One of my favorite pieces I found was this little robot in the vain of the Terminator.  It has a little key on the side that you can wind up and watch as it will slowly and creepily skulk toward you!  Even better it has a unwinding “whirring” sound as it does!

Bane Lego Guy (2017)

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I love the larger Lego figures.  Ever since they created the larger piece for the Hulk in the Avengers movie sets they’ve created quite a few characters from it.  Bane is larger than Batman in the comics – maybe not this much bigger – but still, bigger.  The greatest aspects of this guy is the venom pack and green tubes that are injected into his arms.

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Also, the 70’s style vest with the “fur” collar is the absolute height of chic fashion. I mean, Bats has the right to kick his ass due to his fashion sense alone!  Never mind, the mask or the toxic sludge this dude is pumping inside of him, that vest is a crime all in it’s own.

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The mask is a classic but beyond that Bane has never had much of a “costume”.  It’s probably better that he doesn’t have a fancy get-up – I think it’s a little scarier that he only wears a mask and army pants and boots.  Anyways, onto the obvious “Breaking the Bat” pose!:

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Total Chaos’ Quartz (1997)

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I used to have every figure released by McFarlane Toys.  I could not deny a finely sculpted figure – especially one that is as unique and impressive as Quartz!  The clear pieces of “rock” shooting out of this figure is the best part of this character.  The articulation isn’t the best – but the interchangeable hand was a nice touch that was a rarity back then.  The Total Chaos line was an amazing line full of new and innovative sculpts from the people who worked at McFarlane Toys.  I have a few more that I will feature but Quartz was discovered at a comic shop shoved into a $5 box but discounted further to only $3 as the package was damaged.

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Luke Cage / Claire Temple Marvel Legends 2-Pack (2019)

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Luke Cage and the infamous Night Nurse played by the very sexy Rosario Dawson finally have their day in the sun with their very own 6 inch figures!  No lie, I was not going to pick these up but once I saw them in hand I decided to go for it.  The likenesses of these two Netflix show characters are pretty uncanny!  Impressive!

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The paint applications on these figures you’d assume would be pretty standard but I am impressed with the textures on the pants and hair.  Within this two pack we get a bevy of interchangeable parts and accessories for… Claire.  Pretty much leaving Luke out to dry – but hey, he might be used to that since his series has been the weakest of the bunch.  Hate to say it but it’s true.

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But Night Nurse comes with medical glove hands as well as claw hands!  If that’s not enough they made sure to include her purse as well!  Maybe the purse is for Cage?  Wow, now I’m not so sure anymore…

Either way this 2-pack is worth getting as I don’t think it will be very popular.  Besides, has anyone really been looking for a Night Nurse action figure?  Well, now we have one!

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Black Panther Wacky Wobbler (2018)

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I’ll be honest, I miss the Marvel Collectors Corp.  I adored getting the b every other month – even when the contents inside didn’t live up to the hype of the actual box itself.  But hey, I know they are still available if I wanted them – just through Amazon.  I have not taken advantage of the Amazon box yet – but when I see something worthwhile I will do so.  Until then I will just admire the pieces I have from them now.  This Black Panther Wacky Wobbler is just fine but I don’t really collect T’Challa stuff.  That and I don’t collect Wacky Wobblers stuff… so, yeah.  It’s in the collection – for now.

Geoffrey Schleich Figure (2017)

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I miss Toys R Us.  I miss working at Toys R Us.  I was lucky enough to snag almost every Geoffrey memorabilia piece that they produced.  Schleich has always made quality products so it was nice to see this company put the toy store mascot to plastic.  What wasn’t so great was watching all of the people who came in and began buying these pieces in droves – hoping to profit off of the unfortunate circumstances that led to TRU closing down.  It truly felt like the vultures were swarming when they would ask “Do you have anything else with Geoffrey on it?”

Now I can look at this piece and reminisce about the good old days.  I miss my co-workers, my friends, many of whom I’ve kept in touch with.  And this little guy sits up proudly in my office so I can look up and think back to my time at Toys.

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