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Hot Wheels Rocket Raccoon (2018)

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I was able to get the Rocket Raccoon Hot Wheels. The tiny auto has a hairy look to it and oversized wheels with a similar color scheme to our favorite space rodent.  With very little Hulk merchandise from the Avengers: Infinity War movie the focus was aimed elsewhere.  It turned out to be Rocket’s luck that his offerings end up in my collection!

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Avengers: Infinity War Rocket and Groot Figures (2018)

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The non-Marvel Legends figures released for the movie were clearly not ever made with the same details or articulation.  Even the paint apps are not nearly as impressive.  The only thing going for these figures are the more affordable price tag.  Of course this set and the Hulk were on the more expensive side of this line.

IMG_1191 (2)

The crudely painted teenage Groot has random splotches of green paint to illustrate “foliage” and while the Rocket is a near sculpt to the ML figure it’s still not painted as well as its counterpart.  With an influx of Rocket merchandise it’s hard to make sure I am gathering it all – but the main focus is on action figures.

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Hot Wheels Milano (2017)

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There a few space ships that I would recognize by  sight alone.  Starlord’s ship is easily on that list!  I love the look of the ship!  They released a few of these now – for the first movie and then here – and another on a Guardians of the Galaxy themed card.

IMG_1173 (2)

I was even pleasantly surprised to find the little attachment added that allows you to display the space craft the way it should be!  I truly wish there was a bigger version of this piece  – like the ones they make for the Star Wars figures.

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Thanos Soft (2018)

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Granted, I get Hulk plush figures because of the Hulk collection – but then I see another soft that doesn’t exactly fit into the theme but still have to pick it up because of how cool it is!  I love this little Thanos with his tiny Infinity Gauntlet!  If Thanos was real and looked this cute – who knows?  I may just let him destroy half the universe due to how cute he is!

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Alien & Facehugger Dorbz (2018)

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The new TRU exclusive Dorbz is both awesome and unexpected!  I was pleasantly surprised when I found the clear “Bloody” Dorbz but they outdid themselves when I saw the Alien inspired Facehugger exclusive!  The character with the baby Xenomorph attached to his face is just so great – still one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history!  I also found a grown up Xenomorph.

IMG_1059 (2)

IMG_1060 (2)

It has to be said that these alien creatures had to be one of the coolest alien designs ever.  I love the original and the sequel – granted the follow ups have not been spectacular – but I love Prometheus and Covenant.  Either way, I am really glad they have been extending their horror and Sci-Fi in the Dorbz line.

IMG_1061 (2)

All they really had to do was add the features that make this character so original – the extending mouth, that whipping tail and the tubes on the back – needless to say – they nailed it!  The Facehugger gripped around the noggin of it’s victim looks so great.  TRU really kills it here with the exclusives!  The only other Xenomorph is a blood splattered one that is a Chase.  I’m not sure I need that but either way I am happy to have these!

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Bizarro Dorbz (2017)

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The Superman villain is the latest TRU exclusive that I acquired.  I love everything about the anti-Superman and it kills me that they have yet to add him into a Superman movie.  This is one of the rare exceptions where I actually like the Pop version of a character more than the Dorbz – but this little guy is still awesome!  I may have to track down a Superman now just to compliment this guy right here!

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Gargamel and Azrael POP! (2017)

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I do pick up a few Pop figures that jump the realm of Hulk – or Marvel in general – and when I saw Gargamel sitting on the shelf I knew I had to have him!  As a kid I watched Smurfs every Saturday morning with Gargamel conniving to eat the little blue blobby creatures.  Who can blame him?  Can you imagine what the Smurfs taste like?  They are most likely super delicious!  Actually, can you imagine having an enemy who wants to eat you?  How terrifying is that?  Not to mention, to have a cat who also took over the mantle of Batman back in the 90’s?  Getting these Pops make me wish that Marvel could create figures that are not bobble heads!

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