The Hulk cars that I have are displayed below.  To see a bigger picture and the blog click on a picture.

Car 1 Hummer Hulk Truck Hulk Buggy Regener8r’s regener8tors2 Moto dchulk Remote Car Hot Wheels HW Johnny Lightning maisto scene machine hulk-stuff-5-248.jpg hulk monster truck hulkhummer3 regener8ters regen2 authentics hulk-items-003 hulk-items-006 hulk-items-005 Hulk SS 012 Hulk SS 011 Hulk SS 009     

4 thoughts on “Cars

  1. hey do you know how much this car is worth now? I found one in my backyard and i was curious how much it is worth? send me an e-mail thanks!

  2. S you are missing the Planet Hulk silver arm variant… any interest in getting it… my hulk collection isn’t nearly as large as yours, but I think I have quite a few more “odd” or “hard to find” items from the recent years… don’t have much if any vintage stuff, and I take pride in the fact that I picked them up in weird stores rather than online or on ebay…

  3. I would like the silver arm variant – but it’s not high on my list. I much prefer the vintage stuff to recent toys.

    You should take pride that you have been able to avoid purchasing on the bay, it’s addictive and – it’s an expensive mistress! I much prefer picking things up off ebay too – but sometimes, when there is a great deal, I crumble.

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