Hulk vs. Zzzax SHS (2008)

I have every wave of SHS.  Wave 2 at least made it to some specialty shops – but wave 3 was available only from ordering off the internet.  And it’s too bad too – because this is my favorite 2-pack.  Zzzax made his first appearence in the comics at issue #166 but my favorite issueContinue reading “Hulk vs. Zzzax SHS (2008)”

Hulk Magnet 3 – or 4 or… I forget (2008)

I had this from way back when I went to N.Y.  Got it at Mid-Town Comics.  I liked this magnet best because it has three images.  The Buscema Hulk is faded in the back – and an even fainter Bruce Banner pic behind that – can anyone even see it in the pic?  It’s thereContinue reading “Hulk Magnet 3 – or 4 or… I forget (2008)”

Hulk #6 – The Review

Well, I am as confused as ever.  As always if you don’t want any spoilers then don’t read any further than… HERE!  Because I basically go through the whole issue.  And since I posted 4 – that’s right 4! – times yesterday this will be the only post today.  I spoil you guys… 😛  Alright, hereContinue reading “Hulk #6 – The Review”

Mega Blocks Hulk Playset (2008)

Incredible Hulk Mega Blocks Playset I promised the coolest thing ever – and I deliver!  At least I think it’s the coolest thing ever.  The Hulk Head is a playset – it opens in the back – it can also hold all the open legos once you’ve opened all the packages.  Actually my favorite partContinue reading “Mega Blocks Hulk Playset (2008)”

Ironclad Figure (2008)

The U-Foes?  Probably the coolest villians to face off with the Hulk.  They have a long history with the Hulk to boot – starting with issue #254.  The Hulk likes to smash them – and they must like it because they keep coming back for more!  Anyways, Ironclad here is the Big Gun in theContinue reading “Ironclad Figure (2008)”

Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)

There are people who have expressed their distaste for the Superhero Squad.  There are people who have said that they are ugly – and here’s the good news – you’re right.  But let’s remember the other things that are terribly ugly yet still popular.  Who remembers Furby?  Or even better – Garbage Pail Kids?  Remember those? Continue reading “Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)”

Mike Hill’s Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust (2003)

    I could be wrong here – but I think it came out in 2003.  Anyways, It’s Friday and I’m all excited because I waited ’till the end of the week to show you this masterpiece (let you guys digest this awesomeness over the weekend).  Based on Alex Ross’ artwork (who I’ve heard isContinue reading “Mike Hill’s Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust (2003)”