PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)

I have been enjoying the Diamond “statues” or dioramas for what they are. More affordable and often because the paint applications or sculpts aren’t as detailed as some of their counterparts, some collectors aren’t very impressed with these pieces.  I can’t say I blame them, but for me, they are a really alternative to the supremelyContinue reading “PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)”

Kotobukia ARTFX Hulk Statue (2015)

As a huge Hulk fan you can easily go broke collecting all of the merchandise out there.  Usually collectors have to draw lines on what their collection will contain.  Personally, even though there are some amazing custom pieces, I choose to keep my collection focused on officially licensed merchandise.  That being said – there areContinue reading “Kotobukia ARTFX Hulk Statue (2015)”

Eaglemoss Gladiator Hulk (2017)

It’s hard to put these little guys into a category.  They are on the smaller side the detailed sculpts and the solid weight that accompany pieces such as this are outstanding!  The paint application could be a bit better – but honestly, these are beautiful tiny statues to own!  I like this series of figuresContinue reading “Eaglemoss Gladiator Hulk (2017)”

New Sideshow Hulk!

I am notorious for being loyal to Bowen – but with Bowen being on hiatus from creating any new product who can you turn to?  Sideshow has produced some beautiful (and some other “conceptually interesting”) pieces but I’ve always though the prices were astronomical. Well, they are now offering this awesome 1/10 scale hulk of resinContinue reading “New Sideshow Hulk!”

Diamond Select Gladiator Hulk Statue (2017)

With all the merchandise rolling out for Avengers: Infinity War and realizing that we will not be seeing much of Hulk anything I’m glad we were being served such a huge dose from the last Thor entry.  It seems everyone is releasing something based off the Gladiator Hulk.  These days it looks to be DiamondContinue reading “Diamond Select Gladiator Hulk Statue (2017)”

Sideshow Collectibles Hulk vs Wolverine Maquette (2017)

I have always been a little more critical of Sideshow with their products than most other high end collectible companies.  Sideshow has certainly had some comic fans divided over the years as they have produced what some consider the absolute best that anyone has ever offered.  Others, like myself, have voiced their preference to wantContinue reading “Sideshow Collectibles Hulk vs Wolverine Maquette (2017)”

Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Hulk PVC Statue (2016)

My wife has a unique problem.  She WANTS to get me Hulky goodness for Christmas but I have pretty much everything.  Finding things I don’t have is quite the quest.  Lucky for her Diamond Select released a statue – well, a large figure, or statue, or just a big Hulk – whatever you want toContinue reading “Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Hulk PVC Statue (2016)”

Randy Bowen at JerseyFest!

I’m pretty sure, even though the man has stopped making statues at the moment, if you said Randy Bowen to any statue collector it would bring a sense of enjoyment to their faces.  Even if they had moved on to collecting bigger and fancier Bowen SHOULD mean something to every collector.  He’s the reason weContinue reading “Randy Bowen at JerseyFest!”

Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)

I know this statue is old news by now but I’ve had it since it first came out and I never blogged about it.  I never shared it on this blog – which is weird since I did blog about the variant (which is easily one of my favorite statues ever produced) and this oneContinue reading “Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)”

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)

I think of all the statue companies out there now no other company had been more inconsistent than Kotobukiya.  If you’re confused as to if that is a compliment or not – I can tell you I am confused as well.  Each release has a lot of promise – from the Ed McGuinness inspired FallContinue reading “Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)”