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Marvel Select Gladiator Hulk (2018)

IMG_1035 (2)

So, let me just get this squared away right away. Every time a company graces us with a new Planet or Gladiator Hulk I immediately complain about one or two things.  The lack of an obedience disc and lack of rage in the Hulk’s face.  Here you will not hear me utter one word about a missing obedience disc because the Hulk did not sport one in the movie – so it finally makes sense!  Of course the lack of said disc in the movie is another topic all together, one that I have exhaustively tackled, so I won’t bother doing it here again.

IMG_1037 (2)

The face is, on the other hand, I have mixed feelings about.  I love the likeness to the Hulk we see on screen but his ho-hum attitude bleeds boredom all over this figure!  I love that they gave us an extra head to sport the Hulk in full gladiator gear, helmet and all, but again, the face just screams “I need a nap”.  I think Marvel Select does a fantastic job, especially on the large, heavy figures like this one but this figure has a couple of noticeable defects.  The large spray of black paint on his forehead (above) where the painter missed the target is a huge eyesore!  Of course, that could just be my Hulk but still…

IMG_1038 (2)

Even though my complaints are few it still isn’t an excuse on the glaring issues that this figure sports.  I do like this offering from Marvel Select – even with it’s faults – and we still get quite a bang for your buck when it comes to these figures.  It doesn’t help that this is a lot harder to find than most figures from this line. Overall, I think you guys should get it but don’t expect perfection like I was.

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Avengers: Inifinty War Titan Heroes Hulk (2018)

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This is another action figure line that we know what to expect.  No real articulation and basic paint applications – but it’s the Hulk!  Hasbro has once again raised the price on the newer figures.  The Hulk was always a bit pricier – $12.99 vs the regular $9.99 – but now expect to pay $14.99 for a Hulk.  The joints are a bit of an improvement though – we now get a swivel joint that allows the arms to rotate rather than just go up and down.

IMG_1124 (2)

I do like the art on the box a lot better – I’m just hoping the Hulk has a bigger role than what we seem to be given in the trailers.  I would love to see another Hulk/Loki moment in the new movie.  With a movie chock full heroes and characters who all need screen time I’m not sure how exactly they will pace it out.  I have high hopes though!

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Hulk Mighty Muggs (2018)

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If you told me that we would have a return of Mighty Muggs I would have called you a dirty liar!  Now, here we are and not only did Mighty Muggs return but they are actually improved and really cool!  So worth the money to add to your collection.  I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here though – let’s quickly roll through the tumultuous history of these oddly shaped heroes.  When Mighty Muggs first appeared in 2007 they were a huge hit with everyone collecting.  The vinyl big headed little guys were uniquely shaped and painted.  With wave 2 we were treated to a Hulk!  Easily customizable and really enjoyable the future was bright for these little guys!

IMG_1030 (2)

Somewhere along the line though, Hasbro decided these little guys just weren’t worth it.  The line was not selling as well or something but ultimately it was cancelled leaving a lot of cool possibilities on the table.  But fear not!  Mighty Muggs were announced to return – this time just a bit smaller!  This time called Mini Muggs these little guys lasted even less time than their Mighty counter-part!  They went even smaller yet again with the release of Micro Muggs – a huge mistake IMO – as they were tiny and not even fully sculpted as their backs looked unfinished.

IMG_1032 (2)

Now the triumphant return of these little guys feature different expressive heads!  You just push on the top of their little noggins and they can be angry, concerned or… well, I’d say happy but it looks more suspicious to me.  Either way, the Hulk has a range of emotions and it’s playability has added 10 fold with just that little feature!

IMG_1033 (2)

It is still smaller than the original Muggs we were given but bigger than the Minis and much bigger and better than the Micros.  The paint jobs on the new figures are a huge improvement and I look forward to seeing what this new line will offer!  Anyone who loves Pops (and there are a ton of you) should love these little guys.  Something tells me they will not be as popular as those – but they should be!

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Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Figure (2018)

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Let me begin with the fact that I do get excited when there is new Hulk merchandise out – but this time around it hasn’t been wonderful experience it always has been.  The Marvel Legends series did not release one – instead they gave us yet another Iron Man (the 40th by my count) and a Task Master.  Actually, the Task Master does look pretty awesome.  So, the only line that gave us a Hulk figure is the cheaper Avengers line.  While that is still usually a good thing there are some distinct issues I have.

IMG_1129 (2)

IMG_1130 (2)

First, it’s not really the sculpt or the paint application – both of those are pretty much in line with what to expect with this line.  The articulation could have been a bit better – a hand or foot joint wouldn’t have killed them!

IMG_1131 (2)

IMG_1132 (2)

The other issue – and it’s a real doozy – is the price increase.  What began at $6.99 for an understandably lesser figure was upped to $9.99.  Still not the worst price point but it wasn’t all that welcome to see Hasbro immediately jump.  This new toy is priced at $12.99 – which, by the way, is $3 more than the regular figures.  The Hulk is bigger – but $3 worth bigger?  Absolutely not!  Especially since the Toy Box Hulk is both larger and heavier and cost the same.

IMG_1128 (2)

It’s super disappointing since this is one of the two Hulk offerings we are given this time around. The only positive I can give this figure is that it actually comes with an accessory.  It’s not a great accessory – but it’s something.  It looks as though a very plastic looking piece of concrete with an infinity stone attached.

Grade: C-

Bandai Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk (2012)

IMG_0629 (2)

I actually have both this and the Avengers Hulk from Bandai.  They are basically the same except the first Hulk has those horrible tan pants.  I ordered this off eBay and the box came a bit crushed – but overall, it’s actually a very cool, very articulated figure!  The best part of the whole figure is the interchangeable heads – something I wish that Marvel Legends would take a cue from.

IMG_0630 (2)

The hands are also a neat feature that can either be closed or open – or you can be a real rebel and choose one of each!  It’s always interesting to get something international of the Hulk.  I like to collect licensed merchandise – I don’t fill my collection with kits or bootlegged figures.  When I do see an international figure it’s usually so pricey it’s not worth the pick up.

IMG_0632 (2)

This figure is all over eBay for a crazy low price and as far as I can tell it’s pretty legit.  It’s also a very brittle figure – nothing you want to play with or pose a lot.  Basically, this figure was set up for pictures and then promptly put away.

IMG_0631 (2)

First Appearance Hulk/Banner Pop! (2017)

IMG_0913 (2)

I haven’t even really been able to get into the Marvel Collector Corps box that was sent out in December – that’s how crazy last year was! Filled with so much great Hulk merchandise!  Going forward I’m really going to try to catch up – but keep in mind the way this blog works I usually post 1 or 2 items a week.  This works out well as I don’t get overwhelmed in blogging and I can keep an accurate record of everything I still need posting.

IMG_0914 (2)

As much as I enjoy getting deliveries of Hulk merch I’ve also become a little disillusioned by the MCC.  The Thor: Ragnarok box was supremely disappointing – fidget spinner and all – with very little Hulky goodness inside.  The only real exciting part was knowing that the next box was going to feature the greatest Marvel character ever conceived – the Hulk!  We were even given a little teaser letting us know the most anticipated part of the box would be the 2-pack Banner Hulk first appearance.

IMG_0915 (2)

Taken straight from the cover to the 1962 Incredible Hulk comic book we are served with a Banner Pop and an oversized Grey Hulk!  It’s been a very long time coming that we were to get a grey Hulk Pop.  I was sort of hoping for a Mr. Fixit – but seriously, this is splendid!  Finally getting a Hulk in his original drab color has been one of the biggest hopes of avid Hulk and Pop collectors, myself included!

IMG_0916 (2)

If I had a chance to add in just one little wrinkle to this magnificent 2-pack, I would have loved the Hulk to have the yellow shirt rather than the grey shirt drawn on the cover.  Much like depicted on the description page in the box.  Banner, who is an impressive little twerp of a Pop even sports some thick lenses for his glasses!  It’s truly an achievement for Funko delivering such a fantastic duo to us – especially since the Thor box offered what felt like a retread of helmeted Loki.

IMG_0918 (2)

The Hulk and Banner will easily be sought after for years to come – it’s already being snatched up for double to price on eBay.  If you have the chance to snag this set then really – do so!  The whole box is awesome – you will see as I post more from it.


Hikari Japanese Vinyl Hulk (2017)

IMG_0972 (2)

You know, there are times when you see Hulk products and you just shake your head and think “who would buy that?”  Of course – when said product is offered at a steep discount what are your choices, really?  Of course you have to buy it! Amirite? This happened a while back with the Koto Hulk statue from the 2008 movie.  It was retailing for $175 and my comic shop, thinking they had a slam dunk, ordered one.  They thought once I saw it I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and snag it right up.  That didn’t happen and the statue cluttered their shelves for 6 months before they had no choice but to cut their losses and offer it up for 65% off.  In fact, read the whole story here.

IMG_0975 (2)

What does that have to do with this oddly shaped, hollow, oblong monstrosity? Well, I had the same reaction when I first saw this thing hit the stores.  I thought it was silly looking to say the least.  To be fair, I had seen the glitter version – the metallic version that is pictured doesn’t look nearly as horrendous.  Also, the added bonus, this is one of the rarer pieces with an edition size of 750.  Most of these figures range more between 1000-3000 pieces.  Over the Christmas season Entertainment Earth put up a few Hulk items at crazy low prices and this, usually selling at $80, was just $10.  How could you say no?  Even if it is ugly it’s totally $10 worth of ugly!  So, always keep your peepers open Hulkafiles because every once in a while we get a chance to own previously reviled Hulk merchandise for a song!

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