Marvel Legends Leader (2020)

I always wonder why it takes so long for Hasbro to release classic villains like the Leader!  I know we have some amazing Leader sculpts with the Face-Off 2-packs but those were released in 2006 – an amazing 14 years ago!  New collectors haven’t seen a Leader figure in just under a decade and aContinue reading “Marvel Legends Leader (2020)”

Marvel Legends Grandmaster / Korg 2-Pack (2019)

Earlier this year I posted this set as one that had not joined the collection.  I had many an opportunity to snag one on clearance for $30 but always decided to pass.  Well, it finally happened that I came upon one even cheaper!  Yes, at my LCS they had a rare 50% off sale whereContinue reading “Marvel Legends Grandmaster / Korg 2-Pack (2019)”

Ban Dai Avengers: Endgame Hulk (2020)

Snagging this Hulk for just $50 rather than the retailed price of $100 was the only way I was going to consider picking this figure up.  I know that the Ban Dai is a premium toy collectors choice but I have yet to see why these companies are commending such a price.  I now ownContinue reading “Ban Dai Avengers: Endgame Hulk (2020)”

Marvel Select Nano-Gauntlet Hulk (2020)

I do love the Marvel Select line.  Usually the Hulk figures are both large and heavy, making it feel as though they are worth the prices!  I really debated on whether or not to pick this particular figure up – but I went with it anyways.  I am not a fan of the Hulk inContinue reading “Marvel Select Nano-Gauntlet Hulk (2020)”

Marvel Legends Red Hulk Premium Figure (2020)

Well, this figure caused quite the stir, didn’t it?  Announced at Toy Fair as a Target exclusive people expected this impressive figure to hit the stores sometime in March or April.  To everyone’s surprise collectors began to post pictures immediately after Toy Fair, the last week of February, saying that these pieces are allocated toContinue reading “Marvel Legends Red Hulk Premium Figure (2020)”

Bend and Flex Hulk (2020)

Target suprised me once again. In a late night trip to the superstore I came across this lanky looking Hulk figure and snagged it up immediately!  This fun figure comes from Hasbro and reminds me of the metal Hulk figures they did banck in the day!  Glad I had the opportunity to find this guyContinue reading “Bend and Flex Hulk (2020)”

Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)

I can’t tell you what a rollercoaster this figure was!  First, Hasbro releases the green version of this figure at SDCC and immediately people want to know if we are getting a grey version.  Well, it turns out that we were!  except the journey to figuring out how and where we could purchase this figureContinue reading “Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)”

So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…

Amazingly, we are getting a BAF Abomination based off of the Gamerverse design.  While this is not my favorite choice – I still like it enough to seek it out.  In this same line we also get a classic looking Sam Sterns that I am totally here for! While not up to the standards ofContinue reading “So Much Hulk Coming From Toyfare…”

Marvel Legends Iron Man LXXXV Infinity Gauntlet (2019)

True enough, the Avengers: Endgame series II Marvel Legends BAF Hulk is very ugly.  I can’t tell you just how terribly the BAF was received due to the odd expressions they gave to the Hulk.  Another odd piece?  The Hulk is not dressed as the Hulk from the movie is. This is due to theContinue reading “Marvel Legends Iron Man LXXXV Infinity Gauntlet (2019)”