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Gargamel and Azrael POP! (2017)

IMG_1068 (2)

I do pick up a few Pop figures that jump the realm of Hulk – or Marvel in general – and when I saw Gargamel sitting on the shelf I knew I had to have him!  As a kid I watched Smurfs every Saturday morning with Gargamel conniving to eat the little blue blobby creatures.  Who can blame him?  Can you imagine what the Smurfs taste like?  They are most likely super delicious!  Actually, can you imagine having an enemy who wants to eat you?  How terrifying is that?  Not to mention, to have a cat who also took over the mantle of Batman back in the 90’s?  Getting these Pops make me wish that Marvel could create figures that are not bobble heads!

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Ummm… Part 57

ummm 2

Why so Smashious?

Hulk Dog Figure (2003)

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Here we have a figure that I figured I would never, ever think would be a part of the Hulk collection.  It’s amazing, really, after all the years when an event can occur that totally offers you something you’d never expect to have.  If you’re on the Facebook page for this blog then you might recall seeing a video at the end of March where I showed off an entire bag of Hulk figures given to me by a good friend, and a fan of this blog, Gammapup.

He had been clearing some space in his storage containers and came across these bags of loose Hulk figures.  Trying t think of what he could do with them he had the generous thought of offering them to me. Anyone in circle I keep will tell you right off I am a sucker for Hulk swag.  If anyone offers me some great Hulk pieces it’s hard for me to say no!  Well, Gamma allowed me to take these figures off of his hands and I had a blast going through the bag seeing what was inside.  One of the first things I noticed was the Hulk Dog.

IMG_1205 (2)

Sure, the 2003 Hulk movie is pretty hard to watch in comparison to the masterpieces being released today, but one of the easiest moments to remember is the Hulk Dogs.  There were 3 puppies in the movie that were “hulked” out and sent after our jade giant.  One of the dogs, an odd choice but a secret delight for the director, was a poodle.  But this was the only Hulk Dog put to plastic.

When these figures were released, predictably, the Hulk dog was a peg warmer.  It clearanced out of the stores and it wasn’t until much later when collectors started desiring this piece to complete their Hulk runs.  Unfortunately, these are so scarce that the puppies on or off card command a pretty steep price.  That’s one of the reasons I never thought I’d have one in my collection – I wasn’t willing to pay the enormous price for a figure like this.  Well, once again, my good friend Mike came through with pieces he was dumping from his collection, adding to mine the, admittedly, pretty cool Hulk Dog.

It is a rubbery figure that you must make sure not to damage as the skin can easily rip but if you squeeze the legs together you can make the dog growl.  The neon green eyes – with an evil glow – captures the dog in the movie so well.  The sculpt is done so well too – the bulging muscles actually make this dog more menacing looking than the creatures did in the movie itself.

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Mm! Smash!: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 22

hulk eating 8

Imagine you’re looking forward to some delicious soup and then this lug comes along and eats/drinks it all!  How would you classify the proper eating term for soup?  Do you eat it?  What about soups with no chunks or anything?  Just a base?  You’re not chewing it!  Could you still call it eating soup or are you drinking it?

I have no idea… I actually hate soup.

Happy Birthday Herb Trimpe!


The Man left this world a huge, influential body of work that inspires to this day.  No one can ever ask for more!


Rocket Raccoon Mighty Muggs (2018)

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My friend told me that once, a while back when Mighty Muggs was first released, he imagined these figures to be the next huge thing – and they certainly could have been – but through a set of unfortunate circumstances this line was cut short.  Then, of course, they released the new version of Mighty Muggs with a regular and mini version.  They were released once again but with more alterations to make them micro.  A sad ending to what could have been a great series!

IMG_1180 (2)

They have a new version out with multiple faces that can be switched by pressing their heads into their bodies.  I already had a chance to show off the new Hulk – check it out on this site – but they released a series 2.  Rocket Raccoon was part of that series and it’s an amazing little piece with some great facial expressions!  The odd one being the Manga version with a uni tooth in the front.

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Ash Soft (2017)

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I find the plushes – or “softs” as we call them in our house – pretty awesome when they create them of classic heroes (and some villains).  Ash in general has been a favorite of mine since high school when I first saw Evil Dead.  I was 14 and my brother made me close my eyes during the tree rape scene.  It was much more gruesome in my mind than it was in the movie when I saw it years later.  I don’t know why they do that sometimes – make the younger folks close their eyes due to nudity – but I was a pretty imaginative kid so the things I can conjure in my head were far worse than what was on the VCR tape.  Either way I was psyched to see that Ash not only remained in the lexicon of pop culture but is still going strong these days with Ash vs The Evil Dead.