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Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Hulk PVC Statue (2016)


My wife has a unique problem.  She WANTS to get me Hulky goodness for Christmas but I have pretty much everything.  Finding things I don’t have is quite the quest.  Lucky for her Diamond Select released a statue – well, a large figure, or statue, or just a big Hulk – whatever you want to call it.   It’s certainly an eye catcher!  The Hulk isn’t one of those super detailed Bowen masterpieces – but it is worth a look.



The Hulk has an animated style to it that reminds me of Bruce Timm a bit but also has it’s own unique look to it that has it’s own appeal.  The paint applications are not the best – especially the pants – but they are also not distractingly bad.  The face sculpt is has a bit of a blandness and a wash might’ve brought out a few more details but it isn’t terrible.  The only real issue I can harp on are the obvious seams that appear at the neck line.


Still, the price is right on these statues and, posed correctly, look nice.  This is worth the pick up without a need to haggle over how much you have to pay.



Randy Bowen at JerseyFest!


I’m pretty sure, even though the man has stopped making statues at the moment, if you said Randy Bowen to any statue collector it would bring a sense of enjoyment to their faces.  Even if they had moved on to collecting bigger and fancier Bowen SHOULD mean something to every collector.  He’s the reason we have such a variety of choices these days.  Every collectible business out there now should have a debt of gratitude to the man himself – and here is your chance to meet him!  He will be at Jerseyfest this year!  Some are hoping to hear an announcement of some sort – one about a return to greatness with a new Marvel License, or maybe a DC License?  Either way – it will be good to see the man out and about with his fans – an added plus – he’s doing a tutorial on creating your own Hulk bust!


Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)

memories1 019

I know this statue is old news by now but I’ve had it since it first came out and I never blogged about it.  I never shared it on this blog – which is weird since I did blog about the variant (which is easily one of my favorite statues ever produced) and this one has remained on my shelf unblogged about.  It’s actually a little sad if you think about it.  But here it goes: The Savage Hulk Statue from Bowen!

memories1 017

When producing statues these days you can either create the thing and then sneak teases to get people all into a tizzy – and then release the full image only to have people give you a tepid reception – OR – you can keep asking your customer base to give you input all along the creation process.  The latter is how Bowen does things.  That may be a good or bad thing – but overall, it seems to have served him well.  I know what you may be asking yourself – wait, I can maybe have an effect on the product served to me?  How?  Where?  Who? When? Was?  Well, maybe not the last one…

memories1 020

memories1 016

Actually, it’s pretty simple, sign up for Statue Marvels and you too can be part of the process!  As far as I know, that’s how we ended up with the 2 versions of these statues.  The alternate head (or variant, if you’re more comfortable with that) was one of two choices for the head of the new Hulk statue.  since the votes were pretty split and there were many suggestions to do both as FS Randy finally decided to do just that.  Originally I was going to pick up neither – and then I saw the variant and knew that my hard earned cash was going to be spent!  And then, seeing in hand pics of this behemoth and the very Buscema-esque face I told myself not to think twice.  It really captures the Hulk from the 80’s in the comics – and it’s different enough from the variant, including the color, that it dodn’t seem like a waste picking up this beautiful piece form the innovator of comic style high end collectibles.

memories1 021

Mine is #394 out of 1900.  My friend tells me that the statue market is pretty dead.  From what I’ve seen out there I can tell you that the market isn’t what it used to be.  I still love the statues but my statue buying days might be behind me.  My LCS told me that they have the Planet Hulk statue from SS in.  I looked at it – and am still considering it – it’s just so expensive and… well, space is a consideration.  Never mind the fact that just because something is bigger doesn’t mean it’s better.  But hey, You buy what you like, right?  And I really love this green goliath!

memories1 018

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Hulk Statue (2013)

hulk stuff oct 011

I think of all the statue companies out there now no other company had been more inconsistent than Kotobukiya.  If you’re confused as to if that is a compliment or not – I can tell you I am confused as well.  Each release has a lot of promise – from the Ed McGuinness inspired Fall of the Hulks statue what is spot on to the art it was inspired by – but fell short when the paint application failed to coat the ripped shirt around his waist with a solid white color.  The Classic Hulk – an AMAZING sculpt was again plagued with paint issues – so much so that I didn’t even bother picking one up.  This release was an interesting, new, and beautifully handled statue.

hulk stuff oct 012

First off, the statue is more of a fully painted kit which you end up putting together.  The head and arms come completely off – you attach it yourself – to a couple of small magnetic bases.  Of course, it being Koto, there is plenty of tid-bits to pick on.  The seams on the arms are pretty obvious and terrible.  The seam on the neck is not as bad – but it’s there.  The real issue I have, and I’m not sure how apparent it is when you see the pic, but the knee joint looks square and terrible.  It doesn’t take away from the piece when you see it as a whole though.

hulk stuff oct 014

hulk stuff oct 010

The head sculpt is fantastic and beautiful – reminds me a lot of the Keown Hulk that has graced the variant covers as of late.  The unique part of this piece is that it is a single unit of a six piece “diorama”.  The other characters, that are sold separately (which I did not purchase), are Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Hawkeye.  Anyone who has bothered to purchase the whole set should send me some picks and a review of what you think – I will post it here.  All I can tell you is that if you want an inexpensive, great looking Hulk piece you can’t go wrong with this one! Grade: B-

hulk stuff oct 013

Bowen Designs Doc Samson (2013)

hulk stuff oct 006

This is the latest Bowen Statue I picked up.  If you read my blog at all then you know I am a bargain shopper and I was able to talk the owner of one of my LCS into trading this to me for some unwanted pieces in my own collection – and a little extra.  So, in other words, I got this for a song.

lots 003

Bowen has been making Marvel collectibles for over two decades.  His pieces are easily the most accurate and amazing portrayals of the comic characters we all love.  The busts and statues look as though they have just straight off the pages of our favorite funny books and a 3-D version landed right on our shelves.  I proudly have every Hulk related Bowen piece – but could not believe my eyes when he announced that he was creating a FS (that’s Full Statue for the non-collector) of one of Hulk’s oldest frenemies.  Doc Samson started out in the comics in The Incredible Hulk #141 as a man who created a cure for the Hulk – and even helped Banner be rid of the Hulk once and for all.  But Samson’s ego proved too fragile as he had to expose himself to gamma rays to see if he could turn himself into a super-strong version of himself.  Banner could not take the attention that Betty was showing to the new and improved Samson – so after another quick dose of gamma – a battle of the ages was born.  If you’re interested, read the full synopsis here.

The great thing about Bowen Designs is that you really get to see unique and rare characters that most other collectible companies would never take the time to produce.  There are a few other collectors out there that know how this Samson statue came to be.  It started on a forum called the Statue Forum where one of the people on the forum called Al begged and pleaded for a Samson statue.  When things went south on the boards between Bowen and the people in charge (and some of the regulars) Al created a new forum for statue collectors – a site called Statue Marvels.  A while later, maybe even as a thank you (and because there seemed to be a bit of interest from other collectors) Bowen finally announced he would be doing a Samson FS.  I know I was one of the people ecstatic over the news.  I mean, we had a mini-bust – but a full sized statue?  I never thought I’d see the day!

lots 004

As usual Bowen didn’t disappoint. Samson, and his long green locks, are on full display on this statue masterpiece.  Every detail, including the lightning bolt shirt, the yellow boots and the tough-guy mugging. As usual, the base is very similar to the other Hulk statues – that way displaying the characters together makes it look better – more aesthetically pleasing.  I feel as though this is one of the things that really sets Bowen Designs apart from the other collectible companies – of which there are many now – and mostly due to Bowen getting the ball rolling.  It seems as though a lot of forethought goes into the design and idea of how these statues may be displayed.  This is certainly one for the ages!  Pick it up today! Grade A-

Hulk Room Saturday!

just a few 004

The only statue that I own that is not in a display case is the one that has the saddest story – IMO – mainly because Hard Hero had a strong beginning with their Marvel license and it ended just that quickly.  We were given this AMAZING Seth Vandable sculpted Hulk early in the first wave – so thank goodness for that.  This beauty sits atop my desk with his tiny minions collected around his feet.  Grey and Green alike.

Acquisition Monday!

hulks2 015

This is one of those items – a perfect example – of a good idea with the wrong price point.  We should discuss the history of these pieces before getting into how I finally ended up getting one of these.  The beginning of these run of statues starts in the 1940’s when Pillsbury Mills offered up 12 statues (usually called Syrocos) for $.25 and some proof that you were eating their cereals.  They stopped making these little figurines in the 50’s  – as you know the Hulk was created in 1962 – so there was no chance for them to create the Hulk.

hulks2 014

Fast forward half a century and Yoe! Productions have created new pieces for Dark Horse based on comic properties to look much in the vain of the original pieces.  While this is a brilliant turn it also has made it also made an interesting problem for Dark Horse.  The retail on these beautiful, unique yet intentionally rough sculpted figures are no match for today’s amazing pieces.  Dark Horse presented these figures in these fantastic color tins complete with a small brochure and a classic pin.

hulks2 016

The issue comes up with the prices on these.  This Dark Horse Classic Marvel Character #2 Grey Hulk (679/1000 – 2011, $49.99)  retails these pieces for $50.  That is still a lot of money to some people and most collectors – seeking the most bang for their buck – thought these were too crudely sculpted, painted and too small to purchase for that price.  Especially with 1000 made.  Personally, I liked the way these looked – but I was also in the camp where I thought they were asking WAY too much.

hulks2 018

If you do a quick search on eBay you will see that most of the older Syroco figures go for about $50 – so that may be where Dark Horse came up with that number.  Now, do another quick search on eBay for completed sales on this figure and you will see that most go in the $25-$35 range.  I had said to myself when I first saw them that $30 was a more reasonable price – that I would easily have picked this up for that amount of money – although $20 and I might have bought 2!

hulks2 019

So, how did I end up finally grabbing one of these?  Easy, patience.  A local LCS had quite a few of these and unloaded a bit of them early on – but then most of them just sat… and sat.  I waited – even past most eBay sales because when you factor in shipping you are paying close to $40-$50 anyways – until the LCS finally lowered the price.  Then I haggled even more.  I was able to walk out of the store with this piece for a very discounted price.  I agree on all counts on why most collectors have shied away from buying this – like I mentioned before – the sculpt and paint – but those are the reasons I also like this one.  I am aware of the SDCC green version of this – which I may end up picking up down the road – but overall, this is a nice addition to the collection.