Eaglemoss Hulk/She Hulk Chess Set (2015)

Eaglemoss was the company that released the lead figures.  The Marvel Universe line was beginning to scrape the bottom of the obscure barrel as more and more unknown characters were being produced.  A smarter route might have been to save some of the more popular characters and space them out between the obscure characters throughContinue reading “Eaglemoss Hulk/She Hulk Chess Set (2015)”

Hulk #12 & 13 (2015) – The Review

Duggan finally did it – he made me NOT look forward to the next issue of his spectacular run thus far.  He put Deadpool in the book!  I’ll admit it though, Deadpool wasn’t all that bad – he did link it in so that it made sense to have him there AND he handled theContinue reading “Hulk #12 & 13 (2015) – The Review”

Can Heads Smash Down Hulk (2015)

As more and more companies are getting the Marvel license we are treated to merchandise that you’d never thought possible.  Here we have one of (and the best, I might add) new “Can Heads” being brought to us by Play-Doh.  For years Hulk fans shouted the mantra “Hulk Smash” and now that iconic phrase adornsContinue reading “Can Heads Smash Down Hulk (2015)”

Age of Ultron: Burglary at Hydra Fortress Set (2015)

The other set on the shelves that is on the pricier side is the Hydra Fortress Set.  This set not only comes with more figures but a very cool place that holds the staff of Loki! It comes with Quicksilver – although a different one then we saw in Days of Future Past – butContinue reading “Age of Ultron: Burglary at Hydra Fortress Set (2015)”

Avengers: Age of Ultron HulkBuster Smash Lego Set (2015)

I know it’s been a while, guys, but hey, I am still here!  More and more merchandise is hitting the shelves and even though we stumbled with the first releases (the cheaper figures) we are saved with the next round of toys – LEGOS!  How can anyone deny the power of Legos?  They continue beingContinue reading “Avengers: Age of Ultron HulkBuster Smash Lego Set (2015)”